Chapter 928: Final War! (4)

Chapter 928: Final War! (4)

As Punishment of Fire’s crazed voice faded, a chilling breath slowly enveloped the Puppetsmith Holy Mountain. Bai Xiaofei’s illusory world shattered, and the Ethereal troops as well as the human puppets on the ground fell into hysteresis!

“Be careful, something evil is coming out.” The Demonic God of Pain gave Bai Xiaofei a rare warning.

Without him having to say it, Bai Xiaofei had already felt that what was coming was nothing simple.

Moments later, an illusory figure appeared from where Punishment of Fire had vanished. The face of the fellow was obviously Punishment of Fire, but the aura was completely different.

“Kill… kill everything…” a hoarse voice came from the figure. Then, it suddenly moved.

Bai Xiaofei was ready to meet its attack, but the goal was actually not him, but someone else closer to the figure! And after a few blinks of an eye, a large number of both soldiers and human puppets were shredded by its indiscriminate attacks!

The way the figure killed was simple and rough, but sharp and effective. And yet, that was not what put everyone into despair, but the fact that every attack that fell upon him would directly pass through him, unable to even faze him at all.

“You stop!!” Bai Xiaofei stepped out and stamped his foot.

In the blink of an eye, over a dozen Bai Xiaofeis made of earth sprouted out from the ground and charged at the figure who, only knowing to destroy all moving objects, welcomed them with glee. Just like that, Bai Xiaofei and the demonized Punishment of Fire entered a seesaw battle as Bai Xiaofei kept making clones, and Punishment of Fire kept tearing them up.

However, Bai Xiaofei gradually tensed.

The figure was like a perpetual machine, while he could already feel the instability once caused by the Spiritualization state. Against his reforged body, the Spiritualization Technique triumphed.

He didn’t want to be a cripple like before, so his only choice was a quick victory!

However, after trying hundreds of times, Bai Xiaofei still failed to find any attack that could even damage the figure, let alone bring him down.

“What the hell is this thing?!” the helpless Bai Xiaofei asked the Demonic God of Pain in his sea of consciousness. The new Punishment of Fire was something beyond his knowledge.

“Boy, do you dare to gamble… life?” the Demonic God of Pain asked in reply.

“It depends on whose life it is,” Bai Xiaofei joked, but his expression was firm.

“Yours!” said the Demonic God of Pain.

“Tell me what’s the gamble!” Bai Xiaofei’s lips curled up.

That communication was but a few blinks of an eye, yet it was enough for the figure to clean out the new batch of Bai Xiaofei clones. This speed was obviously faster than just now. Moreover, it was still climbing, meaning the figure was still far from reaching his peak!

He was only warming up!

This time, after cleaning up Bai Xiaofei’s doppelgangers, the figure rushed to the nearest target, Tan Xin!

As a sense of crisis hit Tan Xin, she fully released her power of creation and conjured a barrier to wrap herself up. However, it was as good as nothing in front of the figure, who didn’t even bother to destroy it. He just… casually passed through it!

“Right now!” shouted the Demonic God of Pain.

Bai Xiaofei disappeared on the spot.


Reappearing in front of Tan Xin, Bai Xiaofei grabbed at the figure. At the same time, the figure’s hands were deeply inserted into his chest. Another half second and Bai Xiaofei would be torn in half just like his clones…

However, the hands stopped at that moment, unable to use any force!

Under the gaze of everyone, the figure shattered piece by piece from the place Bai Xiaofei touched him, which then dispersed into spots of light …

“How… could it…” Punishment of Fire stared at Bai Xiaofei in fear, which was his last expression on earth before he dissipated completely.

Bai Xiaofei spat out a mouthful of clotted blood. The brief contact not only caused him external injuries but there was also a strange energy that destroyed over half of his internal organs. That energy was the reason why everyone lost their ability to resist upon encountering the figure. His attack had an extremely strong energy erosion effect.

“Sure enough, he used the power of space and destroyed his own body to become a pseudo-god in a semi-dissociative state. Too bad, the moment he touched a real entity, it would briefly lose effectiveness and become materialized,” commented the Demonic God of Pain in Bai Xiaofei’s consciousness. This was why he asked Bai Xiaofei whether he was willing to risk his life. Because before they made formal contact, he wouldn’t be sure whether his judgment was right or wrong!

It was a pure gamble!

Fortunately, Bai Xiaofei won. The moment the figure touched him and was materialized, Bai Xiaofei activated the ability of Mind Sunder, the bane of elements, and decomposed him.

Were the figure to have a real body, Bai Xiaofei wouldn’t have been able to decompose him with his current mastery over Mind Sunder. In short, Punishment of Fire had been seeking his own death by exchanging his real body for the pseudo-god state…

“Two souls in one body, and both souls have abnormal talents. Smelly brat, you really got yourself a big shot this time,” the Demonic God of Pain sincerely praised.

Meanwhile, Bai Xiaofei was helping Tan Xin up, both of them panting. At that moment, they had really smelled the scent of death!

So I’m still not invincible yet… Bai Xiaofei shook his head with a wry smile.

During these brief moments, all of his injuries had recovered. Although not invincible, he was definitely worthy of the word perverse…

“It should end now!” An energized Bai Xiaofei smiled and looked at the messy battlefield. Then, he placed his hand on the ground.

Seeing this, Tan Xin placed her hand on top of his with a grin. “When men and women work together, the work will be much lighter.”

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