Chapter 722: Onlookers!

Chapter 722: Onlookers!

Bai Xiaofei lost his calm as he looked at the figure wearing the familiar Divine Phoenix Feather Dress. However, he quickly recovered.

They looked alike, but the gap in power was not quite right. Lin Li was only a Master Rank puppet master while the person in front of him was not weaker than Cang Lan at all. Then, it was clear who she was –

The number one beauty of the continent, Angelic Maiden Nishang!

Sure enough, a shocked Cang Lan confirmed Bai Xiaofei’s guess.

“Lin Nishang? How did you…”

“Cut the nonsense. If you don’t want to die here, give me your energy. Don’t expect me to respect the elderly at a time like this!” Lin Nishang rudely interrupted Cang Lan. Everyone could see that she was having a hard time defending!

Cang Lan immediately returned to his senses. He reached out to touch a feather floating off Lin Nishang’s dress and started to transfer his energy like crazy.

Supplied with enormous energy, Lin Nishang growled and worked her dress – her puppet – to the limit, and turned the demon king’s attack into her own, sending it back at him!

Even the demon king didn’t expect this. He raised his hand and barely managed to shield his face. The attacks scratched out three ferocious wounds, drawing black blood and a painful roar.

Seizing this chance, Lin Nishang wrapped Bai Xiaofei’s group in her energy.

“Revelation said that this is not a dead end. If you don’t want to die, think hard for a way to kill this guy. I did not come here to die,” said Lin Nishang coldly, her face full of tension. She was well aware of her own strength. She wouldn’t have come here if she didn’t owe Revelation a favor.

However, her response was a collective bitter expression. If we could think of a solution, it wouldn’t have come to this!

However, except the zither expert whose origin was another world, all the people present had great confidence in Revelation’s divination. Since he had declared so, there had to be a way out. They just didn’t know where it was…

Just as everyone sank into thought, the injured demon king had gone berserk. A mountainous pressure came crashing down on them…

“Heaven has appeared!”

In an unknown dark space, a black-clad man stood up in delight. The icy-looking beauty dressed in palace attire next to him rolled her eyes.

“You deal with the trouble you started. Don’t expect me to help!” She obviously understood the man very well. Her words immediately earned a pitiful face from him.

“Wife, please do me this favor. You know I’ve used up my medium. If you don’t help, Wolfie and Blackie won’t be able to come home!” The man’s henpecked nature was immediately exposed.

“That’s what you said last time. As a result, both Wolfie and Blackie ran all the way over there and you told me you forgot to leave a method to contact them. When are you going to stop being lazy?” the beauty grumpily scolded with another eye-roll and then turned away, refusing to give him attention.

“My conscience is clear! You’ve been with me all this time, when did I have time to be lazy?!” The man inched closer to the beauty and skillfully rubbed her shoulders.

“Yeah right, you put forward an idea and had us do it. If it weren’t that you had trouble here, you wouldn’t even call me back.” The beauty finally spoke her mind. It turned out she was upset at being separated for too long.

“No, no! I promise it won’t happen again! This is definitely the last time!” The man held up his hand and promised, his face full of ‘sincerity.’ He added, “Moreover, the last time you went there, you accidentally took the luck of the Fox clan back with you. You wouldn’t just watch their clan decline, would you?”

The man used a killer move. Upon hearing his words, the beauty was obviously moved.

“Fine, I can help.” She let go.

The man was delighted. “Wife, even if you say that you want the stars in the sky, I will get you several dozens!” he solemnly guaranteed, but inside, he was actually nervous.

“You think I’m stupid? Using something you can move a finger to do to coax me?” The beauty rolled her eyes, again. Then, her lips curled up into a smile that terrified the man.

“Us sisters haven’t gotten together in a long time. I want you to accompany us for seven days!”

Hearing her demand, the man instantly turned pale. Seven days… I’ll really die, alright?!

“It’s fine if you don’t want to. It doesn’t matter to me if Heaven dies or not. At most, we’ll just have to wait for him to kill his way over here. Han Feng has been too idle recently, Heaven will make a good workout,” said the beauty who lay back in bed.

“Good! Seven days, seven days!” The man immediately panicked.

“This is what you said. Don’t go back on your word!” The beauty sprang up.

Before the man could say anything, she had disappeared in a flash of light. The words she mumbled right before leaving made him regret in an instant, “Wolfie, Blackie, don’t worry, Master is coming to save you!”

Even if he hadn’t asked, she would still have gone…

Blinded by his worry for the chosen one, the man forgot how important Wolfie and Blackie were to his wife. He sighed in regret. Ahh… I’ve really been inactive for too long, my brains don’t work very well…

Back in the battle with the demon king…

No, it should be a one-sided beating. A series of attacks from the demon king had drained Lin Nishang’s energy. She would not be able to stop the next one. Everyone else also knew this, because her protection on them had been removed.

“Worms, you can now die!” The demon king swung his hand.

At that moment, Bai Xiaofei suddenly jumped out. All the golden flames accumulated in his sea of consciousness poured out. Cang Lan and the others wanted to pull him back, but they were a beat slow.

“This lord is not a worm!”

With a roar, Bai Xiaofei, whose whole body was wrapped in golden flames, collided with the huge hand. Just as everyone thought he was going to die, nine energy beams of different colors suddenly lit up around him!

This is… the solution?!

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