Chapter 7 The Test Begins!

“Only with great difficulty was I able to be alone with such a beautiful Senior Sister. There’d be something wrong with my brain if I immediately went to rest.” Bai Xiaofei chuckled with Huskie beside him. His puppet barked twice in tandem and endlessly wagged his tail.

“There aren’t many who dare flirt like this to a senior anymore. Do you know why?” Qin Lingyan’s smile carried a trace of mysteriousness as she maliciously gazed at Bai Xiaofei.

“It should be because their methods weren’t proper, and they were dealt with. Don’t worry Senior Sister, I’m not a fellow like them with low IQ.” Bai Xiaofei’s answer was rather unexpected, and it caused her to feel for the first time that this fellow, who she had thought was an idiot, wasn’t that simple.

“You’re promising. Then tell me, how do you intend to flirt with me so that you aren’t dealt with in the same way as those other people?” Her interest seemingly aroused, Qin Lingyan latched onto the topic and didn’t have any intention of letting go.

“Mmm, I’ve decided to first have you treat me to a huge meal and eat so much that your heart aches. That way, you’ll be unable to forget me, and you will try every possible method to get even with me.”

As soon as Bai Xiaofei finished speaking, Qin Lingyan couldn’t hold back her laughter. Her apricot eyes narrowed slightly as she laughed, dazing Bai Xiaofei with her beauty.

“Then shouldn’t I go make proper preparations and find someone to obstruct you? Because what if you do eat to the point I become poor?” After she restrained her laughter, Qin Lingyan’s eyes gleamed with a hint of playfulness. She didn’t believe someone who could make her poor from a single meal would actually exist.

“It’s my honor to have Senior Sister Lingyan cause trouble for me,” Bai Xiaofei said, and Huskie barked twice in rhythm with him. The puppet’s timing was perfect.

“Your animate puppet has quite the high intelligence. But why does it seem to only be a blue-grade puppet?” Qin Lingyan squatted as she spoke. She stretched out her hand to rub Huskie’s head. The puppet’s pleased expression was a bit more despicable than Bai Xiaofei’s.

Bai Xiaofei casually said, “I don’t know how he advanced to the blue grade. Originally he was only at the white grade.”

Qin Lingyan frowned.

The grade of a puppet corresponded more or less to the rank of a puppet master, and the grades were normally differentiated by the color of the energy emitted when a puppet was activated. From lowest to highest grade, the puppets were respectively either white-grade, blue-grade, yellow-grade, red-grade, violet-grade, gold-grade, violetgold-grade, blackgold-grade, or divine-grade puppets. The lattermost⁠ – the divine puppets⁠ – were of an unknown color.

“Your first puppet was a white-grade puppet?!” Her tone carried a trace of disbelief, causing Huskie to grunt in grievance, his previous excitement vanishing.

“What about it? It’s not like he can’t advance in grade. I believe my Huskie will become at least a violetgold-grade puppet in the future.” Bai Xiaofei was unaffected by Qin Lingyan, and he gestured towards Huskie, causing the puppet to instantly wag his tail before leaping into Bai Xiaofei’s arms.

“You’re very optimistic, but I’ve never really seen a puppet surmount such a huge gap. I ought to leave now. Good luck tomorrow.” Huskie’s grade had severely affected Qin Lingyan’s interests, and so their conversation, which had been started with great difficulty, was left unsettled.

“Ah, she left just like that. The people outside are just as foster mother and the others have said⁠ – all of them extremely shallow.” Bai Xiaofei sighed as he rubbed Huskie’s head. Then, he suddenly revealed a sly smile. “How was it? It was enough time, right?”

“Woof! Woof!”

Huskie once more wagged his tail, and his tongue, which had been slanting to the side, flicked up.

“Alright. Since she looks down on us, we’ll eat to the point it hurts!” Bai Xiaofei rubbed his own nose as he looked in the direction Qin Lingyan had vanished. The corners of his mouth faintly curled upward.

Just you wait, Senior Sister!!

“Woof! Woof!” Huskie’s echoing barks resounded through the community dorm in which only Bai Xiaofei remained. After a period of fierce licking, he forcefully pulled Bai Xiaofei from his dreams.

“Shit! The test!!!” Bai Xiaofei jumped up from the bed like a loaded spring and ran out the dorm. He was wearing only his underpants and didn’t have the time to even put on his shoes. His speed wasn’t any slower than someone who was being hunted.

Everything comes to he who…

Err, nevermind…

In any case, Bai Xiaofei managed to reach the last carriage after a period of running madly, and he successfully leapt into the carriage the moment the timekeeper counted out the last second.

The “horses” that pulled this carriage, however, were truly imposing!

Spiritual Rank magical beast, Blackscale Horse!

Magical beasts and puppet masters could be said to be existences that both loved and killed each other. If a magical beast and a puppet master of the same rank were to fight each other, the magical beasts would normally have the upper hand. This was especially true in the lower ranks because lower-ranked puppet masters generally possessed few puppets.

In other words, the Blackscale Horses pulling the carriage could beat Bai Xiaofei up to the point even his parents wouldn’t recognize him!

Furthermore, the number of carriages sent out by Starnet Academy were utterly innumerable! The reputation of the strongest academy was really not an exaggeration!

But more importantly, Bai Xiaofei had already become the center of attention within the carriage…

The males were whispering in discussion while the faces of the females had flushed red…

Bai Xiaofei was capable of achieving complete indifference, and he didn’t have the slightest intention of being embarrassed!

“I’ll give you ten seconds to put this on!” The senior in charge of this carriage’s group was unable to bear the sight any longer. He withdrew a set of clothes from his own storage ring and tossed it to Bai Xiaofei.

“Thank you, Senior!” Bai Xiaofei slyly smiled and switftly put on the clothes. Only his legs were still bare, but it was already much better than before. “Senior, what’s your name? Once I enter the academy someone will treat me to a meal, and I’ll bring you along. I’ll return your clothes to you at the same time as well.” 

Once again Bai Xiaofei’s nature to act familiar with anyone he just met came into effect, and he revealed that sly smile of his.

“Bai Ye. Forget the meal and consider the clothes a gift. I don’t have the habit of wearing something another has worn.” The senior continued to wear a cold expression, and he seemed very uninterested in Bai Xiaofei.

“We’re of the same clan! But unfortunately, it looks like I can’t eat to the point Senior Sister Lingyan becomes poor anymore.” Bai Xiaofei intentionally mentioned Qin Lingyan, and a trace of disappointment appeared on Bai Xiaofei’s face as he sighed.

“Who did you say it was just now?!” Bai Ye’s attitude instantly took a complete turn, his voice filling with excitement.

“Senior Sister Lingyan. She promised to treat me to a feast after I enroll into the academy. You’ll be able to see her soon when we return because she said she would come to receive me.” Bai Xiaofei’s expression was grave, especially when he mentioned Qin Lingyan, as his expression seemed to be as if the two were old acquaintances.

“You really know Lingyan?!” Doubt surfaced before the shock faded from Bai Ye’s face. I never heard that Qin Lingyan had any relatives or friends entering the academy. Even if she did, it would be impossible for them to be holding only an ordinary invitation letter.

Bai Xiaofei’s heart couldn’t help but constrict. Shit! Based on the way Bai Ye addressed her, the two of them seem to be somewhat familiar with each other! 

Bai Xiaofei had assumed that Bai Ye might know about Qin Lingyan, but he had never expected that he would casually encounter someone familiar with her.

Bai Xiaofei had experienced countless battles and so didn’t reveal his thoughts on his face. He persisted to the end. “How could I dare deceive you, Senior? It can be verified as soon as we return to the academy’s entrance, so wouldn’t I be courting death by telling a lie?

“What? Senior, are you very familiar with Senior Sister Lingyan? But I’ve never heard her mention you…,” Bai Xiaofei countered, and under his efforts to create an unfounded charge, a trace of embarrassment surfaced on Bai Ye’s face.

“We’ll…we’ll talk about this later.” Bai Ye coughed twice then forcefully changed the topic. “About that…the meal…” Bai Ye’s cold expression vanished, and his tone actually carried the intention to flatter!

“Leave it to me!” Bai Xiaofei struck his own chest, and he heaved a sigh of relief in his heart. I got through it!


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