Chapter 934: Lil’ Bai

Chapter 934: Lil’ Bai…

The Brightmoon Empire, the most peculiar existence of the Northern Borders, proved one thing to the whole continent – Once a woman hardened her heart, there would be no place for a man…

Brightmoon, the only feminist country on the entire Starnet Continent, even successfully ascended to the rank of Empire!

In Brightmoon, 80% of the men were servants. Among the remaining 20%, 19% were lucky enough to become househusbands, while the last 1% were outsiders. However, even those male outsiders were unpopular in Brightmoon. This was why Ling Ming stood out among the Ethereal princes to be able to ‘abduct’ the then young general of Brightmoon.

However, Ling Ming’s case was unprecedented and had never been seen again, and it had not changed anything. Men in Brightmoon were still humble existences. Brightmoon’s business was basically monopolized by the Vivid Wing Chamber, a major merchant group with the most female personnel.

Such severity was why when knowing that Bai Xiaofei had decided on Brightmoon as his next stop, Lan Qiushuang had warned him so seriously…

“Why did you stop so early? Isn’t our goal the capital?” Bai Xiaofei complained as Tan Xin put away the Windsurfing Ship. For some reason, as soon as they entered the territory of Brightmoon, he had felt a chill run down his spine.

“My ship is not a perpetual motion machine. We’ve been using it too frequently lately. It needs recharging, so I’m afraid we won’t be able to use it during this period.” Tan Xin rolled her eyes at Bai Xiaofei. “What’s the problem? You don’t want to walk with me?”

Hearing her icy tone, Bai Xiaofei donned a foolish smile. “No, I’m just afraid that the road will tire you out,” he said and stroked her head. Despite having recovered her normal size, Tan Xin was still small in front of Bai Xiaofei…

“Stop your hand! How dare you disrespect a woman in Brightmoon?!”

A stern voice suddenly rang out, scaring both Bai Xiaofei and Tan Xin. They turned to look and saw a group of female guards in armor striding over.

“We are a patrol from the Indigo Army. Little sister, do you want us to handle this man?” The team captain walked up to Tan Xin, her gentle voice in stark contrast with the severe tone just now.

“Erm… about that… I think you may have misunder…”

“Shut up! How dare you cut in when women talk! Did no one teach you?!” a guard behind the team captain cut Bai Xiaofei off, her aura so fierce that Bai Xiaofei really felt like a sinner…

However, on second thought, no one had really ever taught him that!

“Little sister, who is he? A relative of yours?” the captain asked Tan Xin.

Tan Xin woodenly shook her head.

“A friend?”

Tan Xin shook his head again after pondering a little. They were not friends…

“Then he must be a street pervert!” The captain raised her voice.

At once, the whole team surrounded Bai Xiaofei with their weapons pointing at the vital points of his body. As long as Tan Xin didn’t shake her head again, he would definitely be stabbed into a hedgehog!

“You can’t joke about this, alright?!” Bai Xiaofei hurriedly said upon seeing the evil smile on Tan Xin’s face. Cold sweat started seeping out on his forehead.

He was not acting. At first, he didn’t take the situation seriously, but when the guards pointed their weapons at him, he discovered something terrifying –

The energy circulation in his body had completely stopped! Even the Endless State was turned off! The captain was not joking when she said ‘handle him!’

Tan Xin’s eyes swirled playfully. Then, she finally said, “Sorry for troubling you, sisters. Please let him go, he is my servant.”

Bai Xiaofei’s eyeballs almost popped out of his eyes. Servant?! That’s not what we discussed before!

“That’s the more unforgivable. As a servant, how dare he touch his master at will! According to the law, his hands shall be chopped off!” declared the team captain icily. Upon her words, the guards moved.

“No, don’t, don’t. I asked him to fix my hair. He is very obedient.” Tan Xin hurriedly saved Bai Xiaofei from losing his hands. However, her next sentence nearly made him want to give her a good beating. “Am I right, Lil’ Bai?”

Lil’ Bai, a name for pets…

Looking at Tan Xin’s smirk, and then feeling the unresponsive energy in his body, Bai Xiaofei swallowed with difficulty and chose to accept his fate.

“Yes, master…” Gnashing his teeth, he just wanted to find a hole to bury himself in.

“Well, he doesn’t seem so bad, then.” The captain’s voice softened, and the guards also withdrew their weapons.

At that moment, the energy in Bai Xiaofei’s body resumed. His eyes drifting to those weapons, Bai Xiaofei never felt so afraid of something in his life.

“Little sister, there are bandits around recently, and it’s getting late. You’d better enter town as soon as possible. Indigo City is not far ahead. I’ll have two guards take you there.”

The captain was particularly zealous, and Tan Xin naturally wouldn’t refuse free bodyguards. After all, she still wanted to be the ‘master’ for a while longer.

“Then thank you, beautiful sister.” Tan Xin smiled and turned to Bai Xiaofei with a stern face. “Lil’ Bai, what are you looking at?! Why don’t you come and carry me?! Do you want me to walk?!”

Bai Xiaofei froze, feeling that his whole outlook on life had collapsed an instant. Because of his hesitation, the two guards behind him flashed their weapons again.

“You dare to defy your master’s command?!”

Feeling his energy flow once again being forced to stop, a miserable Bai Xiaofei ran to Tan Xin. “Just you wait,” he whispered in a voice as small as a mosquito buzz before crouching down.

Tan Xin climbed on his back without any mental burden.

“I’ve always been waiting. It’s better that you understand your position, Lil’ Bai,” she retorted nonchalantly.

Bai Xiaofei nearly burst into tears.

Dammit! I’ve heard that Moonlight is perverse, but not to this degree! This is no feminist country! Men have no human rights in this empire at all!

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