Chapter 935: Restoring a Man’s Dignity!

Chapter 935: Restoring a Man’s Dignity!

“Little sister, Indigo City is right ahead. We are going back to report to our captain now. Don’t worry, you will be absolutely safe inside the city.”

Bai Xiaofei finally heard what he wanted to hear after a long, long walk. He’d go crazy if it continued any longer.

“Thank you, beautiful sisters.” Tan Xin got off her ‘steed’ and politely said goodbye to the guards, who had helped her enjoy such a rare treat for the first time. After all, Bai Xiaofei had to call her ‘master’ all the way!

After the departure of the two female guards, Bai Xiaofei instantly raged.

“Tan Xin!!!” He growled and extended his hands toward her cheeks, about to vent a bellyful of grievances.

“Maybe you should think twice, or do you plan to leave Moonlight right now?” Tan Xin did not panic at all.

These words stopped Bai Xiaofei’s hands midway. He had been thinking about how he should teach her a lesson, while she had been thinking about how to suppress him completely!

And she won. Under another person’s roof, Bai Xiaofei must bow his head!

“You also think twice. We won’t stay in Moonlight forever,” Bai Xiaofei made one last-ditch effort for the sake of his time in Moonlight.

“I’m too lazy to think about the future. Happiness in the present is more important.” Tan Xin smugly raised her chin.

“Ahh, happiness in the present, huh?” Bai Xiaofei repeated with a strange smile.

Seeing his expression, Tan Xin realized she had said something wrong!

However, it was too late. Before she could run, Bai Xiaofei’s big hands were kneading her face…

“Hahaha! Refreshing!” Bai Xiaofei’s whole body felt lightened after he got his revenge, the result being Tan Xin’s beet-red face from being rubbed too hard.

“I tell you, you are dead meat!” Shooting him a resentful glare, she stomped her feet.

In reply to this, Bai Xiaofei imitated her expression just now. “Why care so much about what happens later? Enjoying yourself in the moment is more important, right? Worse comes to worst, we’d just keep hurting each other!” Bai Xiaofei burst out laughing with an unmatchable smugness.

“As you wish! We’ll just hurt each other and see who’s better!” With a cold snort, Tan Xin turned away and headed toward Indigo City. “Let’s go!”

Bai Xiaofei immediately grew nervous. If someone asked what he was afraid of right now, Moonlight soldiers absolutely ranked first on the list!

However, entering the city was a must…

Bai Xiaofei gulped hard and followed Tan Xin, turning from domineering to the obedient Lil’ Bai from earlier.

Like in Ethereal, Indigo City, as one of the border cities of Moonlight, was particularly strict with entrance inspection. However, after Tan Xin passed the inspection, the attitude of the guards toward her took a U-turn.

Before Bai Xiaofei could understand what was going on, she and the guards had already started intimately calling each other ‘sister’ this and that. Listening to their conversation, he found out that, from a purely third perspective, women were really scary!

In just a few minutes, he had listened to over ten verbal exchanges, all of them revolving around their own – looks, possessions, strength, age… Anything that could be compared, Tan Xin compared it with the guards!

“Er… Is there a point in talking about all that with them?” Bai Xiaofei was unable to restrain his curiosity after successfully entering the city. He asked the question with the attitude of a student.

“Of course! A woman must never lose to another woman no matter whoever it is!” Tan Xin declared with a matter-of-fact attitude.

Bai Xiaofei was dumbstruck. It seems that I never really knew enough about women before!

“But next time, can you not use me to compare like I’m some kind of goods?” he said coldly while recalling them comparing servants…

“Don’t forget, you are my servant now. Believe it or not, without me, you won’t be able to move around here!” Tan Xin’s playful expression was saying ‘You can try.’

Speechless for half a day, Bai Xiaofei didn’t dare to retort in the end. What she said was a fact…

They had walked around the city for a while already, but the number of men Bai Xiaofei had seen could be counted with one hand. Whether it was vendors or pedestrians, women accounted for over 99% and every man he saw was following a woman.

The most dangerous point was that whenever Bai Xiaofei tried to ask something, all the women he asked either looked at him with contempt or if he had a master… Let alone moving around, without Tan Xin, he might just be abducted and sold before he could even get to the capital city.

At this point, the last hint of fantasy in Bai Xiaofei’s heart was vanquished. In Moonlight, men really had no status, not even a shred!

“Where do we go next?” Tan Xin blinked at Bai Xiaofei.

“Aren’t you the master? Shouldn’t you decide?” Bai Xiaofei jabbed coldly, obviously on a strike.

“Oh, that’s right! I am the master.” Biting her finger, Tan Xin seemed to remember something, and then… “Your master orders you to give me a suggestion on what we are going to do next. If your suggestion is not heartfelt enough, I will immediately send you to the Servant Management Office for re-education!” Tan Xin ordered with her hands on her waist.

Bai Xiaofei gawked at her in shock. The Servant Management Office was a place that the entrance guards had just told Tan Xin about. It was the nightmare of all Moonlight men!

“The Mercenary Alliance,” Bai Xiaofei chose to accept his fate again. In Moonlight, he couldn’t raise his head high at all…

“What for?” His answer was outside of every possibility that Tan Xin had considered. According to his usual routine, shouldn’t it be a restaurant?

“For intel. Can’t you see that Moonlight is acting like it’s welcoming a grand enemy? Or do you really think that those guards we met outside the city are only patrols? If we don’t know what they are busy with, we will be very passive here,” replied Bai Xiaofei.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to eat, but more important than eating was to restore the dignity of a man!

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