Chapter 82 New Student Mutual Aid Community!

“Err, Boss Bai, what should we do?” Bai Xiaofei’s words had moved the nine class monitors because there weren’t many in the “commoner’s district” who were like Fang Ye, and most of them came from families that didn’t possess much resources. Some even had to rely on completing assignments to earn money in order to survive in Starnet Academy.

But the existence of the protection fees was like a vampire that kept causing a person to be in a weakened state.

So, that was the reason why they had such intense reactions when Bai Xiaofei mentioned the protection fees.

“It’s very simple, join the New Student Mutual Aid Community that I’ve established!” Bai Xiaofei grinned, once more stunning everyone.

“New Student Mutual…Aid Community?” They gulped while displaying their bewilderment.

“It’s very simple. Just pay membership fees equivalent to half the protection fees every single month, and then leave the people who come to ask for protection fees to me. The first month is a trial period, and there’s no need to pay any fees!” As he threw another benefit at them, Bai Xiaofei moved the nine class monitors.

At any rate, they didn’t have to take any risks because Bai Xiaofei would be there even if the sky were to collapse!

“Then…do we have to do anything?” The voice of one of the class monitors was already trembling slightly from his excitement because he originally thought that he was coming here to be tormented by Bai Xiaofei, but he never imagined that a pie would suddenly fall into his lap!

“Convince the members of your classes and publicly proclaim your membership to the New Student Mutual Aid Community. After that, you only have to come when called. Everyone, this isn’t difficult, right?” 

The nine class monitors fell into silence as soon as Bai Xiaofei finished speaking. Everyone was willing to enjoy the benefits but proclaiming their membership would cause them to bear a risk, and risk was something no one was willing to bear, especially when things could go bad at any moment.

As far as they were concerned, there was an extremely high chance that things would go bad for Bai Xiaofei!

“Actually, there’s no need for all of you to think,” Bai Xiaofei said as he looked at the nine of them hesitating. His face still carried a slight smile. “Don’t forget that we still have quite a few Collective Classes together. I can cooperate with all of you and put on a show if you join, and I’ll try my best to help you gain a place in the various streams. Conversely, I probably don’t have to tell all of you what will happen, right?”


Undisguised threats!

But this wasn’t everything that Bai Xiaofei intended to say. There was still candy at the end of the rod…

“A reality that can’t be refused is right before all of you. But all of you can think for a moment. If this community continues to exist, you would be the first batch of members, and it’s impossible to rely on just our class to manage all the new students. So…” Bai Xiaofei stopped halfway and looked silently at the nine class monitors. The three seniors on the ground were dazed when they heard him.

Does this new student want to raise hell?!

“Boss Bai, I’ll do whatever you say!” The first person to make a stand appeared, and the others followed suit because once someone took the lead, they were unable to endure the dual pressures that came from the rod and the candy.

“What’s your name?” After he obtained everyone’s agreement, Bai Xiaofei looked at the class monitor who had been the first to make a stand, causing the class monitor to reveal an excited expression.

“Jiang Yun. Boss Bai, you can call me Little Jiang.” Jiang Yun spoke rather humbly, as if he was determined to be Bai Xiaofei’s lackey…

“I’ll give you an assignment. Hang the three of them on our roof and then ask the members of your classes to spread this matter. The louder the better, and it’s best if the entire new student dormitory area finds out about this. After that, tell what I’ve just told all of you to the new students who would be interested, and the students that you pull into the community will be under your management,” Bai Xiaofei said, word after word. After the nine class monitors finished hearing what Bai Xiaofei said, they stared with wide eyes and gulped down mouthfuls of saliva.

They didn’t have a very deep impression in their minds about the other things, but hanging those seniors outside…

“Boss Bai, we can do everything else, but about these seniors…” Jiang Yun wore a hesitant expression, and what he got in return was Bai Xiaofei’s calm stare. This time, Bai Xiaofei didn’t speak a single word, but Jiang Yun’s expression changed repeatedly under Bai Xiaofei’s stare  until he eventually gritted his teeth fiercely after some time.

“Alright, I’ll do it!” With Jiang Yun’s decision, the three seniors on the ground instantly revealed expressions of terror.

Of course, it still couldn’t be discerned…

“Don’t you dare! If all of you—” They didn’t finish speaking by the time Wu Chi and the others took the initiative to swarm around them, and a wave of bangs started resounding...

“Alright, they’re behaving themselves now. Toss them out. Wu Chi, Shi Kui, Mo Ka, you three follow them, and teach them how to behave if they dare misbehave.” As soon as Bai Xiaofei spoke, the three seniors, who were intending to revolt, instantly became dispirited because the three people Bai Xiaofei mentioned were the three who struck them the most ruthlessly.

In other words, they were already affected psychologically…

The nine class monitors agreed successively before running out hastily because they had to spread this explosive news at the first possible moment.

If it was said to only be Bai Xiaofei’s plan earlier, then this plan had now become the common mission of these ten classes because Bai Xiaofei had forcefully roped them together!

“The rest of you go with Xing Nan. You’ll similarly be in charge of spreading the news, but the method will be different. Your assignments are to build up the situation!” As Bai Xiaofei spoke, the figures of Xing Nan and the others tensed up.

Our assignment is here!

“Firstly, place an assignment on the Bounty Ranking, and the target of the bounty is me!” Bai Xiaofei said, and Xing Nan and the other stared with wide eyes. He’s placing a bounty on himself?

But even though they were puzzled in their hearts, they didn’t ask questions because they knew Bai Xiaofei surely had his own plans.

“The content of the bounty will be that the New Student Mutual Aid Community I’ve established has severely affected the old order. Second-year students are already incapable of dealing with it, so it’s a request for help from the students from the third and fourth years.”

As soon as Bai Xiaofei finished speaking, all their eyes lit up.

At first glance, Bai Xiaofei seemed to be making trouble for himself. But, once the news of this bounty spread, the beneficial effect it would bring would be greater than its disadvantages.

“After you’ve dealt with this, all of you can start spreading the news. The more people who know, the better. It’s best if all the new students are able to find out before tonight.” As he stared fixedly at them, Bai Xiaofei’s seriousness far exceeded any occasion in the past, and he wasn’t even this serious when he had been plotting against the Earth Dire Bears.

“Don’t worry Big Brother Fei. It definitely won’t be a problem with Qi Wei present!” Wang Hang replied, but he realized he’d said something wrong as soon as he finished speaking. Unfortunately, it was impossible to take back what he’d said…

“Wang Hang, I’ll remember this, and you have to give us brothers an explanation once you’ve completed the assignment. I never imagined you would conceal it so deeply!” Bai Xiaofei patted Wang Hang on the shoulder as he spoke, revealing a sly smile that caused his seriousness from a second ago to be completely destroyed.

“NO! No! no! It isn’t like what you’re thinking…” In terms of assassination, Wang Hang was absolutely formidable, but if it was in terms of lying, he was obviously a newbie.

“I know it isn’t like what I’m thinking, and it’s like what you’re thinking. All of us understand. Go on quickly because time won’t wait for anyone. What if Qi Wei’s taken away by someone else?” The opportunity to explain didn’t exist when one was before Bai Xiaofei…


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