Chapter 79 Convincing Yun Jingshuang

“Senior, can we have a chat somewhere quiet? There are too many people here after all,” Bai Xiaofei said, and as soon as he finished speaking, Yun Jingshuang couldn’t help but frown.

If it couldn’t be done in public, then it was surely something shady, and Yun Jingshuang hated shady things.

“Hmph! What is there that you can’t speak about frankly? If you can’t speak of it, then you can turn around right now! The door is right behind you!” His attitude took an entire 180-degree spin, and Bai Xiaofei couldn’t help but curse in his heart.

Motherf*cker! I poked a hornet’s nest!

At the critical moment, Bai Xiaofei looked at Han Qianye who was playing with Huskie, and the intention to seek help was vividly displayed on his face. Han Qianye’s intelligence didn’t let Bai Xiaofei down, and she immediately understood him.

But Han Qianye stuck out a finger then pointed at Huskie.

Bai Xiaofei didn’t hesitate to send over a gaze of agreement.

With that, the period Huskie was sold away had been prolonged for another day…

“Big Brother Yun, isn’t there a private room? There are so many bad women here, so it won’t be comfortable for you to speak here either.” Han Qianye’s words were rather effective, and the expression of Yun Jingshuang, who’d asked them to leave, instantly eased up.

“The matter both of you want to tell me better not be something bad. Otherwise, both of you can only dream about remaining in the academy. Believe me, I have the ability!” Yun Jinshuang said in a cold voice as he turned around and led the way. Following behind him, Han Qianye turned towards Bai Xiaofei and revealed a complacent smile.

Bai Xiaofei instantly replied with a smile, but his smile instantly turned to contempt as soon as Han Qianye turned around.

Just you f*cking wait little girl!

“We can speak here, right?!” Under Yun Jingshuang’s lead, Bai Xiaofei and Fang Ye arrived at a partitioned room, and it was much quieter than the area outside.

“Senior, I want to state beforehand that I don’t have any other intentions with what I’m about to say, and I just purely want to ask about some circumstances.” Bai Xiaofei gave Yun Jingshuang some preventive medicine and, after obtaining Yun Jingshuang’s confirmation, took a deep breath. “Senior, do you require a lot of funds to maintain the Blossom Pavilion?” 

As soon as Bai Xiaofei finished speaking, Yun Jingshuang was momentarily shocked, and it was precisely this momentary shock that caused Bai Xiaofei to relax.

It’s fine so long as you’re having trouble. I was only afraid that you were a tycoon!

“So what if I do? Could it be that you can assist me unconditionally?” Yun Jingshuang intentionally placed emphasis on the word “unconditionally” because there’d been countless people on the Wealth Ranking that had mentioned wanting to assist him since he took over the Blossom Ranking and Blossom Pavilion. But he had refused every single one of them solely because they harbored ill intent!

But the high rental cost in the academy was a bit beyond his endurance. Even though he was from wealthy origins, the money his clan gave him wasn’t unlimited, so he didn’t immediately deny it when Bai Xiaofei asked. Instead, he probed Bai Xiaofei.

“Whether it’s unconditional or not depends on your perception. But I guarantee that the method I suggest is good for you and the senior sisters on the Blossom Ranking, and it will not do any harm,” Bai Xiaofei said with a serious expression, and Yun Jingshuang couldn’t help but reveal a trace of interest.

He was afraid someone would harass the people on the Blossom Ranking through him, and that would cause him to lose all reputation and standing.

“Go on.” Yun Jingshuang’s attitude had obviously eased up because if Bai Xiaofei wasn’t deceiving him, it would solve his most pressing matter.

“Next, I’ll allow my classmate to speak because he’s a professional,” Bai Xiaofei said, pushing Fang Ye forward.

Yun Jingshuang stared at Fang Ye, and Fang Ye smiled shyly and nervously before taking a deep breath.

“A first-year student came looking for us today because Senior Sister Qin Lingyan raised a condition to pursue her, and it was to obtain the approval of our class monitor. As for why it’s our class monitor, the reason is a somewhat long story, and we can talk about it another time. But after this had occurred, we thought of a method to earn money,” Fang Ye said, his eyes lighting up. 

Yun Jingshuang was stunned when he heard Qin Lingyan’s name, but then his expression changed when Fang Ye spoke about a way to make money.

“What method?”

Seeing that Yun Jingshuang was interested, Fang Ye couldn’t help but become slightly more confident, and a trace of confidence appeared on his face.

“We feel that someone who wants to pursue a senior sister on the Blossom Ranking must at least satisfy three conditions – wealth, strength, and influence. So, we thought of three tests that revolve around these three factors and are beneficial to us and saves the senior sisters from a lot of trouble.”

Yun Jingshuang had been pulled completely into Fang Ye’s rhythm, and he didn’t have the slightest intention to interrupt Fang Ye.

“The first test is very simple – paying a fee. Moreover, it’s divided into three levels of fees. Ten Starnet Stones is required to attain the lowest level, a hundred Starnet Stones for the intermediate level, and a thousand Starnet Stones for the highest level. The different levels lead to different subsequent assignments that provide different types of acknowledgment.

“The second test is a proof of strength. They have to complete an assignment on the Starnet Ranking that we assign to them, and they need to hand in the materials required by the assignment. These materials will naturally become ours in the end. The three different levels of payment from before will determine which assignment they need to complete, and our gains will vary based upon this.

“The third test is a test of influence, and this test is the most profitable among the three tests. We’ll designate the goods of a certain store, and the person being tested must mobilize his connections to have a certain number of people buy things from a specified store and have them give his name as reference. Once the amount of people is sufficient, the test is considered to have been passed. Meanwhile, we’ll join up with the stores in the academy to obtain a certain portion of the profits.

“In the end, people who have passed through all the tests will be able to utilize the approval they have obtained to have a candlelit dinner with the beauty they want to pursue on the Blossom Ranking. As for whether that person will be able to succeed, it has nothing to do with us because we only have to provide the opportunity.”

Fang Ye looked silently at Yun Jingshuang after he finished speaking, and Yun Jingshuang fell into deep contemplation. He was obviously moved.

To make a generalization of Fang Ye’s plan, so long as one possessed sufficient money, none of these assignments would be a problem. But after it was announced to the public, it wouldn’t draw reproach because every test could be justified.

Moreover, Yun Jingshuang was sure that so long as Fang Ye’s plan was announced, it would immediately become a fiery storm because there were too many people who wanted such a chance!

Fang Ye spoke once more when he saw Yun Jingshuang keeping quiet. “But for this plan to work, there’s something we need senior’s help with: obtaining the agreement of the senior sisters on the Blossom Ranking!”

After he finished speaking, Fang Ye and Bai Xiaofei stared fixedly at Yun Jingshuang.

The success of this plan lay completely within his hands!


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