Chapter 8 Passing Two Tests Successively

The carriage dashed madly all the way to the destination, and the Blackscale Horses had pushed forward and galloped at full speed for thirty minutes. This sunk the hearts of the young men and women who were about to take the test.

Even a Blackscale Horse had to run for an entire thirty minutes, so if we want to return in an hour…

“Alright! Everyone, get off the carriage!” After the carriage stopped, all the candidates were driven out, and no one dared to go against the intentions of the seniors.

Starnet Academy was famous for its system of hierarchy!

“The test begins from this moment onward. Use every method you have to rush back!” As soon as the senior leading the group finished speaking, the young men and women who were dispirited just moments prior acted as if they had just taken stimulants. They madly rushed forward.

A variety of puppets were taken out, causing the distance between each of the participants to grow. 

Some people’s puppets were useless for this type of test, so their only choice was to rely on their legs.

Some people, of course, chose to work as a team. The participants were given a lot of time the previous day, so most of them had used the extra time to gain allies.

After all, this wasn’t the only test, so some who possessed good physical strength or puppets that were of assistance in long-distance travel might not have the skills to pass the next two tests. Additionally, since there was no competition among the candidates, cooperation had become one of the best choices.

But, there was always an exception, and this exception was Bai Xiaofei!

Everyone else had run to the point that not even one’s shadow could be seen, but only Bai Xiaofei stood leisurely on the spot.

“You’ve given up?” Surprise was written all over Bai Ye’s face, and he was very anxious in his heart.

If Bai Xiaofei was unable to enter the academy, his hopes of having a meal with Qin Lingyan would be dashed to pieces…

“Senior, I heard Starnet Academy’s entrance exam is different every year.” Unhurried, Bai Xiaofei immediately started a conversation with Bai Ye. He seemed to not know the meaning of the word “anxiousness”.

“Right, what about it?” Brows still knit together, Bai Ye didn’t understand what this had to do with the test at hand.

“I expended a great deal of effort all afternoon yesterday to inquire about the content of past-year tests, and then, I found a similarity.” Bai Xiaofei grinned, his words stunning Bai Ye.

“What similarity?”

“No matter how the form of the test changes, at the heart of it all, the academy wants to test the ability of the students,” Bai Xiaofei said. 

Bai Ye, who had been interested moments ago, couldn’t help but roll his eyes. “Isn’t that a given? What test isn’t testing a student’s ability?!”

“Senior, don’t be impatient, I haven’t gotten to the main point,” Bai Xiaofei said, once more wearing a sedate expression. “There are many types of abilities that the academy wants to test. From the people who had started running, there are roughly three capabilities being tested – physical constitution, puppet ability, and team cooperation.”

Once again, Bai Xiaofei aroused Bai Ye’s interest.

Bai Ye asked, “And then? Is this related to why you’ve stayed here?”

“Of course. How could such an outstanding person like me do the same as them. I’m relying on this.” Bai Xiaofei pointed to his head as he spoke. Then, under Bai Ye’s astounded gaze, he walked towards the nearby carriage. “We can utilize any method to return, so why wouldn’t I use a mode of transport that’s present?!” 

As he spoke, Bai Xiaofei released the Blackscale Horse from the carriage. 

The scene completely stunned Bai Ye, and Bai Ye tried hard to recall what the teacher had said when the teacher had sent him over here. There seems to really be no restriction on students using the Blackscale Horse, and a tamed Blackscale Horse is indeed easy to ride.

“Senior, aren’t you coming with me?” Bai Xiaofei sent Bai Ye a questioning gaze as he walked to Bai Ye’s side.

“Both of us on one horse?” Slightly shocked, Bai Ye instinctively took a step back. He said, “There’s no need! There’s no need! I’m not accustomed to such a thing!” 

For some unknown reason, Bai Ye seemed to be extremely against it, even though he was really interested in Bai Xiaofei.

“Are you sure? The other seniors have already left, so you’ll have to run back by yourself if you don’t get on the horse. It isn’t a short distance, and Senior Sister Lingyan is still waiting!” Bai Xiaofei placed the cruel facts before Bai Ye, and the latter was obviously hesitant.

Bai Ye’s brows knit together, and his face showed an expression of aversion. “We can use the carriage. There’s no need to insist on riding the horse, right?”

“We’re both men, so why fuss about it so much? Also, there aren’t many chances for us to ride this thing, right? And the faster we return, the better my results will be.” Bai Xiaofei pulled Bai Ye over as he spoke and pushed him onto the back of the horse amidst Bai Ye’s exclaims of shock. Bai Xiaofei then leaped up and squeezed himself onto the horse’s back.

“Get farther away from me, I’m a clean freak!!”

“What’re you afraid of? Both layers of clothes are yours. You wouldn’t feel aversion towards yourself, right?” Bai Xiaofei hadn’t finished speaking when he jerked the reins, causing the Blackscale Horse to instantly shoot forward like a bolt of lightning. The horse’s speed was slightly faster than when it had galloped over here!

“Hold on tighter! This is the first time I’m riding a horse!” Bai Xiaofei’s voice carried a trace of excitement, but his string of words caused Bai Ye’s scalp to go numb.

“F*ck! Then slow down a bit!!!” A sharp cry reverberated through the forest, yet it seemed to have made no difference…

Just like this, Bai Xiaofei, who had been the last to depart, overtook and astounded countless people along the way because no matter how swift a puppet was, it was unable to compare with a Blackscale Horse in terms of speed.

In the end, Bai Xiaofei even overtook the carriages of the other seniors!

From the beginning to the end, including the time he chatted with Bai Ye, Bai Xiaofei took less than twenty minutes to arrive at the entrance of Starnet Academy!

When the two dismounted the horse, Bai Xiaofei was delighted to the point of beaming with joy whereas Bai Ye’s legs were trembling wildly.

It wasn’t that Bai Ye hadn’t ridden a horse before, but it was that it was the first time Bai Ye had experienced such a horrifying ride like the one Bai Xiaofei had given him…

The seniors standing guard outside the entrance were extremely shocked because they had never thought of such a method. But, this wasn’t in the scope of what they had to consider.

What they had to do was properly guard the entrance.

Bai Xiaofei seemed to be disinterested in the people guarding the entrance. He looked around endlessly on the spot, seemingly waiting for something.

“Lingyan!” Bai Ye’s shout was filled with pleasant surprise, and the person Bai Xiaofei was waiting for had finally arrived.

Just like the first time she had made an appearance, Qin Lingyan was noble and cold. Her face didn’t carry the slightest expression, and it was precisely this icy disposition that had subdued countless outstanding talents of Starnet Academy.

Qin Lingyan directly ignored Bai Ye, who had charged over to her, and walked straight towards Bai Xiaofei, causing Bai Ye to feel a moment of embarrassment.

“Senior Sister Lingyan!” After Qin Lingyan arrived at his side, Bai Xiaofei greeted her respectfully, and the seniors guarding the entrance suddenly became extremely warm.

“Big Sister Lingyan, what’re you doing here?!” All the students in charge of monitoring the entire process of the entrance tests were first-year students, and this was something Bai Xiaofei had discovered the day prior. Qin Lingyan just happened to possess extremely high popularity among the first-years.

Wearing a cold expression, Qin Lingyan still didn’t speak, and she turned around to stretch out her slender hand and point towards Bai Xiaofei, who followed by her side.

“Don’t you all understand? What are you all standing there for? Let them through! He can use any method to get through, so can’t Lingyan bring a person through?!” Bai Ye, who had just been given the cold shoulder, charged over and fought for the opportunity to make a display.

The students guarding the entrance were originally hesitant, but then they spoke for a moment and instantly made enough room for a single person to pass through.

“Big Sister Lingyan, please go ahead.”

The second test, passed!


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