Chapter 929: Final War! (5)

Chapter 929: Final War! (5)

Bai Xiaofei didn’t know if the working together thing was true, but when Tan Xin’s strength combined with his own, he felt that… nothing was impossible.

The element energy in the whole battlefield seemed to become a part of him, at his beck and call. In less than three seconds, all the human puppets inside were handled!

As the battlefield suddenly quieted down, the Ethereal troops became dumbfounded before falling into a long silence.

The entire area was filled with nothing but pieces of human puppets and corpses of the soldiers. No matter how prepared they had been, casualties were inevitable, not to mention that many people caught in the battle were only ordinary people.

The battle had been tragic, but in fact, the only real members of Shadow Death were Punishment of Fire and the space-attribute puppet master who had escaped after failing to trap Bai Xiaofei.

This was why human puppets were forbidden in every continent…

“Let’s go, we should see our people…” Bai Xiaofei said calmly to the blood-stained Ling Yue. However, before he could finish his words, a loud explosion attracted everyone’s attention. Then, from within the scattered dust and smoke, several purple lights shot out.

Everyone looked intently and saw eight figures moving rapidly in a small sealed space, and every time they collided there would be a terrifying explosion.

If the battle between Bai Xiaofei and Punishment of Fire was a confrontation of energy, then between these eight figures was the ultimate collision of the flesh. Whether it was speed or raw strength, they all had achieved the extreme, one that even Bai Xiaofei hadn’t reached!

“Brother, looks like I have to borrow your ability. You take everyone and retreat from here, the gravity is going to be a little heavy.” Flashing Ling Yue a smile, Bai Xiaofei stepped forward, followed by Tan Xin. They joined hands and a circle of black ripples spread out.

Bai Xiaofei controlled the ripples to stop at the feet of the Ethereal soldiers. As they retreated, the scope of the ripples expanded a little, and every time it expanded, the land within sunk down.

“Heavy Shadow… can actually…” Ling Yue stared blankly at the scene in utter disbelief.

With the help of Tan Xin, Bai Xiaofei was able to perfectly recreate Heavy Shadow’s skill. At the same time, this state allowed him to master it to the degree that exceeded even Ling Yue’s knowledge. This was the most terrifying use of Virtual Reality. As long as Bai Xiaofei wanted and had sufficient energy, he could replicate any ability he had seen!

Under the increased gravity, the figures at war slowed down, letting everyone see them clearly.

It was Yan Ran’er against seven human puppets shining with a violet-gold light!

Obviously, Yan Ran’er was the strongest among the eight, but she still could not insta-kill the remaining seven at once. Moreover, the seven’s strength was obviously rapidly rising! Through fighting, they were undergoing the fast growth that Yan Ran’er had gone through before!

“I’ll leave it to you, stall for three minutes!” Bai Xiaofei’s expression grew solemn. Despite being under the influence of heavy gravity, Yan Ran’er and the seven human puppets were still terrifyingly fast. He knew that at this rate, if he gave them a little while longer, even the intensified gravity wouldn’t be able to suppress them anymore!

Leaving an illusion of himself on the spot, Bai Xiaofei rushed toward the battlefield and appeared behind a human puppet in a flicker. Mind Sunder appeared in his hand as he chopped down. Bai Xiaofei firmly believed Mind Sunder was the bane of human puppets.

However, after the attack connected, Bai Xiaofei knew that it was bad for him.

An extremely powerful burst of energy sent him flying. At the same time, his arrival had attracted the attention of the remaining human puppets. Three of them immediately charged toward him.

Bai Xiaofei quickly used Purple Luan’s Invincibility right before the three attacks hit him, and the invincible shield actually cracked!

I thought you’re supposed to be invincible?! Can violetgold grade human puppets really be this strong?!

Suppressing the shock, Bai Xiaofei brainstormed. He definitely had an ability to restrain them!

Think! Come on, remember!!

“Devouring the Heaven and Earth – Devouring Poison!”

A dark-purple flame flared from Bai Xiaofei’s body and engulfed the three human puppets. Devouring the Heaven and Earth then successfully corroded their cover, paving way for the toxicity of Night Charm along with the burning phoenix flame to take effect!

However, the result was that only a part of their skin was corroded!!

“What the hell? What kind of material are they made with?!” Bai Xiaofei cursed as his energy surged again.

On the ability to continuously attack, Bai Xiaofei was definitely among the ranked on the whole continent thanks to Huskie’s ability to mark!

After the three human puppets were contaminated by his energy, raging dark-purple fire was ignited on their bodies and never ceased burning. Their attacks were thus continuously interrupted by explosions.

Just now, Bai Xiaofei had launched more than five kinds of attacks that he felt to be the most fatal from those he had ever seen. However, besides interrupting the human puppets’ actions, only the burning poison was able to cause substantial harm to them…

Moreover, the human puppets seemed to adapt to the attacks they took. Before Bai Xiaofei could attack again via Huskie’s marks, the marks were erased!

Only then did he realize how terrifying they were. It was not their speed nor their strength, but their perverse adaptability! The violetgold grade human puppets retained their talents during their lifetime and were able to learn independently and grow at an unimaginable speed!

Pinocchio had really created a group of horrifying creatures!

Thinking of this, Bai Xiaofei’s heart suddenly jerked. Wait! There are only violetgold puppets here!! Then that black-gold light…

At that moment, a figure enveloped in a black-gold light suddenly jumped out with an attack that pierced through Bai Xiaofei’s invincible shield, sending him flying…

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