Chapter 81 Shocking Everyone!

“Senior, do you know my name?” The dazed crowd in front of Bai Xiaofei revealed blank expressions when faced with this question, fear filling their hearts.

What the f*ck, he wouldn’t be the friend of some big boss, right?!

Impossible, all of them have already notified us!

“You’re….” The senior asked weakly, and was prepared to apologize because he couldn’t afford to offend a formidable figure for a little protection fee.

“Bai Xiaofei.” Bai Xiaofei grinned, causing the three seniors to be stunned.

It wasn’t that they were shocked by Bai Xiaofei’s name, but that they were racking their brains to see if this name was mentioned by any of the big bosses in the academy..

“F*ck, I remember now! You’re that kid who had a bounty placed on him by the Goddess of Ice!” One of the seniors that stood at the back revealed an expression of sudden enlightenment, pointing at Bai Xiaofei while crying out loudly.

“Haha! So it’s you, that kid that doesn’t know what’s good for him! And I was thinking you would be some extraordinary figure! You’ve exhausted all my f*cking patience!” The senior in the lead sneered before a light flashed on his hand, his puppet gloves suddenly appearing.

“Alas, looks like all of you haven’t done your homework!” As soon as Bai Xiaofei finished speaking, the nearby Mo Ka crushed a white ball in his hand, causing a ball of white mist to billow out before anyone could make a move.

In truth, stinkweed’s effect was much better, but it was formally prohibited from being utilized within the dormitory because the side effects were too strong! This mist was already enough for the few opponents they had!

A storm of clanking noises signified that the three seniors had taken out their defensive puppets even while being covered in the mist. However, with their vision cut off, the gap in their ranks had become much less important. Moreover, in a place like a dormitory room where even turning one’s body required effort, it was a competition of whose physique was better! And the physique of the members of the Savage Class were very good!

“I’ve got one!”

“I’ve got one as well!”

“I’ve got the last one!”

Wu Chi, Xing Nan, and Shi Kui’s voices resounded out successively in the mist, and the sounds of fighting gradually stopped.

“Mo Ka, open the window!” Along with a gust of wind surging into the room, the dense mist was also quickly dispersed, revealing an interesting scene to all.

Besides the three seniors that were pressed down on the ground, Bai Xiaofei and the others had taken off their shirts. With nine shirtless men standing around, this seemed more like a bathouse than a dormitory room! At the same time, the three seniors on the ground suddenly realized something.

No wonder they were able to distinguish who their companions were….

“Do all of you know what you’re doing? Even if you’ve subdued us, we are only the first of many to come and try to collect protection fees! Let us go now, and all of you might be able to survive!” The senior in the lead didn’t have any intention of being afraid, because as far as they were concerned, Bai Xiaofei and the others hadn’t thought things through. As long as they made the group of juniors realize their situation...


The crisp sound of someone’s palm meeting another’s face resounded.

“It looks like our seniors don’t understand the current situation, so help them sober up.” Bai Xiaofei was the first to start, leaving the rest of them to surround the three on the ground.

After some extremely tragic shrill cries resounded out, the three on the ground were completely covered in bruises. Their previously fearless gazes had become fearful of even looking in Bai Xiaofei’s direction.

Dammit, this fellow is a moron! Isn’t he afraid that others will look for trouble with him? Why are all these kids so strong? Are they really f*cking new students?

Various thoughts and complaints surged into their hearts, but the three seniors didn’t dare to voice any of them. After all, they would only look foolish if they spoke now.

“I don’t know who’s standing behind all of you, but from today onwards, the protection fees of the new students will definitely not fall into your hands!” Bai Xiaofei laughed coldly before receiving the jade tokens Wu Chi, Shi Kui, and Xing Nan had taken from the three seniors. He immediately took all the Starnet Stones within them without remorse.

“All of you only know that Qin Lingyan placed a bounty on me, but none of you know why she removed it, right?” As he spoke, the senior in the lead instantly revealed a terrified expression.

Of course, nobody could tell that with the amount of bruises on his face...Leaving them with that thought, Bai Xiaofei didn’t continue explaining, but instead lifted up the bed and sat down.

“Prepare yourselves. We’ll be having more guests soon.” As soon as he finished speaking, Mo Ka and the others took action once again. This time, they know who Bai Xiaofei was speaking of because it was almost noon….

Time flowed by second by second, and for the first time in their tenure here, the three seniors that were bound together felt that time was passing by too slowly. They even had the impulse to cry! After all, this opportunity to collect protection fees was something they’d exhausted a great deal of effort to obtain. God damn it, had anyone ever fought for a chance to get themselves beaten up before!?

The three seniors were on the verge of collapse when the guests that Bai Xiaofei had spoken of arrived. Unbeknownst to them however, their nightmare had only just begun! Bai Xiaofei’s words during the Collective Class yesterday had made a deep impression on the students of the other classes. So when the time arrived, all of them were present without exception.

The instant they came upon the site in the room however, they were all stunned. They didn’t expect this many people to be in Bai Xiaofei’s room, but more importantly, they didn’t expect to see a group of seniors laying on the ground!

What’s going on?

“The dormitory room too small for so many people, so I’ll ask you all to make do for now. Mo Ka, make way for them.” The other students were quickly cowed by the show of authority that Bai Xiaofei had over the other students. Those who hadn’t known about his abilities grew as meek as Huskie in front of women.

“Do any of you know these seniors?” Bai Xiaofei pointed at the three seniors on the ground as he asked, leaving the nine of them to glance over before shaking their heads in unison.

They’ve already been beaten so badly that I wouldn’t recognize them even if I did know them!

“They came to collect the protection fee, but my hands were slightly itchy, so I made them stay behind. Do all of you think what I did was right?” Bai Xiaofei’s expression remained the same as he spoke, and the nine class monitors gulped in unison upon hearing what he said.

They’d imagined that Bai Xiaofei had great ability, yet they never imagined he would actually be so bold. He actually did this to the seniors that came to collect protection fees, but what about the consequences?

“What? Is this question difficult to answer?” Bai Xiaofei pursued an answer, causing the unprepared group to simultaneously swallow once more.

“Boss Bai, this…. We….” One of the class monitors mumbled, but he was unable to express any complete thought.

“If I make the protection fees go down by half, do you think that’s good or bad?” Bai Xiaofei wouldn’t stop before shocking everyone to death, and it was clear that he’d succeeded in his goal!


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