Chapter 914: Auction; Profiteer Bai!

Chapter 914: Auction; Profiteer Bai!

Even after the recent great changes, Ethereal not only had no negative repercussions but became even more prosperous. This lively night was the most obvious evidence.

The Ethereal Merchant Group was the only one among the major merchant groups that rarely held auctions. Generally, very few stocked up puppets, and when an auction was held, people might not need the puppets offered or even didn’t need any at all. The Ethereal Merchant Group also traded other types of goods, but those weren’t doing as well as the other merchant groups.

“Hurry up! Don’t let your little friend wait!” Xin Tan pulled Bai Xiaofei all the way as if the person who had been exhausted during the day wasn’t her.

“It hasn’t started yet, what’s there to hurry? Those who do auctions are profiteers. They won’t start until all the moneybags get there,” said Bai Xiaofei lazily with an experienced tone.

“You are the biggest profiteer, alright? You’re the only one ever to ‘blackmail’ the emperor of Ethereal.” Tan Xin’s voice was full of contempt and… envy.

In response to this auction, Bai Xiaofei especially found Ling Yue and Ling Zong to get hold of a sum of money, as well as the biggest discount rate possible from the Ethereal Merchant Group.

Initially, Ling Zong had said that he could just give Bai Xiaofei what he wanted directly, but Bai Xiaofei rendered him speechless, saying that the process was the most fun part…

Boy, so you have a lot of free time?!

“Low-key, low-key, I don’t want to be too conspicuous,” Bai Xiao chortled and glossed over the topic.

At that time, Shi Kui and Yan Ran’er, who were waiting at the entrance of the building, saw them at a distance and came running over.

“Brother Fei!” Shi Kui greeted with a foolish smile. What his expression was saying was clear: ‘It’s all up to you tonight, Brother Fei!’

“Don’t worry, my wallet is bulging!” Bai Xiaofei smacked his pocket confidently.

Ling Yue had been quite generous when hearing that he needed money for the auction. In the end, the money would return to Ethereal’s hands while he conveniently returned Bai Xiaofei’s favor. In Ling Yue’s view, this was totally killing two birds with one stone.

However, he overlooked something…

Bai Xiaofei was a profiteer!

Following Shi Kui, the group arrived at a luxurious private room, which was an easy feat for Shi Kui as one of Pinocchio’s few disciples.

“Oh?! I haven’t seen this thing for a long time.” Bai Xiaofei’s eyes widened the instant he stepped into the room. At the same time, Huskie’s nose twitched and he shot out.

Crystal’s Longings!

Moments later, Huskie ran back with a Crystal’s Longing in his mouth.

“Wow, Huskie is so sensible, he knows to give it to his master…” Tan Xin stopped in the middle of her words.

Give it to Bai Xiaofei? She really thought too much…

Huskie ingratiatingly yelped a little to Blackie, who lazily opened her eyes and gave Huskie face by accepting the crystal. She actually also found it delicious…

“Just get used to it, this dog couldn’t care less about me.” Bai Xiaofei generously shrugged to the amazement of the rest and grabbed Huskie. “Your portion is fixed, so be careful how you share it.”

Saying this, he gathered the rest of the Crystal’s Longings on the table into his arms to the shocked eyes of Huskie, who felt like his life had become imperfect at that moment.

Seeing Huskie like this, except Bai Xiaofei, the rest of the room felt their hearts go soft.

“There are still so many, why make it hard on Huskie when you know that he likes to eat,” Ni Xue immediately beat down Bai Xiaofei.

“That’s right. You are not only a profiteer, but also a miser!” Tan Xin chimed in.

At this sudden turn of events, Huskie immediately trotted over and happily rubbed his head against Ni Xue’s leg and then yelped at Bai Xiaofei viciously.

“I thought Huskie can talk?” Ni Xue naturally didn’t understand dog language. She stroked Huskie’s head with a confused expression.

“He’s not used to it, and he didn’t say anything important just now, he just tried to intimidate me,” replied Bai Xiaofei so Ni Xue no longer bothered with this.

In fact, Huskie did try to intimidate Bai Xiaofei, but what he said…

“Finally!” While the group enjoyed the Crystal’s Longings, Shi Kui was intently staring at the auction stage. He almost jumped in joy when the host came out.

For others, this might just be a shopping trip to select suitable materials, but for him, this was an opportunity to rise in his career!

“Calm down, you will be a big shot in the future. It’ll be embarrassing if people see you like this, alright?” Bai Xiaofei sighed.

Shi Kui sat back awkwardly and said again, “Big Brother Fei, the auction has started…”

Bai Xiaofei was speechless.

Damn… This boy is hopeless!

Forget it, just let it be. I just hope no one will deceive him in the future…

Bai Xiaofei mused in his heart before shifting his focus back to the auction.

“Honorable puppetsmiths, you must have been waiting so I won’t talk any nonsense. Let the auction commence! Introducing our first item, Deepsea Heavy Silver!”

As soon as the host’s voice fell, the whole house collectively exclaimed, followed by bids being shouted.

“What is this thing? Is it very precious?” Bai Xiaofei knew nothing about puppet forging.

“Deepsea Heavy Silver is very suitable for creating intricate objects. Many puppets use it to forge the cores for large-scale puppets or one-time-use hidden weapons, but that’s neither my area of expertise nor my interest,” Shi Kui explained, obviously not moved by the item.

The following materials seemed to be similar things as he revealed a look of disappointment. Could it be that my plan to rise is going to die here?!

Just when Shi Kui was about to give up, a new item was brought to the stage. One look at Shi Kui’s expression and Bai Xiaofei understood what to do.

“Big Brother Fei, this may be a bit expensive…” Shi Kui was somewhat uneasy.

Bai Xiaofei smiled faintly. “Don’t worry, it won’t be!”

At the same time, Blackie, who was gnawing on a Crystal’s Longing, disappeared…

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