Chapter 71 That Smile Was So Brilliant

There were a total of five hundred classes among the new students of Starnet Academy, and they were differentiated by their numbers from one to five hundred. The first 150 classes were internally recruited, and they were considered the “rich man’s area” by the other students. The following 350 classes were publicly recruited in the form of a test that was open to people throughout the entire continent.

Each class varied from ten to twenty people, and the new students recruited each year amounted to around eight thousand people. But not everyone could smoothly graduate into becoming an official student of Starnet Academy, and around thirty percent of new students in each batch would be eliminated.

The method of elimination was the matches between classes at the end of the new student study period!

However, whether one was eliminated or not wasn’t decided by one’s victories, but by one’s display during each match. Moreover, if a teacher from a faculty selected by the student had selected the student as well, then congratulations, that person would be enrolled!

Therefore, practically everyone wanted to try their best to display themselves well during the class matches.

Additionally, students weren’t without a chance to make a show of their skills before these matches, and the Collective Classes were a good method to this end!

The Collective Classes merged every ten classes into a group and were allocated teachers from the various streams in the academy. For Collective Classes, the students from the various classes would spar with each other, and those who make an outstanding display would be recommended to the various streams by the teacher in charge of the class at that time.

Basically, so long as one obtained a recommendation, it wouldn’t be a problem for one to become a student of Starnet Academy.

This was also why the competition in Collective Classes was extraordinarily intense!

Especially in the “commoner’s district”, they had to practically fight to the death during each class!

Because the Savage Class had taken leave the past month, they had missed an entire ten Collective Classes, and there were only fifteen of them in total…

In other words, there wasn’t much time for the students of the Savage Class to take advantage of this additional pathway!

“Good morning fellow students, I’m an Onslaught Stream teacher from the Sword of Assault. All of you may call me Teacher Feng, and I’ll be leading all of you in today’s class.” The teacher for the Collective Class was different each time for the sake of guaranteeing that every single stream could unearth those with potential. After all, some teachers only paid attention to students of their own streams.

This was good news to the members of the Savage Class. Otherwise, no matter how good the teacher’s temper, the teacher would have most likely exploded with rage from their absence from ten out of fifteen classes…

But even though the teachers were changing, the students weren't. The classes numbered 450 to 459 were tied together, and this included the Savage Class numbered at 456. At this moment, they were looking at the members of the Savage Class with strange expressions.

“I presume it isn’t the first time everyone is taking a Collective Class, so I won’t waste time with any nonsense. I hope everyone will do their best throughout the entire morning!” Teacher Feng took a step back as he spoke and silently watched the students from the ten classes. As for their head teachers, they’d been “separated” for the sake of avoiding any suspicion of favoritism, so at the very least, they couldn’t be seen during the Collective Class.

As soon as Teacher Feng finished speaking, two students instantly stood out from class 450, and because all of them wore the same uniform, it was impossible to discern the stream they leaned towards.

“We’re Wang Ye and Zhang Hao from class 450, and we wish to challenge the fellow students from class 456.” The two students that stood forward seemed extremely kind, yet it wasn’t difficult to discern that this “kindness” they showed concealed deep ridicule within it.

After all, the Savage Class had a reputation of its own!

Its reputation of being the last among all the new students in the entire academy hadn’t just been spread for a day or two, and the Savage Class being rebuilt had raised public indignation in the entire “commoner’s district”. So, at this moment, all the other classes were extremely “excited” when facing their “fellow students” who had just returned.

All the members of the Savage Class were stunned and revealed puzzled expressions. Even though Xue Ying had gathered them together before the class started, besides correcting their attitudes, she hadn’t told them anything about the rules of the Collective Class, causing them to be muddled at this moment…

“What’s the meaning…of this?” When faced with Bai Xiaofei’s question, the members of the remaining classes were finally unable to restrain themselves and instantly burst into laughter, and the two who stood forward couldn’t help but laugh with ridicule.

“Fellow students, I heard all of you went for some sort of “special training”. Did it spoil your brain in the process?” asked a thin, tall student within the spectating crowd, causing the entire crowd to roar once more with laughter.

“Your class should send two people forward to spar with these two students who have come forward, and I’ll make some judgments according to your displays.” Teacher Feng’s voice sounded out, and his explanation could be considered attentive.

“Must it be two people?” Bai Xiaofei asked and couldn’t help but frown as he looked at Wang Ye and Zhang Hao.

“Fellow student, could it be you want to send over four people?” A ridiculing question sounded out from within the crowd again. Someone then immediately added, “Show some understanding. After all, it’s the first time they’re coming to class, and you’ve heard of the Savage Class. Two or four might not make a difference.”

The words the second person spoke instantly obtained the others’ agreement in the form of loud laughter.

“Student, for the sake of fairness, your class can’t send over more people.” Teacher Feng was still trying his best to control his tone, but he had a bad impression of the entire Savage Class because what sort of good seedlings would there be in a class that didn’t even dare to come forward?

“Teacher, you’ve—” Mo Ka wanted to explain, but Bai Xiaofei restrained him. Bai Xiaofei then revealed a slight grin as he looked at the two of them standing there with ceaseless laughter.

“Who wants to do it?” As soon as Bai Xiaofei finished speaking, the entire Savage Class took a step forward in unison, and their orderly footsteps couldn’t help but slightly stun the other classes present here.

Who wants to do it?

What does that mean?

Could it be that they’re only sending a single person?!

The guesses of everyone were quickly proven because Xing Nan had become the lucky fellow chosen by Bai Xiaofei.

“Xing Nan, Ranged Stream puppet master,” Xing Nan said as he took out his verdant bow. The remaining members of the Savage Class couldn’t help but uniformly display their disdain towards Xing Nan when they saw this scene.

This fellow is actually acting!

Do you even need to use your puppet? Bastard!

“Only you?” The two of them couldn’t believe their eyes because as far as they were concerned, a lone Ranged Stream puppet master was nothing more than “food”…

“It can’t be helped, all of them don’t dare to stand forward. Don’t believe their acts. They’re actually all pussies, and only I am able to bear the responsibility and stand forward.” Xing Nan revealed a helpless expression, and everyone in the Savage Class took note of what he’d said.

Yes, kid, you spoke very well. Let’s see if you can bear the responsibility when you get back here!

Please don’t kneel down because you sound terrible when you sing about being subjugated!

“If it’s like that, we won’t hold back.” The pair glanced at each other and smiled. At the same time, they revealed their puppets. One was a large cleaver, and the other was a rod!

Both of them were from the Onslaught Stream and had intentionally come forward for the sake of Teacher Feng who was in charge of the class!

“Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait! My bowstring snapped!!!” The instant both of them charged forward, Xing Nan revealed a “terrified expression”, and he swung the bow that lacked a bowstring in panic.

But Wang Ye and Zhang Hao didn’t have the slightest intention of stopping.

However, the instant they entered Xing Nan’s attack range, they saw a sly smile of success, and that smile was so brilliant…


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