Chapter 930: Final War! (6)

Chapter 930: Final War! (6)

In mid-air, Bai Xiaofei quickly reacted. He used wind elements to form an illusory clone while he teleported away. The instant after, a figure shot at the clone and destroyed it with one blow.

Everyone’s heart leaped to their throat, but seeing that it was only the clone who was killed, they relaxed.

However, no one knew the horror in Bai Xiaofei’s heart at the moment, having realized that he could not beat this blackgold human puppet!

Although it had only been a clone, Bai Xiaofei knew very clearly how much effort he had put in to create it and how little difference there was between it and him. And yet, let alone fight back, the clone had no chance to even respond.

If Yan Ran’er and those violetgold human puppets had reached an extreme in speed and strength, then the blackgold human puppet was beyond the extreme.

It should be at the peak of the Legend Rank!

“Everyone, get out of here!” shouted Bai Xioafei after reaching that conclusion. He didn’t know how long he could persist and what he could do to the human puppet, but knew that once he fell, no one present would be able to live!

“Brother Bai, you…”

“Go! Don’t affect me!” Bai Xiaofei yelled out and cut off Ling Yue.

During this brief conversation, Bai Xiaofei along with his clones had been beaten flying five times in total.

Everyone didn’t know if he had an ultimate card up his sleeves, but he was right to make them leave. They would only be a burden if they stayed. Not to mention the blackgold human puppet, they couldn’t even help Yan Ran’er with the violetgold ones.

Clenching his jaw, Ling Yue chose to put his belief in Bai Xiaofei. He shouted, “Ethereal associates, evacuate!”

However, Bai Xiaofei wasn’t relieved upon hearing that. Instead, he was bitter at himself. Damn stupid mouth! Now I really can’t run!

“Brother Fei, use this!” Shi Kui suddenly crawled out from underground just as Bai Xiaofei was bracing himself to be beaten and tossed something at him.

Seeing the item, the blackgold human puppet froze. It then stopped engaging with Bai Xiaofei to charge toward the item that Shi Kui had thrown. However, the item passed right through its hands as if it was only an illusion.

At the same time from another direction, Bai Xiaofei caught the item – a box. Opening it, he saw a black worm, from which he didn’t feel any energy fluctuation. In fact, he couldn’t even feel its existence.

“A Corpse Eater Worm, but you can’t do anything with just one. This thing has no use unless it’s in a swarm,” the Demonic God of Pain suddenly commented.

To be recognized by him, the worm was definitely nothing simple. And quantity was not a problem for Bai Xiaofei!

“Xin’er, over to you! I need time!” shouted Bai Xiaofei before vanishing on the spot, leaving the mission to detain the blackgold human puppet to Tan Xin.

Stopping the manifestation of gravity, Tan Xin took a deep breath. The next second, her body emitted five lights in a row, along with which her aura soared again and again.

“Five-layer genetic locks. If I can’t stall you, I might as well bury myself in a hole!” Tan Xin softly cursed as she took the initiative to rush at the human puppet, using a speed that wasn’t inferior to the latter!

What ensued were successive explosions throughout the whole battlefield. Every time Tan Xin and the human puppet collided, the sound of barriers being broken and fist strikes would shake the space.

On the other side, Yan Ran’er, who had been suppressed, suddenly let out a roar. A violet-black energy burst from her body uncontrollably, the color deepening little by little until it turned into black-gold!

At that moment, Pinocchio came out from the ruins, his eyes clouding over when he looked at Yan Ran’er and he smiled. “You have finally reached this level. From now on, no one should be able to hurt you…”

Then, Pinocchio suddenly coughed and spat out a mouthful of blood. His skin dried up and in the blink of an eye, he looked like a skinny corpse. Seeing this from a distance, Shi Kui hurriedly ran up to him.

No one knew what happened between them underground, but it could be seen that Shi Kui had already overcome the hard truth that the creator of human puppets was his master.

“Master, you…” Shi Kui didn’t know what to say, his face anxious and his movement flustered.

“To set Yan’er free, I had to break off my link with her. Freedom is also the last gift I can give. Promise me you will treat her well. Although she is strong enough to protect herself, she is still a child in dealing with humans…” Pinocchio said with difficulty. During this short passage, he vomited blood three more times.

“Don’t worry, Master, this disciple will definitely do as you say. No one will hurt Ran’er for any reason, no matter who they are!” Shi Kui vowed as he cried.

During this vow, Pinocchio’s hand fell feebly.

The First Godsmith of the Ethereal empire fell, not only to fulfill Yan Ran’er, but also to atone for his sin. He owed Ethereal too much…

“DIEE!!” roared Yan Ran’er as the dark-purple glow on her body completely turned black-gold. From where she stood, a dark light ring spread out and shattered the seven violetgold human puppets to pieces in just several breaths.

However, just after they were destroyed, seven purple-golden lights shot out from them and disappeared into the horizon.

At the same time, Tan Xin was smashed into the ground in a loud explosion. The light signifying her genetic locks faded away and she fell into a coma.

This left only two standing on the battlefield, namely the two blackgold human puppets!

Feeling the power emanating from each other, they immediately set the other as their target!

While a terrifying clash began, Bai Xiaofei was still holding the wooden box with his eyes closed, showing no sign of caring about the situation at all…

The outcome all depended on Yan Ran’er!

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