Chapter 736: Stepping Down!

Chapter 736: Stepping Down!

As Bai Xiaofei slowly rose, all eyes in the square converged on him.

Bai Xiaofei had been through his fair share of big events, but this was the first time he had been looked at by so many people at once. Despite his thick skin, he still grew a little excited. In order to re-establish his status, Hu Xian’er and the others had really gone to great lengths!

As Bai Xiaofei mused in his heart, the students below started to discuss quietly.

“Senior, who is that guy? Why does he get to stand in that position?”

“That’s right, senior, that makes it feel like he’s more powerful than Big Sister Xian’er.”


Similar discussions spread among the freshmen. They thought they were waiting for Hu Xian’er, not a person who they had zero impression of.

However, the freshmen didn’t get to complain for long as all kinds of deathly stares from their senior brothers and sisters made them swallow back their words.

“Open your eyes wide and look carefully. That ‘guy’ is the greatest student in the history of Starnet with whom no one can compare. Every word he says is enough to be in your guide textbook!”

“I, your senior, am not even as good as ten-thousandth of him!”

“Because his name is Bai Xiaofei!”

The sounds of discussions were only like buzzing, it was not difficult for Bai Xiaofei to hear their conversations. With a smile, he took a deep breath.

“Aunt Gold, please,” Bai Xiaofei called out in his mind.

A hot energy thread flared in his puppet space and latched on to the purple luan wings that were opening up on his back. Flapping his wings, Bai Xiaofei flew up to a certain height before floating there without swaying, as if he had become a part of the sky.

Initially, the freshmen disdained his performance and thought it was just a mere flying puppet master. However, after seeing that he was capable of such fine manipulation, they shut their mouths. He really deserved the high praise from their seniors. Clearly he was using his puppet, but they didn’t feel any energy fluctuations from him at all!

“My friends in the Student Community, I have seen the changes in the academy. You all have worked hard during this time.”

The first sentence was to all the old students. As soon as Bai Xiaofei finished, the freshmen saw the eyes of their aloof seniors redden. It was truly difficult to understand this feeling without having their experience. Such a simple speech encompassed all the things they had done…

“I had expected an overwhelming amount of affairs waiting for me back here. It seems that I thought too much. You guys have done well and have proved one thing to me with practical actions.”

Bai Xiaofei revealed a satisfied smile as everyone quieted down.

Meanwhile, Hu Xian’er’s group at the back started looking forward to it. They had waited too long for this moment when Bai Xiaofei returned. They had been dreaming of this picture in which he stood up and presided over the situation again!

However, his next sentence shocked them.

“You have proved to me that without me, the Community can still function as perfectly and effectively as it should, so I have made a decision.”

Bai Xiaofei paused. Hu Xian’er’s group suddenly had a bad premonition.

“I have decided to officially step down. From today on, I am no longer the leader of the Student Community. My name will go into its history and not the manager list. From this moment on, you are the future pillars of the Community!”

For a moment, everyone didn’t know how to react.

“What is Big Brother Fei doing?! He hasn’t graduated yet! Why would he hand over the Community?!” Mo Ka sprang up, but Wang Hang quickly held him back.

“Have you ever seen him change his decision?” Wang Hang said lightly.

Everyone fell silent. Indeed, there was no room for turning back after Bai Xiaofei had announced that…

Meanwhile, Bai Xiaofei carried on with his speech, sounding like an old retiring leader pinning his hopes on his successors.

“At the moment when the graduation of the fourth-years is just around the corner, this will be a big test for the operational ability of the Community. At the same time, it is also an assessment.”

Bai Xiaofei paused, before shocking everyone senseless.

“Not only me, but Hu Xian’er, Fang Ye, Wu Chi, Mo Ka… all the students who are about to become the next generation of fourth-year students, except for those in essential positions, I will advise them to hand over their positions. However, this does not mean that we no longer care about the Community.”

“In the next year, we will set up a monitoring team to watch over the Community operations. If any of your behaviors do not conform to the original intentions of the Community, I will let you know with action what a true nightmare is!” said Bai Xiaofei icily, and a terrifying pressure spread from him.

Feeling his energy fluctuations, everyone was stupefied.

Peak Grandmaster Rank?! A student who has just reached the fourth year can have this level of strength?!

Under the intent gaze of all, Bai Xiaofei shook his wings and dazzling flames erupted. Everyone instinctively closed their eyes. When the light faded, Bai Xiaofei had vanished.

Jing Cheng and Chu Qingtian, who were present, were not too surprised by Bai Xiaofei’s decision. If he really followed Lei Shan’s script, then he would not be Bai Xiaofei!

They brought the news back to Lei Shan who shook his head helplessly upon hearing it. He thought he finally successfully tricked Bai Xiaofei for once, but the latter’s counterattack was ruthless. Not only did he quit but he also dragged all the new fourth-grade managers down with him!

Smelly boy, you are trying to kill me!

Meanwhile, Bai Xiaofei had flown back to the Demon of Illusions, the place where he had countless memories. Melancholy overtook him.

Unlike that year where there were barely two handfuls of personnel, the department had been revived thanks to vigorous publicity and had recruited a considerable number of students.

Seeing this scene, Bai Xiaofei was sincerely happy for Lei Min. However, this was not the purpose of his coming here this time…

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