Chapter 73 Don’t Leave After Class!

Ever since Zhu Sisi made a move, rattling sounds had never ceased resounding within the entire training field, and there was someone flying up into the sky and dropping down to the ground practically every second. When both of them stopped, there wasn’t a single person from the other class who could stand up.

Especially that “brother” who had received special attention from Xu Chen. At this moment, his entire head was swelled up like the head of a pig. Let alone his mother, even he himself wouldn’t be able to recognize himself before a mirror!

During the entire process, besides the members of the Savage Class who were constantly pointing and crying out loudly, the others were utterly silent as they watched this entire battle that didn’t conform to logic.

Even Teacher Feng was no exception!

He was able to accomplish this as well, but that was established under the precondition that he possessed a strength at the Grandmaster Rank, and if he went back to the time he was at the Proficient Rank…

He ought to be one of those people lying on the ground!

“Xu Chen, both of you have gone too far. I only asked you to go forward, not annihilate their entire class. How are they going to survive in the academy in the future? Even I feel embarrassed speaking about it!” Bai Xiaofei’s “educating” voice sounded out the moment Xu Chen and Zhu Sisi returned. His voice was extremely loud as if he was deeply afraid others wouldn’t be able to hear it clearly.

“Exactly. The two people from before could still be carried back, but now that their entire class has been beaten down, who’ll go carry them?!” Xing Nan had been tainted by Bai Xiaofei to the point his skill at adding fuel to the fire had attained the acme of perfection. But he’d forgotten his current situation.

Numerous icy cold gazes stared at him to the point he trembled instinctively, and he instantly withdrew everything else he was about to say.

I got carried away. Getting beaten this time can’t be avoided…

As he thought like this, Xing Nan started searching for someone who could provide him with protection, but he gave up decisively after taking a look around.

It was easy to find someone in the Savage Class who would beat someone when they were down, but someone who would offer timely assistance didn’t exist at all!

“Teacher Feng, shouldn’t we continue our class?” After he finished saying what he should, Bai Xiaofei called out lightly to Teacher Feng and awakened the teacher from his daze.

“Ah…? Oh…! Right! Right! Let’s continue! Let’s continue!” Teacher Feng was practically repeating his previous state, and he felt that his face was almost cooked from the heat.

Fortunately, I’m only in charge of a single Collective Class…

As he consoled himself silently in his heart, Teacher Feng gulped down a mouthful of saliva and looked once more towards the Savage Class.

Teacher Feng had completely forgotten all he knew about the Savage Class, and he only yearned that Bai Xiaofei and the others would give him an even greater pleasant surprise.

However, Bai Xiaofei smiled at him instead. “Our class won’t be sending out anyone else. The remaining opportunities are theirs.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the members of the other classes heaved a sigh of relief for reasons they themselves were not aware of. A trace of a sense of loss appeared on Teacher Feng’s face, but he still looked towards the other classes.

For the remaining time in the morning, there wasn’t a single person from the Savage Class who stood forward again, and the remaining classes weren’t stupid enough to look for trouble with the Savage Class again because, in their eyes, the Savage Class had transformed from a ripe persimmon into an iron plank!

After they were rid of the unexpected Savage Class, the remaining battles were fairly intense. At the very least, Teacher Feng had taken a fancy to a few people and recorded their names.

But when compared to the three people who had put on a display from the Savage Class, they were greatly lacking…

The bell that marked the end of class sounded, and Teacher Feng took a very long breath.

“Alright students, the Collective Class this morning ends here. I was very surprised by your displays today, and I hope that I’ll be able to see all of you in the various faculties of the academy two months from now.” As he spoke, he couldn’t help but glance at the Savage Class. Unfortunately, he didn’t see the anticipation he expected but instead the composed grins of Bai Xiaofei and the others.

Bai Xiaofei really didn’t care too much about the so-called quota of the Collective Classes because his target was the class competition!

Everyone bowed with extreme respect to Teacher Feng and sent him off with their gazes. Then, when everyone was just about to leave, an unexpected event occurred!

“Fellow students, aren’t all of you going to stay behind and have a brief exchange?” Bai Xiaofei’s voice that was neither loud nor soft resounded out. Besides Lin Li, all the remaining fourteen members of the Savage Class charged forward and blocked the various directions.

Over ten people blocking over a hundred people, it simply sounded laughable, but the Savage Class had done just that!

“Fellow student, what’s the meaning of this?” The class monitor of one of the classes turned around with a gloomy expression, but deep fear had arisen within his heart.

If it wasn’t for them having sufficient numbers, he would probably not even have the courage to speak to Bai Xiaofei.

“It’s nothing. I’ve already told you, it’s only a brief exchange.” Bai Xiaofei shrugged and revealed an expression that seemed as if it was a trivial matter, making the atmosphere in the entire area strange.

“Speak frankly if you have something to say, and let us through if you don’t. Could it be that you want to challenge all nine of our classes with just your class alone?” A class monitor with a comparatively robust figure said, immediately making his stance clear and pulling together the remaining nine classes with a single sentence. Moreover, the facts were indeed like this, and the remaining class monitors instantly displayed their agreement.

“If we’re unable to come to an agreement, I wouldn’t mind testing the extent our class has reached. But I presume all of you surely don’t want such a thing to occur.” Bai Xiaofei’s expression didn’t change in the slightest, and the so-called “collective” before him didn’t cause him to feel the slightest fear.

For a time, everyone went silent because they were able to discern from Bai Xiaofei’s expression that he wasn’t joking. Bai Xiaofei would absolutely make a move immediately if one of them spoke now!

“We weren’t present in the past month, so everyone might not understand us well. But, fortunately, we still have two months of time. So, I hope that everyone can have more ‘exchanges’ with us for the remaining two months of time.”

Bai Xiaofei added emphasis to the word “exchange” then revealed a sly smile.

“How do you intend to carry out these exchanges?” someone asked and gave Bai Xiaofei a chance to further elaborate.

“It’s very simple, I hope that each classes’ class monitor can come over and tell me about the situation of your classes during lunch every day, and you can also mention anything that you need help with. Of course, I hope that all of you will be present at the first possible moment when I need help.”

As soon as he finished speaking, everyone went into an uproar!

Bai Xiaofei’s intentions couldn’t be any more obvious: he wanted to be the boss of these ten classes!

“Stinking kid, don’t go too—” Retaliation arose almost immediately. Unfortunately, the person who had spoken wasn’t able to retaliate much…

Lin Li erupted swiftly and didn’t give him the slightest time to react. She directly charged over and grabbed his neck, raising him up with a single hand.

The expression of the person who was raised up grew more unsightly by the second, and his legs floating in midair shook about with all his strength, but his strength was growing weaker and weaker.

“Toss him away. Don’t dirty your hand.” Bai Xiaofei’s light voice resounded out before Lin Li swung the person in her hand with force, swinging him out far away. Afterwards, she walked back to Bai Xiaofei’s side in a few steps.

Once again, Bai Xiaofei swept everyone with his gaze.

This time, not a single person dared to stand out and say a single word!


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