Chapter 927: Final War! (3)

Chapter 927: Final War! (3)

Ever since Bai Xiaofei had gained the Spiritualization Technique, it had become his ultimate trump card that helped him turn the tables countless times, but because of physical limitations, he had been afraid of using it too much. Not to mention the advanced version, he couldn’t even withstand the backlash of the ordinary one.

However, it was different now, as he was different now.

After the Heavenly Nonaburn Formation reforged his body, he had gained the confidence to try out a bold idea – To use Spiritualization on all his puppets together!

With the five puppets merging into his body, Bai Xiaofei’s aura changed again and again as his physical potential was thoroughly stimulated, releasing the mix of various energies inside him at the same time. And then, a horrifying pressure befell the Holy Puppetsmith Mountain!

By this point, Punishment of Fire had been dumbstruck. In everyone’s impression, Bai Xiaofei’s strongest ability was his illusions, and his combat strength was only his subsidiary ability.

However, his current aura alone had reached above the Legend Rank!

What kind of concept was that? A Grandmaster Rank puppet master actually raised his strength to the Legend Rank, skipping the entire Exquisite Rank!

“No way! This is just an illusion! That’s right, an illusion!” Punishment of Fire reminded himself, obviously forgetting that he had the ability to see through any illusions of a designated person.

Compared with Bai Xiaofei, the energy he had accumulated in his body was too insignificant…

“This feeling…” Bai Xiaofei looked at his own hands in disbelief. Then, he raised his right hand toward Punishment of Fire.

In that instant, Punishment of Fire’s perception was entirely blocked by a threat of death. Without any hesitation, he used his ability and turned into a flame that quickly flew away.

Where he had just been, the space around it seemed to become tangible before being forcibly kneaded together!

Seeing this, Punishment of Fire exclaimed, “So you haven’t fully mastered your body!” He was delighted to see Bai Xiaofei’s expression of disbelief, thinking that he still had a chance to win!

The flame then scattered around Bai Xiaofei, and the next second, at least a dozen clones of Punishment of Fire jumped out. The high temperature they emitted distorted the space around them.

However, Bai Xiaofei showed no intention to escape. He stood still and let the fire attacks fall on him.

“It’s true that I haven’t fully mastered my present power, but that’s not the case with the power I used to be familiar with.” Bai Xiaofei’s voice echoed from all directions as behind every Punishment of Fire clone was a brand-new Bai Xiaofei, while the fire attacks all turned into a wisp of breeze and dissipated.

It was the combination of Mind Sunder’s element alteration and Huskie’s Marking ability!

Then, all the Bai Xiaofei clones thrust out their fists, punching the clones of Punishment of Fire into sparks. The next second, they launched Devouring the Heaven and Earth in unison and turned the fleeing flames into Bai Xiaofei’s lunch.

With a large part of his energy absorbed, Punishment of Fire was forced out of his elemental state. His aura had dissipated by more than half and his face was deathly pale.

However, Bai Xiaofei didn’t intend to give him any breathing space. Two Bai Xiaofei figures flashed and appeared at Punishment of Fire’s left and right side respectively, on their fists condensed a strange blue and red flame as they punched out.

“Nonaburn the sky!!” roared Punishment of Fire upon feeling the crisis he was in, and his weakening body suddenly burst with a light more dazzling than the sun. The next second, Bai Xiaofei lost contact with the two illusions.

When everything returned to normal, Punishment of Fire had completely changed.

Except for his shape, Punishment of Fire no longer resembled a human as his whole body had become purely fire elements, once again wrapping the battlefield in high temperature!

“Consuming your life? You can’t last long in this state,” commented Bai Xiaofei expressionlessly as he manipulated his illusory bodies to get out of the war circle.

“Enough to kill you!” With his declaration, Punishment of Fire moved again.

This time, their roles were reversed as the crusher became crushed. The outsiders could only see a thread of fire keep flashing through all the Bai Xiaofei figures, dispersing them into elements, while the real Bai Xiaofei was hiding safely inside the invincible shield of the Starnet Brilliance.

“It seems that you lost your ability as a puppet master after you entered this state. I’m sure you will regret it,” Bai Xiaofei commented from inside his shield and gently waved his hand, launching Blackie’s Virtual Reality.

High mountains rose from the ground, and air turbulence visible to the naked eye appeared in the sky. Flames then filled the mountain peaks, between which a long river winded through. In the long river, all kinds of ferocious beasts swam up and down…

With just the effort of raising a hand, Bai Xiaofei created a miniature world, in which 80% were just illusions, which did not consume much energy. The remaining 20% were real, but not fixed in one place!

After the completion of the miniature world, Bai Xiaofei faded into nothingness in front of everyone and his voice echoed around, “Don’t worry, I can definitely wear you out to your death.”

In the center of the miniature world, Punishment of Fire’s heart tightened.

“Then let us see who is more malicious!” he roared in rage and started attacking. Compared to Bai Xiaofei’s complex moves, his was extremely simple: forcibly destroy everything he could see using his body as the weapon!

However, gradually, Punishment of Fire became desperate.

Most of the time, what he destroyed was only an illusion, but when he thought it was an illusion, it would become an entity and caught him off guard. Most of the fierce beasts in the long river were real and their attacks were suicidal!

“Sorry, this is my world. From the moment you gave up your puppet master ability, you were as good as dead,” Bai Xiaofei’s voice rang out again.

Punishment of Fire laughed miserably as his body began to crumble. However, his laughter was not that of abandoning resistance, but an extreme madness!

“This is what you asked for. I never wanted to let him out!!”

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