Chapter 720: Cang Lan vs the Demon King!

Chapter 720: Cang Lan vs the Demon King!

Hearing the familiar voice, Bai Xiaofei and Leng Liuli’s expressions bloomed with joy. We’re saved!

Gentle energy drifted down and quelled the demon king’s energy wave. Under everyone’s gaze, Cang Lan on his magic carpet floated quietly in the air with at least a dozen puppets emitting different colored lights around him.

“Fan Xingyu, it’s a good time to charge. What are you waiting for?” Jiao He quietly poked Fan Xingyu.

Struck with realization, Fan Xingyu immediately closed his eyes and placed his hand on his Star Sword.

No one knew what the limit of the demon king was, but they were sure that he could not insta-defeat Cang Lan!

“How unexpected, there are still experts of your level on this continent,” the middle head of the demon king spoke before the three heads licked their lips in unison. “If I eat you, I will restore at least 20% of my power!”

As the demon king burst out laughing madly, a blood fog spewed out from his body and flew towards Cang Lan. On the way, numerous skulls condensed within the blood fog and opened their mouths wide.

“Go!” said Cang Lan, who stood immobile.

At his command, two puppets, one blue and one red, flew out. Their opposite attributes of ice and fire collided before they self-detonated. The explosion not only destroyed all skulls but also beat back the blood fog coming from the demon king.

“You must be very delicious!”

The demon king suddenly appeared above Cang Lan. His six hands, which were enveloped in a faint red glow, grabbed at Cang Lan from all directions.

However, Cang Lan was not caught off guard. A puppet lit up and created a transparent round barrier, stopping the demon king’s hands, before another puppet also shone and turned into a silver spear. The spear quickly multiplied into a spear forest that shot towards the demon king.


A layer of blood mist poured out from the demon king and slowed down the spears. However, Cang Lan was not disappointed.

“Explode,” he said.

Successive explosions rumbled inside the churning blood mist, dispelling it and creating openings for the spears to reach the demon king. He roared in pain as dark-red blood splashed out from his wounds.

But to everyone’s surprise, the blood twisted bizarrely before forming monsters the size of children who then collectively vanished. The next second, they had already appeared among the Pioneer Brigade!

The recuperating Pioneer Brigade could never imagine that the demon king was still eyeing them despite fighting Cang Lan. Many were caught off guard as the little monsters plunged at them. Upon contact with the soldiers, the little monsters turned into burning blood and melted into their skin.

Only a while later, all the soldiers attacked by the little monsters exploded, and their vitality became nourishment for the demon king. Not only did his wounds quickly heal and his energy fully replenish, but he also kept growing stronger while trading blows with Cang Lan!

Everyone was anxious. It wasn’t hard to see that the demon king was not inferior to Cang Lan in power. To be exact, he even had a slight upper hand. If his infinite loop of recovering continued, Cang Lan would definitely lose!

At this thought, Bai Xiaofei looked at Bryne who was commanding his troops.

“General, if you don’t mind, take your people and leave. There is no place where you can help here, your troops will only feed the demon king!”

Bai Xiaofei’s words were realistic, so realistic that Bryne felt like he was slapped in the face. After watching the demon king and Cang Lan fight for a moment, he clenched his jaw and took a deep breath.


Upon Bryne’s order, the remaining soldiers immediately started retreating. Bai Xiaofei also let those who followed him leave, even Ferret and his Hellfire Brigade. In the end, there was only Leng Liuli who refused to leave, as well as Fan Xingyu, Jiao He, and a few resurrected experts.

Bai Xiaofei asked himself if he could protect them, and he thought he could do it.

He activated the Endless State and used his Starnet Stones to supply the golden flame enveloping his body. Fan Xingyu was charging, and so was he.

Golden Feather’s golden flame could be stored in the sea of consciousness. The stronger Bai Xiaofei’s sea of consciousness was, the more golden flames it could store.

It was worthy of celebration that Bai Xiaofei’s sea of consciousness was quite vast. At least, it didn’t seem like it could be filled up soon…

“Old geezer, can’t keep up? In that case, I won’t be courteous!”

In the air, the demon king laughed hysterically. He moved back a little and made a series of gestures with his six hands. One blood-red energy ball formed after another and smashed down at Cang Lan!

Endless explosions bombarded everyone’s ears as the light of Cang Lan’s protective puppet faded, and finally disappeared from their sight…

“Thanks for helping me warm up!”

Cang Lan suddenly appeared behind the demon king, startling the latter so much that all of his three faces lost color.

What the hell is warming up?!

The demon king immediately turned toward Cang Lan, but to his horror, he found that except for his heads, he was unable to move at all!

“Playing with a copy of me for so long and you didn’t even find out. I really doubt your intelligence, but as the price for ruining my beloved puppet, you shall die!” said Cang Lan as one puppet after another floated out of his storage ring.

An erratic fluctuation spread throughout the whole battlefield. Bai Xiaofei, who could feel it while watching from afar, gulped hard.

“You don’t have to be afraid, smelly boy, you guys will be at worst blown away by the aftermath.”

Cang Lan actually still had room to ridicule Bai Xiaofei at a time like this. The demon king felt insulted, but there was nothing he could do as he could not move.

“This should be enough!” After taking out a bunch of puppets, Cang Lan smiled. “Explode!”

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