Chapter 915: Openly and Righteously Cheat!

Chapter 915: Openly and Righteously Cheat!

“Peak-grade Melting Crystal, a catalyst that greatly enhances the success rate of spirit injection! Starting price: 3 million Amethyst Coins! You don’t want to miss this!”

The host shouted as hard as he could, but after Bai Xiaofei became the first bidder, no one else made a move. However, it was not out of fear or respect for him as such things did not exist in a place like auctions. Looking at the guests, it was as if they didn’t see the item at all!

“It’s time for you to drop the hammer,” Bai Xiaofei reminded the host.

The latter immediately started the longest finalization in his career to date, but despite that, no one bidded against Bai Xiaofei.

Just like that, Bai Xiaofei won the first item at its starting price. And that was only the beginning. In the following auctioned items, whatever material Shi Kui wanted, Bai Xiaofei won them one by one at the starting prices.

Gradually, not only the host, but even Shi Kui felt something was wrong.

“Big Brother Fei, don’t tell me you…” Shi Kui anxiously gulped. He didn’t even dare to finish his words.

“Well, you guessed right. In the illusion I’ve created for them, they are bidding fiercely. For example, the ganoderma juice we bought with 10 million just now, they have already called it to over 100 million,” said Bai Xiaofei nonchalantly without any scruples.

“Big Brother Fei, this is Ethereal! If you do that…” Shi Kui sprang up from his seat in horror.

However, Bai Xiaofei had no intention to stop. “First, the auction never states that the bidders are forbidden to use their ability to influence the process. Second, even if they notice something wrong, they have no evidence. Third, that guy Ling Yue never mentioned anything about compensating me. If I don’t get it back here, I’ll lose out big time!” he listed three reasons in a row.

Shi Kui stared in shock. So you’re openly and self-righteously bullying people!

However, after Bai Xiaofei continued for three more items, the auction was temporarily suspended because the hall had nearly been overturned by the puppetsmiths present.

Bai Xiaofei’s limited energy didn’t allow him to keep the whole auction house in his illusion. When it was an item that Shi Kui didn’t need, he would deactivate his ability and recover energy.

Therefore, those who successfully won an item in the illusion, but didn’t get the real thing in the end, realized that something was wrong. When a barrage of reports came up, the staff of the Ethereal Merchant Group could not sit still. At this rate, even though they wouldn’t lose money as the starting price was already profitable, they wouldn’t be able to make a big profit either.

And as to why this happened, the Ethereal Merchant Group soon figured it out. After all, Bai Xiaofei was famous.

That’s why people are afraid of being famous like pigs are afraid of being fat… An Illusion Stream puppet master was really not suitable to be famous!

“Mister Bai, is it convenient to talk?”

Unsurprisingly, the door was knocked on, making everyone in the room except Bai Xiaofei jittery.

“Of course, but you’d better bring something delicious. The Crystal’s Longings here aren’t enough,” demanded Bai Xiaofei with a cool face. Crystal’s Longings were a rare commodity even in the Kingdom of Snow.

“That is for certain, Mister Bai.” The people outside were very thoughtful. They couldn’t afford to offend Bai Xiaofei and could only coax him.

Knowing that there were delicious things outside, Huskie ran to the door and opened it before Bai Xiaofei could say anything. Before the staff could even react, their Crystal’s Longings had been taken away.

“My lord, although this is very abrupt…”

“Not at all, I know that you could guess, and you’re right, it was me. However, your place has no rules saying bidders can only compete with money. I didn’t do anything to your personnel at all, so you can only blame the other bidders for their poor puppet master abilities.”

Bai Xiaofei’s reaction was completely beyond the expectations of the staff. His words rendered them speechless.

Why doesn’t he follow the plot?!

“My lord, you are certainly correct, but those people outside…”

“Tell them to come find me. That is, if they have the guts and are strong enough to make me spit out the things in my pocket. Next, I’ll win the items I want using my way. If you think there is a problem with that, go to the Fourth Prince.” Bai Xiaofei’s tone was firm. “Alright, I’ve stated my attitude, and there’s nothing you can do to change anything. If someone comes to you for trouble again, just push it on me. Also, next time you open an auction, remember to guard against Illusion Stream puppet masters.”

Bai Xiaofei did not give the staff the chance to respond as he dismissed them.

The staff weren’t fools. Even if Bai Xiaofei told them to shift the blame onto him, it was still them who had to take responsibility in the end, which went to show how shrewd he was. However, since he had said it, the staff had no choice.

After all, the merchant group had never stipulated that bidders were forbidden from influencing each other. There were similar cases before, but it had only been between two people or a group of several people, which did not affect the overall situation, while Bai Xiaofei had been controlling the whole auction house!

However, Bai Xiaofei taught them a good lesson. In future auctions, they must avoid this from happening again!

In this way, the devastated staff accepted their fate and helplessly left the room. A while after that, the whole hall of people looked at Bai Xiaofei’s room with strange eyes. They knew that his character was a little rascally, but no one had seen what it was really like when he acted it out.

And now… that was a lesson learned!

“Why are they looking at me like that? It’s not like I’m bullying them. In fact, I think they should even thank me,” said Bai Xiaofei righteously, drawing eyes from the people in his room.

“You tricked them and expect them to thank you?!” Tan Xin scolded.

“Of course. The number of Illusion Stream puppet masters in Starnet Academy has increased dramatically and the number of those on the continent is also on the rise as well. Even if I don’t give them a lesson now, someone else will sooner or later. And I only take what I need. If it were someone else, that’s likely not gonna be the case,” Bai Xiaofei explained.

It sounded quite logical. In fact, the rest actually felt that he was right!

“Wait, no! Besides you, how many people have such evil ideas and are as daring?! Few auctions don’t have a powerful backer. Ordinary people would definitely be seeking death if they do the same!” Tan Xin reacted.

However, this was within Bai Xiaofei’s expectations.

“Do you think all Illusion Stream puppet masters are like me? More often than not, they are invisible. If they don’t show themselves, you’ll never know who is the manipulator of the illusion.”

“In an auction, they can find companions to bid while they control the illusion, so even if the house wants to handle the cheater, they would have no place to start from as long as the companions refuse to admit it. If the house uses brute force, they can even play that to their advantage by starting a ruckus and make the house lose even more,” Bai Xiaofei recited like there was a textbook of crimes in his head.

“Brother Fei, it’s a pity that you aren’t a criminal,” Shi Kui, dizzy from all the information, expressed his admiration.

And it wasn’t just him. Everyone present felt that Bai Xiaofei was wasting his talent by not becoming a criminal.

“Not interested, I prefer to do good things. After all, I’m a decent person.” Bai Xiaofei laughed.

Hearing this, everyone’s ‘admiration’ was immediately replaced by contempt. As if anyone would believe a word that comes out of your mouth!

“The auction continues. If there’s nothing else that you want, I’ll stop here.” Bai Xiaofei pointed outside of the glass window.

Shi Kui immediately retracted his expression of contempt. “There are still many more I want!” There was no need for him to save face in front of Bai Xiaofei!

After their failure to persuade Bai Xiaofei, the Ethereal Merchant Group chose to accept its fate. They could only hope that there weren’t many things left that he wanted.

Fortunately, that was the case. Shi Kui repeatedly shook his head to the next series of items. After what they had gotten, he only needed one more material that could be the backbone of a puppet!

“The next item is our finale! Please be careful!” the host said the weirdest sentence in the history of auctions while feeling extremely uneasy inside. If this item got sold at the starting price, he might just be fired. “Please welcome Black Dragon Heart!”

With the host’s announcement, a beating heart entered everyone’s sight.

Shi Kui immediately jumped up. “Big Brother Fei! This is it!! I only need it!!!” He was so excited that his face distorted. It was as if he had already pictured the birth of his first famous masterpiece.

Bai Xiaofei once again started after a long rest. Blackie vanished into the air at once.

However, unlike before, Bai Xiaofei felt a strange sense of delay…

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