Chapter 72 Seeking Revenge For The Smallest Grievances!

Before Wang Ye and Zhang Hao could swing the puppets in their hands, Xing Nan, carrying a sly smile on his face, instantly exerted force with his leg and smashed towards them with speeds that far exceeded theirs!

This sudden event caused Wang Ye and Zhang Hao, who originally intended to seal up Xing Nan’s path, to be thrown into confusion because this was the normal reaction of a person when there was discord between reality and expectation, not to mention it was discord that went completely opposite of their expectations!

Thus, before both of them could adjust themselves, Xing Nan’s right fist had an “intimate encounter” with the left side of Wang Ye’s face.

The next second, there was a muffled bang, and Wang Ye fell to the ground. Zhang Hao, a step behind Wang Ye, stared with eyes wide open in disbelief.

Thinking about reacting was just nonsense because he had to pray that he wouldn’t receive a beating at this moment!

“See you!” Xing Nan took half a second to lightly spit out these two words, and with a spin of his body, a left hook punch smashed heavily into the back of Wang Hao’s head.

Clean and decisive.

Xing Nan knocked out his two opponents in two punches, and it was entirely impossible to discern that Xing Nan was a Ranged Stream puppet master…err, was entirely impossible to discern that Xing Nan was a puppet master…

The instant the battle ended, the hundred plus people present fell into shock at the same time.

This was a battle of two against one?!

Someone from an ordinary class against someone from the Savage Class?!

A Ranged Stream puppet master against Onslaught Stream puppet masters?!

The scene shouldn’t have f*cking played out like this!

“You’re at the Martial Warrior level?” Teacher Feng’s face was covered in shock as well, but his mind was still running.

“Teacher, I’ve said it before, I’m a puppet master.” Xing Nan grinned as he looked at Teacher Feng.

“The Onslaught Stream?” A trace of excitement appeared on Teacher Feng’s face, and he seemed as if he wanted to take Xing Nan home.

“Teacher, I’ve said it before, I’m from the Ranged Stream.” Xing Nan had obviously resolved to put on an act until the end, and it was extremely arduous for him to tighten his face and maintain this serious expression.

“But you…” For the first time Teacher Feng felt his cognitive ability was insufficient because this had overturned all his knowledge about puppet masters.

“It might be because they were incapable of taking a small beating...we use even greater strength to bash monkeys where I live.” Xing Nan puckered his lips, unable to restrain his act anymore...

“Beat…monkeys?” Teacher Feng was stunned as he didn’t understand what Xing Nan meant.

“Oh, I’m from the southern territory. There are numerous wild monkeys over there, and we beat these monkeys when we’re free to train ourselves.” Xing Nan swung his fist as he spoke, and he repeated the movements he used earlier to bash Wang Ye and Zhang Hao.

“Teacher, I’ll be going back to my class if there’s nothing further.”

I can’t act any longer or I won’t be able to hold myself back…

“Ah…? Oh…! Cough! Cough! Err…go ahead.” Teacher Feng realized he’d lost his composure and quickly adjusted his expression. He coughed twice before letting Xing Nan return to the Savage Class.

If I continue talking with him, I’ll absolutely fall into his trap.

Teacher Feng thought like this and couldn’t help but take a deep breath.

“Does anyone want to put on a display next?” Teacher Feng asked as he indicated for the members of class 450 to carry off their classmates. His gaze couldn’t help but drift towards the Savage Class.

Merely Xing Nan alone had changed his view of the Savage Class, and he faintly felt a trace of anticipation. He anticipated that the Savage Class would still be able to give him new surprises!

“Xu Chen, Zhu Sisi, both of you go.” Bai Xiaofei spoke once more. If it was said that the display from before was merely for the sake of establishing an impression, then there was a purpose this time.

The Blitz Stream and Onslaught Stream were two branches within the Sword of Assault, so if both of them were able to obtain Teacher Feng’s approval right now, everything would move smoothly for them.

Moreover, Bai Xiaofei firmly believed that both of them would surely succeed!

Sure enough, Teacher Feng’s eyes lit up when they declared the streams they belonged to, carrying a dense anticipation.

“We’ll take on this class. We want to test exactly how formidable all of you are!” As soon as these words resounded in the air, everyone was in an uproar.

An…entire class?!

The others couldn’t help but turn their heads and instinctively start counting exactly how many people Xu Chen and Zhu Sisi had selected.



An entire eighteen people!

This meant that if the two forces were to enter battle, the two of them would each be encircled by nine people!

They’re mad! Absolutely mad!

No matter how strong you are, there’s no need to be so rash!

As all of them thought like this, the sound of saliva being gulped rose and fell in their surroundings. The gazes they shot at the two young women contained a variety of strange expressions.

On the other hand, the reason Xu Chen and Zhu Sisi had chosen this class was actually very simple.

When everyone was ridiculing the Savage Class, this class had “participated” the most and had spoken the harshest!

What goes around comes around – this was one of the good qualities of the Savage Class!

“What? All of you don’t dare to come forward when each one of ours will fight nine of yours?! What are you hesitating for? Aren’t you all too cowardly!?” Mo Ka’s ridiculing and disdainful voice instantly resounded, and the other sly fellows in the Savage Class instantly chimed in.

In terms of provocation, Mo Ka and the others could go against more than a hundred!

“Since both of you are so desperate to die, don’t blame us for not holding back!” The male student that was the first to ridicule the Savage Class earlier grunted coldly, and he could be considered to have aroused a sufficiently imposing aura to enter the battlefield.

Subsequently, the remaining seventeen people stood forward successively. But based on their disorderly formation, their communication with each other was extremely limited, and it was even to the extent that there might be enmity between some people.

This was undoubtedly good news for Xu Chen and Zhu Sisi.

After all, once the number of people rose to a certain level, they would surely offset each other’s combat strength if there was no cooperation among them. In the end, their strength might even be inferior to when they were divided into smaller groups.

In other words, a tray of scattered sand was inferior to a singular grain of sand!

“Can we begin?” After she saw everyone had stood forward, Xu Chen asked with a light voice and tightened her grip on the Crimsonflame Sword.

“Both of you can go to hell!” As he grunted coldly, the male student that took the lead earlier instantly took out his puppet – a crossbow that wasn’t very big. He then immediately aimed at Xu Chen who was more towards the front.

Subsequently, the others moved with him, causing the originally disorderly formation to instantly become even more disorderly. Those that fought in close combat blocked the ranged students while the defenders blocked the charge of the close-combat students…

There were four places with similar situations like this, so when Zhu Sisi charged over with explosive speed and arrived within their formation, many of them hadn’t even found their position.

In the next second, the first Ranged Stream puppet master was kicked flying by Zhu Sisi.

The horn that signaled the beginning of the battle was officially blown at this moment. Xu Chen, slightly slower, raised her sword horizontally to block the first arrow loosed by the arrogant male student, and at the same time, she charged directly at him.

It wasn’t that she wanted to capture the leader first – she purely wanted to take revenge on him!

Exactly, it was just like that!

She was just that vengeful!!!

You can come at me if you’re disgruntled, so long as you’re sure you can withstand my sword and Zhu Sisi’s shoe!


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