Chapter 91 Rapid Progress!

It was common knowledge that dealing with beauties was a delightful thing, but after an entire afternoon, Bai Xiaofei’s group of three were both tired and hungry and didn’t feel at all delighted. They were in pain.

And it was the type of exhaustion stemming from both the body and the mind!

“Big Brother Fei, we’ve only met five senior sisters so far. When will we even be done with all of them!?” Wu Chi grumbled, exhausted from appreciating beauties. If he could choose, he would rather exchange places with Mo Ka than “enjoy” this opportunity to meet beauties.

During the afternoon, each of the five senior sisters they had met was remarkably outstanding in various aspects. Each of them was of a unique temperament as well.

All of them talked aimlessly at the beginning and only got to the main point after one became extremely tired…

But after experiencing this afternoon, Bai Xiaofei’s group of three had come to understand one thing.

All the senior sisters on the Blossom Ranking were lonely, and they wanted to experience a period of grand love just like an ordinary girl. But out of consideration for their identities, they kept having the feeling that the people who came looking for them carried malicious intentions. So, as time went by, they had constructed a high wall in their hearts that blocked everyone out.

Bai Xiaofei’s group of three could be said to have gone around this wall by coincidence and successively witnessed the true appearance of many ordinary young women.

The label of beauty was a burden sometimes, so the requirements put forward by these senior sisters basically had a common point.


They hoped that the people who passed through Bai Xiaofei’s tests to meet them would be genuine and would allow them to easily put down their defenses before experiencing a real relationship.

But this ran slightly in the opposite direction of Bai Xiaofei’s initial thoughts because most of the people capable of passing the tests Bai Xiaofei and Fang Ye designed would surely be rich fellows, and very few of these playboys could satisfy this requirement…

However, Bai Xiaofei was Bai Xiaofei in the end.

With his silver tongue and ability to adapt to the situation, he immediately suggested a plan to deal with this, and it gained the agreement of all the senior sisters.

His plan was to provide a concealed message for them about the men!

When there was someone who conformed to their requirements, Bai Xiaofei would add a concealed message to the proof that those who passed the test received, so when someone possessing this concealed message appeared, the senior sisters could open their hearts up completely, and if the passers didn’t have it, the senior sisters only had to deal with them for a little while.

In this way, Bai Xiaofei and the senior sisters were able to attain a win-win situation.

It was also during this time that Wu Chi and Shi Kui, who were already accustomed to Bai Xiaofei’s ability to react to the situation, had witnessed his ability once again.

Err, more precisely speaking, it was his ability of thinking up ways to earn money…

“What’re both of you getting anxious for? Have both of you forgotten what Fang Ye said? Earning money isn’t a simple matter, and it’s already not bad that everything has been able to go smoothly so far. Now we lack time, and money will fall into our hands sooner or later.” Similarly exhausted, Bai Xiaofei drank a mouthful of water before heaving a long sigh of relief.

Even though he was educating Wu Chi and Shi Kui, Bai Xiaofei was actually a bit anxious in his heart as well. The only difference was that he was able to control his feelings.

Sometimes, this was the difference between a leader and those who were led!

“Then will we be continuing at night?” Shi Kui asked while refusal was shown all over his face because he really didn’t want to go.

“Of course we are! But each of you can find someone to take your place. Xing Nan and the others ought to be free, so ask them to come accompany me.” As soon as Bai Xiaofei finished speaking, Wu Chi and Shi Kui instantly revealed smiles of release.

“Big Brother Fei is the most considerate! I’ll go look for them right away!” Wu Chi’s voice hadn’t finished resounding in the air before Wu Chi had charged off like the wind, vividly displaying the effect of their training in the Infinite Mountain Range.

“What a good-for-nothing motherf*cker! I’ll surely reduce the amount of money he can use and cause him to be unable to afford a puppet when the time comes,” Bai Xiaofei spat, causing the nearby Shi Kui to be unable to restrain a drop of cold sweat from seeping out of his forehead.

I wouldn’t have been put on his blacklist as well, right?

As he thought like this, Shi Kui was hesitant. But he’d forgotten something.

Wu Chi didn’t need a puppet…

“Right, tell everyone later that they can start choosing puppets in the next few days so as to avoid wasting time when the time comes, and we can buy it right away once we have the money.” As Bai Xiaofei finally spoke of a happy matter, Shi Kui instantly revealed a slight expression of happiness. He then agreed before running off like the wind just as Wu Chi had.

Bai Xiaofei sighed to himself after Wu Chi left. A second puppet...when will I be able to f*cking get a second puppet. How will I f*cking advance this f*cking scam of a cultivation technique!?

Bai Xiaofei cursed Old Man Revelation fiercely in his heart because even up until this moment, he still didn’t know what exactly had happened to him…

Time flowed by slowly. Xing Nan and Mo Ka came to see Bai Xiaofei as replacements before the three of them stepped foot on the path of no return to pay a visit to the senior sisters on the Blossom Ranking…

Meanwhile, Fang Ye was in charge of recruiting new members and had greeted a busy period of his own. After the matter that occurred the previous day, the New Student Mutual Aid Community instantly became a powerful magnet that caused practically all the new students to surge over.

If it wasn’t for the girls coming over to help Fang Ye, he would have absolutely been exhausted to the point of breaking down.

But as the son of a merchant, Fang Ye enjoyed this sort of feeling because it was simply like the difference between the heavens and the earth when compared to his days of aimlessly letting the days pass by!

It was also at this moment that Fang Ye started feeling fortunate that he had decided to come study at Starnet Academy and had encountered Bai Xiaofei and everyone else in the Savage Class.

If it was said that Fang Ye used to be a son of the rich who only intended to loaf around, then he wasn’t anymore!

Brightmoon Merchant Group belonged only to him, Fang Ye!

“Rest for a while. You’ve been busy all day long.” Xu Chen blushed as she passed a towel to Fang Ye, and this only happened because Bai Xiaofei and the others weren’t here. Otherwise Xu Chen wouldn’t even come over even if she was beaten to death…

The pressure of public opinion was too terrifying!

“I’m fine. This is so much simpler when compared to a merchant group. Even though I never cared about it in the past, I’ve seen it more or less. Moreover, I’m taking it as laying down the foundation for the future.” Fang Ye grinned and revealed an expression of delight.

Perhaps Xu Chen’s existence was one of the reasons Fang Ye changed – because he didn’t want to be unworthy of her.

After all, a formidable puppet master was much more valuable than a small merchant group!

“Then don’t exhaust yourself. Your body is your capital for growth. Don’t forget what Big Sister Xue said,” Xu Chen said with persistence as she revealed a trace of shyness that didn’t conform to her usual self.

“Big brother has also said that we should try our best while we’re young, and I’m gathering experience for the future right now. Opportunities like this are rare, not to mention everyone in our class is counting on this money to buy their new puppets.”

Bai Xiaofei and Xue Ying were both mentioned at the same time in their conversation, and it obviously showed the influence both Xue Ying and Bai Xiaofei had on everyone in the Savage Class.

“Alright, then let’s work hard together!”

Who said a tigress couldn’t be gentle? She got shy before the person she liked!


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