Chapter 739: Hot Topic of the Academy!

Chapter 739: Hot Topic of the Academy!

Bai Xiaofei followed Qin Lingyan all the way to the girls’ dormitory, where the fear of Aunty Barrier uncontrollably filled his heart. However, he thought too much this time, the aunty didn’t suddenly jump out of nowhere to stop him.

“Huh? Did I remember it wrong? There was obviously a very fierce aunty here before…” Bai Xiaofei didn’t finish his comment, scared that the aunty might hear him…

“During graduation, the girls’ dormitory is open to boys during the day, so Aunty won’t stop you. But don’t be too relaxed, you know her strength,” said Qin Lingyan coldly as she shot him a glare. What Bai Xiaofei had done under the girls’ dormitory back then had been made into an infamous tale to be sung in the academy!

Unfortunately, the heroine of that tale was another person…

“Senior sister, if other people hear this, they’ll misunderstand!” Bai Xiaofei hurriedly defended his innocence. Unfortunately, he fell short.

“Misunderstand? You think you can be misunderstood?”

Qin Lingyan’s retort rendered Bai Xiaofei speechless. He admitted defeat and obediently followed her.

“I warn you, when you get to my dormitory, don’t run your mouth!” Qin Lingyan seemed to suddenly recall something.

“I’m going in as well?!” Bai Xiaofei widened his eyes in shock. Despite his bold character, he had never entered the girl’s dormitory before. The farthest he had been to was just downstairs…

“Who knows if you’ll run after someone if you stand outside?” Qin Lingyan was domineering, but her reason made sense…

“Fine, I’ll go up…” Gulping, Bai Xiaofei compromised.

However, not only him, but even Qin Lingyan soon began to regret…

Who was Bai Xiaofei? Ever since he publicly announced the withdrawal of all the managers in the Student Community, there was no place in the whole academy that did not tell his story, especially when Hu Xian’er, who was regarded as a goddess by all, was the first to respond to his call. Her action made many people reassess the intimacy of their relationship.

What they could not have imagined was that there was more than just Hu Xian’er who had a close relationship with Bai Xiaofei. It was just that no one had ever linked him with Qin Lingyan yet…

However, this time was different. When Bai Xiaofei was sighted behind Qin Lingyan in the girl’s dormitory, the whole place erupted!

All kinds of discussions along the way turned Qin Lingyan red from the forehead to the neck. Bai Xiaofei was more thick-skinned, but he could only pretend that he didn’t hear anything…

Women’s mouths, ahhh! One won’t know how terrifying they are until one experiences it for himself!

Having suffered for eight whole floors, Qin Lingyan felt relief wash over after she pushed open her room door and pulled Bai Xiaofei in…

However, she forgot one thing – She didn’t live alone!

“Err… Lingyan, do you want the three of us to leave?”

Watching as an anxious Qin Lingyan pulled a guy into the room, her three roommates of four years instinctively misunderstood.

“Yeah, yeah! We are leaving now! Our loner has finally blossomed, we can’t be a third wheel!” one girl exclaimed as she jumped out of bed. However, when she saw Bai Xiaofei, she instantly stopped.

“Uhh… Hi…” an embarrassed Bai Xiaofei struggled to squeeze out two words as he and the girl stared at each other.

The other two girls curiously looked over. When they saw that it was Bai Xiaofei, the whole room froze.

Unlike the freshmen, they were the peers of Qin Lingyan and had the most direct understanding of the legendary Bai Xiaofei. Everything he did became the hot topic of the girls’ gossip.

And now, the legend was standing right in front of them after being brought in by their roommate!

My ghost! Am I dreaming?!

“What’s with you three? We are just friends!” shouted Qin Lingyan, who felt that she might have to graduate ahead of schedule if the atmosphere continued to be so awkward.

Her three friends immediately came to their senses.

“Don’t worry! Our mouths are sealed!”

“We won’t let anyone know!”

“That’s right! We will definitely say what you said! You two are just friends! We can testify at any time!”

The three girls wore serious expressions as they made their promises, but their tone was unconvincing…

“I almost forgot I have a tutoring class with a junior sister!”

“Oh! I have an appointment at the Hundred Flavor House!”

“My teacher wanted to discuss something with me!”

Before Qin Lingyan could say anything, the three girls pulled some random excuses and ran out of the room. During the process, they all flashed meaningful glances at Qin Lingyan and Bai Xiaofei.

“Err… Your roommates… are very interesting!” Bai Xiaofei evaluated with difficulty.

“If you don’t want to die, just shut your mouth and turn around! I need to change clothes!” Qin Lingyan growled through gritted teeth.

A well-advised Bai Xiaofei did as told. Right after, he heard the sound of clothes rustling behind him. The feeling… was unusually tantalizing!

It was not just hard for Bai Xiaofei, but for Qin Lingyan as well. Very close to her stood a man who might turn around at any time to a beautiful view!

“Alright, you can turn around now.”

Before long, the rustling stopped, and Bai Xiaofei turned around to see an amazingly different Qin Lingyan.

Over the four years in Starnet, she had always been in the academy uniform, which was not so bad-looking but not pretty either. Now, she was wearing a purple-white long dress that partly replaced her sharp aura with a girly one.

“If you wore this earlier, the number of people chasing you would be ten times higher.” Bai Xiaofei gulped. His comment filled Qin Lingyan’s heart with joy.

“Save those deceiving words for your little lovers, I’m not interested!”

Thinking one thing, but saying the opposite. It was impossible to guess women’s thoughts.

“Let’s go. If we stay here any longer, we will be the topic of the whole academy tomorrow.” Qin Lingyan’s lips slightly curled up. She dragged Bai Xiaofei and quickly ran out of the dormitory.

Bai Xiaofei smiled weakly. The topic of the whole academy tomorrow? We should already be by now!

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