Chapter 725: Shameful Oriole!

Chapter 725: Shameful Oriole!

“What did you just say? I couldn’t hear it clearly!” Lin Nishang’s expression instantly sank upon hearing Orton’s order and a heavy, murderous intent spread from her.

“Angelic Maiden Nishang, you deserve your reputation. Unfortunately, this is not your Forgotten Mountain and you are currently exhausted. Therefore, it’s best that you follow us to the imperial city. Otherwise, with so many strange magical beasts appearing in the Holy Snow Mountain lately, I won’t be able to ensure your safety.” Orton fearlessly smiled.

It was as he said, the brief exchange with the demon king had drained Lin Nishang’s energy. She couldn’t even beat a Grandmaster Rank puppet master at the moment. And it was not just her, even Cang Lan’s combat ability had also been reduced to a minimum. As for Jiao He’s group, several Exquisite Rank puppet masters were not enough in front of the entire Snow Lion Corps.

In other words, the situation was in favor of Orton.

“You’ve always been here?!” Lin Nishang clenched her jaw as fury took over her.

Hearing this, everyone was struck with realization. It turned out that Orton had already arrived very early but not let the Snow Lion Corps make any moves. The reason couldn’t be more obvious: They were the mantis, unaware of him who was the oriole behind them.

“Orton boy! You should know what will happen when you provoke a Legend Rank puppet master, and the one you’re about to provoke is the most difficult one among the three of us!” Cang Lan could not stand it anymore. At this rate, everyone would be taken away by Orton and they didn’t even know what he would do to them.

“Master Cang Lan, I know exactly what I am doing. As for provoking a Legend Rank puppet master, that’s a bit excessive. I hold absolutely no malice towards Angelic Maiden Nishang.” Orton said solemnly, but his plans were in fact otherwise.

Lin Nishang was famous for her beauty as early as 40 years ago. Yet, after 40 years, time seemed to have left no trace on her, she still looked to be in the prime of her youth. Everyone wanted to know how she was able to accomplish this. Reaching the Legend Rank would at most delay the speed of aging, while Lin Nishang was completely unaffected.

In his early years, Orton’s body had been damaged because of warfare for the Snow Kingdom, and his aging speed became twice that of ordinary people. Therefore, he had to find out her secret, and now was the perfect opportunity!

Besides Lin Nishang, Orton was also full of interest in Bai Xiaofei and the others.

Any Exquisite Rank puppet master would be a famous existence on the continent, yet he had no impression of Jiao He and Fan Xingyu. The sudden appearance of such experts had to be taken seriously. As for Bai Xiaofei, he was clearly only Grandmaster Rank but was able to kill the demon king who even Legend Rank experts had lost to. His secret was definitely no less simple than Lin Nishang.

Consequently, Orton did not want to let any of them slip through his grasp!

“Is this Leng Hen’s idea?” Cang Lan directly brought up the Snow Emperor.

“Master Cang Lan, a general in the field is not bound by the orders from his sovereign. I’m sure His Majesty will understand my difficulties. After all, everything I do is for the kingdom.” Orton paused a little and waved to the soldiers behind him. “Why are you still standing around?! Do you expect me to personally escort our distinguished guests?!”

Upon his order, a group of soldiers quickly started to surround everyone. Jiao He and Fan Xingyu immediately flashed their weapons, only to earn a cold snort from Orton.

“Only two Exquisite Rank puppet masters. You don’t want to force this old man’s hand, do you?”

Jiao He and Fan Xingyu froze in place.

If they really fought, the two of them had the confidence to escape. They just could not abandon the unconscious Bai Xiaofei and the others. If it weren’t for Bai Xiaofei, they would have all died today. Repaying this was one matter, if they watched Bai Xiaofei be taken away and then something bad happened to him later, it would leave a knot in their hearts.

“Good, very good! So this is the marshal of the Snow Kingdom! Then take this old man as well! I want to see what you want to do to us!” Cang Lan stepped forward to ease the embarrassment of Jiao He and Fan Xingyu.

“Since Master Cang Lan wants to see the emperor, it is natural that this humble one fulfills your wish. However, for the sake of order along the way, I’m afraid I will have to offend you.” Orton donned a smile and waved to his soldiers again.

Except for the Leng sisters, everyone was put on a special bracelet that limited the circulation of energy! Even a Legend Rank puppet master would be a fish on the chopping board wearing this thing. Everyone wanted to resist, but none had the strength to. Even powerful experts would be belittled by common men once fallen…

Bai Xiaofei’s group was only one of Orton’s targets. None of the people on the Holy Mountain were able to escape the Snow Lion Corps, even those who escaped via the teleportation formation.

What Orton wanted from them was quite simple: everything related to The Ruins.

Before long, everyone was gathered, excepting the Leng triplets who were forcibly taken away as Orton could not stand to watch their attitude towards Bai Xiaofei. In his plans, the triplets were his chosen daughter-in-laws.

It was not because of how beautiful they were or how much Bryne liked them, but because of their identities! Leng Hen had no other descendants besides them, so whoever married the triplets would have the Snow Kingdom in the palm of their hand!

“Since the Holy Snow Mountain has undergone such a disaster because of you all, this old man has to gather everyone for a report, otherwise, it will be difficult on me when I return.” After a grandiose excuse, Orton revealed his true purpose, “As long as you hand over something of adequate value, you are free to leave at any time. I will give you this afternoon to consider. Those who have not left before tonight will be taken to the imperial capital of the Snow Kingdom!”

With that, Orton finalized the matter without any intention to pay his ‘guests’ any mind. At the moment, he was the boss!

Sometimes, humans could be much more terrifying than the demon king. The latter would give you a quick death, while people had ten thousand ways to make one’s life worse than death, and one still wouldn’t dare to say a word or show any anger, just like Lin Nishang’s group now…

Did they really have to let Orton do whatever to them?

Everyone turned to look at Bai Xiaofei, who was still in a coma. For some reason, they felt that as long as he woke up, the problem would be resolved.

And right at that moment, Bai Xiaofei slowly opened his eyes…

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