Chapter 843: You’re Dead!

Chapter 843: You’re Dead!

“My lord, may I know your name?” asked Yun Ni in the face of Bai Xiaofei and his words that were full of temptation.

“Bai Xiaofei,” he replied with a nonchalant smile.

Unexpectedly, Yun Ni’s eyes widened.

“You… you are Master Bai of Starnet?!”

Bai Xiaofei smiled wryly. What’s the situation now? She knows me? No, if she did, she would have recognized me from the start…

“You’ve heard of me?” Bai Xiaofei asked.

An excited Yun Ni immediately nodded. “I once had contact with the sisters of the Phoenix Cry Pavilion. From them, I learned of your name and listened to some of your stories. After that, I researched you out of curiosity…” Like a fan, Yun Ni recounted all the things she knew about Bai Xiaofei.

Bai Xiaofei only knew that he had gained some fame in the circle of puppet masters prior to this, but his stories had even reached the ears of ordinary people now.

A big tree attracts the most wind, this is really no exaggeration. Looks like it will be difficult to fool people in the future!

What a professional liar feared most was that people already knew they were a liar. People would instinctively put up their guard and tricking them would be an extremely difficult task.

Bai Xiaofei had already lost the most basic qualification to be a liar.

“So, are you willing to believe me now?” Passing the matter of his reputation, Bai Xiaofei went back to the topic.

“Mhm! Master Bai, what do I need to do?” asked Yun Ni excitedly.

Seeing her attitude take a U-turn, Bai Xiaofei was relieved. It’s easy as long as you cooperate.

“Tell me the specifics,” he said.

Yun Ni immediately recounted what had happened. The reason why the Yun family suddenly changed their mind was that they got in trouble with people who they could not afford to offend.

When expanding his business, Yun Ni’s father crossed paths with a branch president of a small branch of the Vivid Wing Chamber. Faced with such a huge force, Yun Ni’s father planned to give up on developing in that direction.

To his shock and dismay, the other party refused to let him off. As if holding a huge grudge, that small branch president spared no effort to thwart Yun Ni’s father, and even set his sights on Yun Ni after seeing her with her father at a business party.

The small branch president said as long as Yun Ni became his concubine, he would let go of the Yun family’s business.

For the sake of her family, Yun Ni decided to sacrifice herself and her love with He Chang.

Originally, Yun Ni’s father was unwilling to sacrifice his precious daughter, who he had doted on since her birth. Otherwise, he would not have respected her choice and let her be with He Chang.

However, at the thought of the pressure from Vivid Wing as well as the future of his hundreds of employees, Yun Ni’s father compromised with her decision to sacrifice her future.

“So that’s why. Seems simpler than I expected. I thought it was something within your family at first.” Bai Xiaofei relaxed after listening to the whole story. He said, “Well, it’s time to send you to your lover. Leave the rest to me.”

Using Teleportation to send Yun Ni to the Windsurfing Ship, Bai Xiaofei then returned to the carriage and used Huskie’s ability to assume her appearance.

“Miss, here we are.” When the carriage stopped, the driver lifted the curtain.

Bai Xiaofei got off the carriage, and a man with gray temple hair came into view.

“My daughter, you are back!” the man said.

Mhm, good for you that you spoke first, or I’d have blown you up mistaking you for someone else… Inwardly relieved, Bai Xiaofei curtsied to Yun Ni’s father, Yun Ye.

When the ladies of the Phoenix Cry Pavilion taught the Blossom Ranking girls, Bai Xiaofei had observed all the way, so simple etiquette like this could not baffle him.

“Vivid Wing people have come again, this time…” Yun Ye could not continue, his face clouded with grief and helplessness.

“Father, you don’t have to say anything. Just leave it to your daughter,” Bai Xiaofei assured as he entered the house with Yun Ye.

Upon arriving at the living room, four puppet masters wearing the colorful uniforms of the Vivid Wing Chamber came into sight.

For four Proficient Rank puppet masters to be sent out this casually, it was no wonder Yun Ye was afraid of them. These four were already enough to uproot the Yun family.

“Since she’s back, don’t waste time. Come with us now. Our president can’t wait.” The leader of the small group of four had no intention of giving face. His icy voice scared the entire Yun family so badly that no one dared to breathe loudly.

“Aren’t you giving us what you should?” Bai Xiaofei was quite irritated by the four, but it was not yet the opportunity to attack as getting back Yun Ye’s business permit was more important. Without the permit, the Yun family could not even do business. The Vivid Wing Chamber’s determination for ‘revenge’ was not as simple as one would think.

“You are but a trashy merchant group. Do you really think we will be interested?” The leader of the four coldly snorted and threw the business permit on the ground, his nose in the air the whole time. “Sorry, my hand slipped. You can pick it up yourself, my waist hasn’t been feeling well recently.”

With that, the group leader headed toward Bai Xiaofei, wanting to take him away.

Avoiding the group leader’s outstretched hand, Bai Xiaofei said without any emotion, “Pick it up.”

The sudden event stunned the puppet master. He didn’t even understand how he had grasped empty air just now.

“Some nerve you have, you tra…!”

The puppet master glared at Bai Xiaofei and cursed, but before he could finish the sentence, a figure suddenly jumped into the room from the outside. The next second, the puppet master was sent flying like a bullet. At the same time, everyone saw the person who stood beside Bai Xiaofei.

It was Tan Xin licking a lollipop…

“If you three kneel down and admit your mistakes now, I can pretend that the idiot just now did not say anything,” Bai Xiaofei spoke again. Even without using origin energy, the domineering aura he exuded was suffocating.

Looking at Bai Xiaofei, Yun Ye’s face was filled with shock. This was definitely not his daughter!

However, he did not speak and only quietly watched the situation develop. No matter how he looked at it, Bai Xiaofei was not an enemy.

“Outrageous little tramp, you’re seeking de…” Before the three people could respond, their leader had crawled back up.

Once again, his crude mouth decreed his fate.

You’re dead…

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