Chapter 721: Demonization, the Real Demon King!

Chapter 721: Demonization, the Real Demon King!

A series of explosions shook the area. While Cang Lan managed to contain most of the shockwave in a sealed area, the aftermath alone rendered the audience speechless with horror. The power of a legend was truly not exaggerated!

The explosions lasted for more than twenty seconds, during which the demon king’s roar became softer and softer until it finally went silent. Cang Lan then slowly deactivated the seal on the area and revealed the battlefield.

Everyone watched with their hearts at their throats. Is it finally over this time?

“Die? Then we shall die together!!!”

A shrill roar resounded. The monstrous-looking demon king had disappeared and been replaced by a dark churning fog!

“Demonize!” shouted the fog.

Everyone was dumbfounded. Aren’t you the demon king already? What’s there to demonize?

Their questions were soon answered.

The rapidly spreading black fog gave Cang Lan a terrifying sense of threat. In a flash, Cang Lan appeared beside Bai Xiaofei’s group and teleported them over a hundred meters away. Right after they escaped, the black fog spread to the place where they had just been and corroded everything.

The black fog only stopped expanding after reaching a radius of about 300 meters. The next second, it emitted a heavy growl that made even Cang Lan feel like his head was smashed by a hammer. Leng Liuli was struck unconscious. If it weren’t for the fact that everyone was shielded by Cang Lan, they would have followed the footsteps of those who exploded from the demon king’s roar earlier.

A while later, a huge, ferocious head poked out from the black fog. Judging from its size, the demon king had to be at least tens of meters high!

“Finally free!” The huge head burst out laughing in joy.

The laughter was so deafening that everyone suffered another heavy blow. The demon king’s voice could compare to Ling Tianxia’s sonic attacks, and everyone could see that the fellow had no intention to attack them yet, he was just genuinely celebrating his freedom!

Hurting a Legend Rank by just being happy?!! What are we going to do if this thing fought for real?!

For the first time in his life, Bai Xiaofei felt despair from the bottom of his heart.

Cang Lan gulped as he watched the behemoth slowly coming out of the black fog. He did not take the initiative to attack. He was no match for it, the gap in strength was too huge… Cang Lan had forgotten how long ago that he had felt this powerless. He had not even felt this way when he survived The Ruins that year.

How did something of this level appear in the Snow Kingdom?! Are we really going to die here?

After half a minute, the pitch-black monster finally left the black fog, its body of over 30 meters high struck fear into everyone’s heart. Although he had not attacked, the power he exuded already weighed down on them, making it hard to breathe.

“I will send you away in a moment. Go to Starnet immediately after. I can’t think of anyone who can fight against him except your principal,” said Cang Lan solemnly as he prepared to die. And this was not the worst, but already the best outcome possible. He even doubted whether he could send Bai Xiaofei’s group out.

“Worms, thank you for killing my host. If he didn’t die, I wouldn’t have ever been able to leave.” The monster rested his eyes on them with a frosty smile.

Everyone was inwardly delighted. Is he going to let us go?

Unfortunately, this thread of hope was dashed in its infancy.

“As a reward, I will let you become part of me, the Heavenly Demon King, and live with me forever!”

The demon opened his mouth wide and sucked in. Caught off guard, Cang Lan’s group flew off the ground.

The familiar suction made Bai Xiaofei’s heart sink. It was this suction that had pulled them down in the first place. It turned out that what they had fought so far was only a minor replica!

“Star Slash!”

Fan Xingyu, who had started charging since Cang Lan’s arrival, slashed his sword. A vast sword aura swept out and abruptly broke through the suction, going straight for the demon’s head!

Cang Lan immediately seized the opportunity. The energy in his entire body surged out toward Bai Xiaofei’s group. He knew that even dozens of Fan Xingyu’s attacks could not kill the demon king. This was his only chance to send them away!

“Remember what I said, go back to Starnet!” Cang Lan shouted as they vanished from the spot.

“Want to escape in front of me? Who do you take me for?!”

Nullifying Fan Xingyu’s attack with a slap, the demon king clawed at the air and tore open space. Bai Xiaofei’s group was forcefully dragged out and flew toward the demon’s hand.

“Put them down!” Cang Lan teleported into the path of their flight and took out all of his puppets, filling the area with red and violet glows. The next second, all of these rare puppets exploded!

The terrifying shockwave blew them far away from the demon king. Facing an explosion equivalent to the self-detonation of seven or eight Exquisite Rank puppet masters, even the demon king had to temporarily retreat.

However, Cang Lan had run out of puppets. After falling to the ground, everyone became powerless fish on the demon king’s chopping board.

“Very good! Worms, you have angered me!!” the demon king roared in fury. He swung his right hand and three dark lights shot out with murderous momentum.

Are we really dying here…?

The smell of death drilled into Bai Xiaofei’s nostrils. However, the moment the lights were about to take their lives, a beautiful figure appeared in front of them, her colorful clothes fluttering without wind. A golden light shone and stopped the demon king’s attack!

However, it obviously took a toll on her, the proof of which was her trembling body.

Looking at the person putting her life on the line to save them, Bai Xiaofei’s eyes widened in disbelief.

This is… Lin Li?!

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