Chapter 931: Final War! (7)

Chapter 931: Final War! (7)

“Brother Fei! How long is it going to take?! Ran’er can’t hold out much longer!!”

The sounds of clashing between Yan Ran’er and the blackgold puppet was ceaseless. What everyone present could see was that she was being passively beaten as both her attack and defense were inferior to the opponent.

In the face of Shi Kui’s distress, Bai Xiaofei looked as if he hadn’t heard anything at all. He stood still in place, and the only thing that could be felt from him was an irregular energy fluctuation whose frequency was constantly changing. It felt as if Bai Xiaofei was learning something…


In mid-air, the crazed black-gold puppet suddenly uttered the first word since his birth and punched Yan Ran’er down. She fell hard in front of Shi Kui, the air billows from which even knocked him back.

“Where… is this…” After the attack, the blackgold puppet slowly landed with a puzzled expression.

Seeing this, Tan Xin’s eyes lit up. Regaining consciousness? Does this mean it’s possible to communicate with it?!

Suppressing her ecstasy, Tan Xin struggled to stand up and tentatively waved her hand at the human puppet. She couldn’t care less about the consequences, she only knew that Bai Xiaofei needed time!

“This is the Ethereal empire, and you are now in the Holy Puppetsmith Mountain,” she said softly while slowly walking toward the blackgold human puppet. After the genetic locks were lifted, she had been beaten back to her original form that couldn’t even win against an ordinary person.

“Ethereal… very familiar…” the human puppet muttered, the confusion on its face turned into struggle.

“Do you remember what happened before? If you need help, maybe I can help you,” Tan Xin continued to probe, more boldly this time after she saw the reaction of the human puppet.

“Help…? Do you know who I am…?”

This was a question that Tan Xin didn’t have a single clue to.

High-rank human puppets were created using a completely different method from the ordinary ones, which was simply processing a corpse. A blackgold human puppet was a literal pile of advanced materials and every part of the body could be measured in the element particle.

Therefore, it was impossible to tell who the blackgold human puppet was because he was a combination of many people!

“Although I don’t know this, I know who does. If you stop your hostility, I can take you to him,” said Tan Xin, avoiding the topic and giving the human puppet new hope at the same time.

“Who does?” The human puppet’s language function was becoming better by the second.

“Revelation. He is the best diviner of this continent, there is nothing he can’t calculate. We just happen to be acquainted with him, and I believe he will gladly help you!” Tan Xin brought out the old man at this critical moment. As for whether he could calculate the answer to such a question, it was out of her consideration.

She was simply trying to stall.

“Can I believe you?” The human puppet gazed at Tan Xin as he completely retracted his murderous intent.

The sudden change shocked Tan Xin.

“Of course you can’t. Don’t forget that they tried to destroy you just now. Besides, you were killed by them before. It is I who gave you a chance to be reborn. Kill them and I’ll tell you who you are!” a playful voice rang out just when Tan Xin saw the light of hope.

Looking in the direction of the voice, everyone saw a little boy floating quietly in mid-air. Around him suspended were the cores of the seven violetgold puppets earlier.

“Look at these, they are your kind. Their bodies were destroyed by those people. Do you want to end up like them?” said the little boy as he shot out a thread of black energy from his fingertip.

After the thread hit the human puppet, he screamed in pain. “Kill!! I will kill you all!!!”

Knowing the situation had gone south, Tan Xin’s first thought was to escape, but her battered body could not keep up at all. Just when she thought she was dead, a figure suddenly appeared in front of her and forcibly caught the human puppet’s blow!

Tan Xin stared in shock.

In front of her, Yan Ran’er’s fragile body had been penetrated by the human puppet’s fist. It only failed to hit Tan Xin because Yan Ran’er had caught his arm with both hands.

“Don’t you hurt Brother Shi Kui’s friend!!”

Yan Ran’er’s hoarse voice was filled with the pain that wasn’t shown on her face. With a loud roar, she gathered her strength and threw the human puppet flying!

However, this drained the last bit of energy in her body. The light of life in her eyes faded and she fell down toward Tan Xin.

Shi Kui, who was just a distance away, got up from the ground and watched what happened in utter shock.


A heartbreaking roar echoed in the air as Shi Kui charged toward the human puppet. His forging hammer appeared in his hand and became enormous when injected with origin energy.

As he swung the hammer, the scenes from when he first met Yan Ran’er until now replayed in his mind. Tears started to fall uncontrollably…

“Ignorant fool.” The little boy, who had been quietly watching, sneered.

And it was as he said. Fury did not give Shi Kui the power to triumph over everything. With a wave of the human puppet’s hand, he was sent flying while vomiting blood.

“Take care of that man, he can pose a threat to your life,” the boy reminded the human puppet after making sure that everyone had lost their ability to fight.

The human puppet’s eyes immediately fell upon Bai Xiaofei.

Without hesitation, the human puppet appeared in front of Bai Xiaofei in a flash and slapped down at his head!

A terrifyingly loud sound echoed. However, it was not that of human bones being broken, but that of rocks being shattered. When the dust cleared, ‘Bai Xiaofei’ had turned into rubble, while more Bai Xiaofeis appeared around the battlefield.

“Petty trick!” The little boy snorted. His fingers started dancing, conjuring thin threads of black energy that shot into the human puppet’s body.

Shortly after, the human puppet let out an angry roar. A circle of black ripples burst out from his body and shattered all the illusory clones that Bai Xiaofei had created.

“Indeed, it’s not some powerful move, and it has been used too many times in history, but it’s useful and that’s enough,” a faint voice rang out behind the little boy when he was about to locate Bai Xiaofei. At the same time, a chill ran down his spine.

“Demonic fire of resentment!”

A flame instantly enveloped the little boy, demonic energy mixed with resentment ate away at his body.

However, before long, the little boy reappeared in another place, panting heavily.

“Hmm? Interesting.” Bai Xiaofei’s curiosity was piqued. Just now, he had clearly felt that his attack had really taken a life.

“Lock on him! He is the real one!” shouted the boy.

However, the human puppet had no response to his words. Anxious, the boy looked over only to see that the blackgold human puppet had been engulfed in a swarm of worms, unable to even lift a toe, let alone attack.

Suddenly, something put a horrified look on the boy’s face. He spat out a mouthful of blood and his body started to rapidly dry up, just like what had happened to Pinocchio…

The difference was that Pinocchio cut off his link with Yan Ran’er to give her freedom, while the little boy was forcibly cut off as the human puppet was destroyed.

“Corpse Eater Worm, which Pinocchio especially prepared to deal with the human puppets as soon as he decided to cooperate with you people. You thought you were in control, but you underestimated your chess piece,” Bai Xiaofei commented indifferently, but inside he heaved a sigh of relief.

Just now, the Demonic God of Pain had taught him a quick cultivation method, which helped create this swarm of worms. Unfortunately, Bai Xiaofei didn’t perfect it, so the Corpse Eater Worm would be useless after this use.

“You really think you’ve won?” With a sneer, the ‘little boy’ taunted in a scarily hoarse voice.

“If your understanding of winning is like this, then you are a sad person. But in any case, I’m not ashamed to lose like this if I’m able to prevent your victory.” Bai Xiaofei wryly shook his head and walked toward the little boy. “I know you will escape, so deliver my message back to your organization. I will never be done with Shadow Death. As long as I live, you will be wiped off the Starnet Continent!”

With that, a dark-red flame flared out from Bai Xiaofei’s body and burned the little boy to ashes.

The battlefield grew calm as the swarm of worms completed their mission of devouring the human puppet, leaving only a black-gold heart …

“Don’t cry. If you want to save Ran’er, then become a godsmith as soon as possible.” Bai Fei picked up the heart and solemnly handed it to Shi Kui, who stared at him blankly, and said, “This is your master’s relic. Take it.”

Then, with a long sigh, Bai Xiaofei took out a piece of paper and put it in front of Shi Kui. This piece of paper had been inside the box along with the Corpse Eater Worm…

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