Chapter 802: Windlove City Lord!

Chapter 802: Windlove City Lord!

Night fell. Except for Bai Xiaofei, everyone’s heart was at their throat. Since Bai Xiaofei had disclosed nothing, no one had any idea about the city lord or the purpose of the meeting.

In any case, what should come would come.

“Do you guys really have to be so nervous? At least we’re coming to meet you with goodwill!”

The whole group sensed no strange energy at all, yet a clear and crisp voice echoed. Everyone looked in that direction and saw two figures, one tall and one short, coming in.

The tall one Bai Xiaofei knew – Min Xizi, while the short one…

To be honest, Bai Xiaofei really didn’t want to believe what he was seeing, because not even in his wildest imagination could he think that the mighty lord of Windlove, the existence that struck fear into the heart of everyone, was a… loli!

“Lil’ Brother Bai, long time no see,” Min Xizi greeted Bai Xiaofei with genuine excitement, exuding a completely different aura than back then in the Holy Snow Mountain. He was like an iceberg that had melted.

“Didn’t we just meet?” Bai Xiaofei smiled and shifted his eyes to the little girl. Although he still found it hard to accept this reality, he had adjusted his mentality.

The world was large and there were all kinds of strange stuff. Moreover, he would not be deceived by the little girl’s appearance. Someone who had a city like Windlove dancing in her palm was definitely not as simple as she appeared.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, this humble one is Bai Xiaofei,” he introduced himself.

Looking at Bai Xiaofei, who showed no strange expression at all, the little girl’s opinion of him climbed to another level.

She had lost count of how many times she received crude treatment for her looks, but she remembered clearly that none of those deluded idiots had a good end!

“Tan Xin.” The city lord extended her hand with an amiable smile on her porcelain doll face.

After the two shook hands, the greeting was officially over. However, before Bai Xiaofei started talking, Tan Xin scanned the room.

“There are too many people. Is there no more suitable environment for discussion?”

Tan Xin’s tone was insipid, but it was exactly this that gave the crowd an impulse to explode. You are one of the only two outsiders here!

“Of course, let’s go to my room,” Bai Xiaofei said and signaled the rest not to worry with his eyes.

Although full of worries, Hu Xian’er and the others chose to trust his judgment and opened up a path.

“Diarrhea, you stay outside,” said Tan Xin, her tone still dull.

However, the face of the person who it was directed at – Min Xizi – instantly darkened. He hated this nickname with all his guts! However, he could not even raise the idea of disobeying this seemingly harmless little girl.

Since no one knew how long ago, her other title had scared countless people witless – The Deadly Demoness!

Bai Xiaofei led Tan Xin into his room. Before he could be polite, Tan Xin had taken a seat on her own and a wave of her hand conjured a barrier that enveloped the whole room.

“Let’s make it short. You ask me three questions, then I ask you three questions. After that, you put forward three conditions, and I put forward three conditions.”

Tan Xin’s directness stunned Bai Xiaofei. Such behavior of seizing the initiative coming from her was far beyond his expectation. Moreover, she succeeded beautifully.

“If so, I won’t hold back,” Bai Xiaofei paused a little, his eyes sharp. “To what extent do you know about the forces in Windlove City?”

Bai Xiaofei’s first question was not outside Tan Xin’s expectations. This was the information that all people who came to Windlove wanted to grasp. Unfortunately, there was no predecessor who was able to ask the city lord herself like Bai Xiaofei.

“Now, there are only a few forces to pay attention to, and I believe you already know about them. Let me talk about something you don’t know…” Tan Xin bit her finger and pondered a little before revealing a sly smile. “And answer your second question along the way.”

Bai Xiaofei, who was listening with rapt attention, was surprised. “You know what I want to ask?”

Facing his doubt, Tan Xin’s smile deepened.

“You have come to Windlove for a while now and made so much noise. I have been watching as a bystander for so long that if I can’t figure out what you are trying to do, then I might as well quit being the city lord.”

After giving Bai Xiaofei an ambiguous explanation, Tan Xin got down to business.

“I have been paying attention to you since the day you stepped into this city. Although you deliberately hid yourself, as a legendary student of Starnet Academy, you still stand out too much.”

“However, I have to admit that you are an excellent commander, switching between roles and doing things that seem completely irrelevant, but in fact only to serve an ultimate goal. Using a detailed plan, you split this goal into small branches, so small that people can’t detect it.”

“But unfortunately for you, this is my territory.” Tan Xin’s lips curled up. “You’re here about the Blood Diamond affair, aren’t you?”

Bai Xiaofei instinctively swallowed. As the city lord said, he had fractionated the target to an unrecognizable degree, but she was able to put the pieces together. If Bai Xiaofei was an outstanding planner, then Tan Xin was an excellent plan solver!

Fortunately, this plan solver could still be considered on his side at the moment…

“From your expression, I have not said anything wrong. Then I can officially answer your question.” Tan Xin continued, “First of all, I have to admire you for keenly finding out all the forces related to the Blood Diamond business, although some of them have nothing to do with your purpose.”

Pausing, Tan Xin snapped her fingers. A small light spot flew out from her hand and swam around in midair. Moments later, it outlined a familiar face – the captain of the Devil Forest Mercenary Group, Zhu Wuxin!

“Devil Forest is indeed involved, but they have nothing to do with your goal. They are just a group of bees attracted by the smell of flowers.”

After a confrontation with Devil Forest, Bai Xiaofei had made a close guess. Tan Xin’s information confirmed it.

“Blood Diamonds can greatly enhance the power of plant puppets and even endow them with new special abilities. That’s why Devil Forest people gather here, so if you have no other ideas toward them, you can exclude them from your plan.”

With that, the light spot moved again. At the same time, Tan Xin’s eyes became sharp.

After the unimportant was the key point!

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