Chapter 917: Ling Yue’s Resolution!

Chapter 917: Ling Yue’s Resolution!

At the same time that chaos arose at the auction, a large number of human puppets also emerged in the whole imperial city and launched indiscriminate attacks at their surroundings. It was a massacre!

The garrison was the first to respond, fighting the human puppets while sending requests for help to the four great clans. Soon after, the private armies of the four clans poured in before the garrison sealed off the city. The bustling capital turned into a huge battlefield, and the supposedly peaceful night turned into a bloody one!

Therefore, no one at all had the energy to care about what happened at the auction venue.

Needless to say that Ling Yue had been put in a terrible fix. He had expected to just sit and wait for good news from Bai Xiaofei on the human puppet matter with them having passed the most difficult ordeal at the competition. Now, however, it seemed that the matter wasn’t as simple as he had thought.

“Gather everyone within the imperial grounds in one place to reduce the pressure on the Imperial Guard. Bring three brigades from the Imperial Guard to aid the garrison and tell them to keep the matter from spreading out. From this moment on, until there’s an order from me, no one is allowed to leave the city or send out any news!”

Ling Yue gave Tian Hai a series of orders. After the latter withdrew, he turned to his brother.

“Ling Ming, how is the situation outside?”

Sitting down on his throne, Ling Yue seemed to have aged several years in just a second. Although Ling Ming’s heart ached to see this, he still had to report truthfully.

“Third Brother has already taken his private army to aid the garrison. At present, there has been no news from him yet. He must have engaged with the human puppets.”

“Fourth Brother has returned with the situation on the Holy Puppetsmith Mountain. There are no human puppets there, but because of today’s material auction, the majority of their puppetsmiths are currently in the city.”

“Sixth Brother said he was going to find Brother Bai, but he hasn’t come back yet.”

Ling Yue’s expression grew heavier with every event reported. Enduring the headache, he asked, “Xiaofei should be at the auction as well, right?”

At the same time, Ling Yue realized that something was wrong. Bai Xiaofei had the ability to monitor the whole city. Even if it wasn’t constantly used, he wouldn’t completely turn a blind eye to the city’s situation. Therefore, the situation at the auction was definitely not simple!

“How… Ohh! I’ll have people call Sixth Brother back!” Ling Ming exclaimed and headed out. He reckoned that Ling Zong’s life was in danger.

“I’m going with you!” Ling Yue soon decided to follow. He’d go crazy if he sat doing nothing any longer. Moreover, his teleportation ability was quite important at this moment. No matter what, they had to save Bai Xiaofei first. Since he was in the imperial city but hadn’t made a move, this implied that he was trapped.

Both Ling Yue and Ling Ming had reached a tacit consensus that as long as Bai Xiaofei was rescued, the entire matter would be resolved!

Ling Yue’s private army had become the emperor’s personal guards and doubled in size, the members being all the troops once commanded by the First Prince, while the previous emperor’s personal guards had been transferred to the Imperial Guard.

At this moment, the new personal guards quickly surrounded Ling Yue and Ling Ming to escort them. After a flash of light, they disappeared directly from the palace and reappeared in the city.

“Ling Ming, you take some people to find Sixth Brother. I’m heading to the auction!” Saying this, Ling Yue quickly set out.

Ling Ming didn’t dally and took people to head in the opposite direction.

Because all the princes were present, the morale of the soldiers had reached its peak. After the enthronement, the five princes had become the absolute mental pillars of the imperial city!

The ambush of the human puppets was soon brought under control. However, Ling Yue wasn’t happy at all. Compared with the casualties that they caused, the appearance of the human puppets was a much more serious problem. Previously, it had been covered up with Bai Xiaofei’s help, but this time, the people personally saw and experienced the attack of the human puppets!

Bai Xiaofei must be rescued before the situation deteriorated beyond hope!

Ling Yue quickened his pace, but before he could go far, a huge crowd of human puppets flocked toward him and his troops. To make matters worse, they didn’t fight but directly blew themselves up along with their puppets!

After only one round of explosions, Ling Yue’s troops were all battered, but the second round soon followed!

“Destroy them before they get close!” Ling Yue ordered as he unsheathed his weapon, Heavy Shadow.

The weapon increased the gravity around and slowed down the human puppets. Using this opportunity, the troops quickly killed the human puppets before they could blow up. However, a new wave of human puppets emerged, obviously wanting to prevent Ling Yue’s group from nearing the auction site.

“General Pang! Select a team. I’m going to teleport one more time!” Ling Yue gritted his teeth. From his body, a light glowed signaling his vitality burning!

“Your Majesty!” General Pang panicked. However, upon seeing the expression on Ling Yue’s face, he swallowed his words and quickly selected a group of thirty elites. Then, he shouted, “Protect His Majesty!”

The whole army immediately tightly surrounded Ling Yue and the elite team, shielding them from the human puppets who were tirelessly launching attacks. In a flash of light, Ling Yue disappeared.

When the light shone again, it was inside the auction hall.

The formation sealing the auction house was similar to the one protecting the city wall, which was unidirectional. Although people couldn’t get out, they could get in!


Ling Yue’s group was greeted with a furious roar the moment they appeared. When they looked over, they saw the dust in the air speedily forming sharp blades that nailed a large number of human puppets to the ground!

The auction hall had become a mass graveyard for human puppets and also an exhibition for the various ways to die. It was like the battlefield of two armies. However, only one person was fighting the human puppet army.

Tan Xin!

Ling Yue and others had thought she was just Bai Xiaofei’s persistent admirer… Now it seemed that was not the case at all!!

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