Chapter 719: Cang Lan Arrives!

Chapter 719: Cang Lan Arrives!

In the air, the demon king and the four huge weapons collided again and again. The shield could block his attack each time while the other three kept producing wounds on his body.

Everyone else was shocked to see this, even Bai Xiaofei. They really hadn’t thought the army of the Snow Kingdom would have this kind of strength. After all, this was a peaceful era. The countries at the level of the Snow Kingdom rarely deployed their regular army, and when they did, they would not display this kind of formidable ability.

Therefore, people on the continent had gradually forgotten the true power of these declared national ace legions. Many even thought that the major mercenary groups had the ability to compete on par with them.

And now, Bryne proved that it was only a dream. In a real fight, even two of Jackdaw’s mercenary groups might not necessarily be a match for the Snow Lion Corps!

However, no one knew how nervous Bryne was inside at this moment. Leng Liuli had told him that there was a tough fellow in the Holy Snow Mountain, but he didn’t think he would be difficult to this extent!

The Four Pillars Formation could not be maintained for a long time because the soldiers’ physical endurance could not keep up. The demon king was only suffering minor injuries from their uninterrupted attacks, while the soldiers were running out of energy. At this rate, the Pioneer Brigade would be finished.

Aware of their problem, Bryne decisively changed his strategy. New orders were passed down and the Pioneer Brigade moved into a new formation. As they gathered, the shield became the only weapon in the field.

The new plan was to solely defend!

Bryne deployed troops, not because of Leng Liuli, but because he had received an order from the imperial city. The main force from the capital had hit the road and was currently rushing to the Holy Snow Mountain. Once the Snow Lion Corps arrived, the demon king would not be a match for them!

“Take turns to defend, replenish your energy!” Bryne shouted.

The Pioneer Brigade began to stall for time. Although Bryne himself was only a Grandmaster Rank puppet master, his commanding skills were top-class. After all, he, who was next in line to the Snow Lion’s commander position, was highly praised by the triplets.

“If this continues, will they be able to exhaust the demon king to death?” Bai Xiaofei gulped.

Ears perked as this a question that everyone wanted to know the answer to. The zither expert immediately became the center of attention.

“I, too, hope that will be the case, but it’s just not feasible. Not to mention that his vitality is basically infinite, but if the fight drags on for too long, he will regain his sanity. When that time comes, he won’t just be using his body to recklessly attack like he is now.”

The answer sent everyone into despair, but there was nothing they could do to help.

“Erm, well… We can leave now, can’t we?” Yue Xiaofei, finally returning to his senses, pointed at the big hole in the ceiling that Bryne’s army had smashed open when they arrived.

The temptation made many people swallow in difficulty, but Bai Xiaofei’s group didn’t even give the hole a glance. Until the demon king was dead, it made no difference where they fled to.

Moreover, they weren’t the kind of cowards who gave up halfway. As long as the demon king was alive, their heart demon would not go away. Despite being unable to provide any help at the moment, everyone was ready to join in at any time. This was why some people could become strong while others could only remain ordinary all their lives.

Truly powerful people thrived in desperate situations!

Under the constant bombardment of the demon king, the impregnable defense of the Pioneer Brigade showed no sign of collapsing at all. However, everyone’s expression only grew more serious.

No one knew when the demon king would regain his sanity, but they could see what Bryne was waiting for something, and that became their only hope. That was, the thing Bryne was waiting for could come before the demon king’s sanity was restored!

Unfortunately, reality was cruel.

There was no change in the defense of the Pioneer Brigade, but the furious demon king suddenly stopped and his scarlet eyes turned pitch-black again. Having recovered from his madness, the demon king swept a glance around and assessed the situation, before a murderous glint flashed in his eyes.

“I have actually wasted so much time with you trash!” The demon king’s icy voice rang out as his six arms raised. Six blood-red spheres appeared.

Even from a distance, Bai Xiaofei’s group could still feel the terrifying power those spheres exuded, let alone Bryne who was confronting the demon king. The best proof was his face that was turning pale.

“Full defense!” Bryne commanded. This time, he joined his troops.

It was almost at the same time that the six blood-red spheres on the demon king’s palm merged into three bigger spheres.

“Die, trash!!!”

The three spheres shot out. Two went for the Pioneer Brigade and one flew straight in the direction of Bai Xiaofei’s group.

Seeing this, Leng Liuli rushed out. The next instant, a deafening explosion swept through the area. It kicked up a storm of dust so intense that the ground seemed a whole lot lower.

When the dust settled, the majority of the Pioneer Brigade were either dead or injured. Their formation had collapsed as the huge shield only managed to reduce the damage from the spheres by half, while the other half insta-killed five or six hundred people!

On the contrary, Bai Xiaofei’s group only suffered minor injuries as Leng Liuli’s Starnet Brilliance saved their life. Unfortunately, the two Starnet Brilliances had now both entered cooldown, while the demon king was still in peak condition!

“Brat, hand over that thing, and I promise to leave you an intact corpse!” The demon king looked at Bai Xiaofei, his tone tolerating no nonsense. No matter what excuse Bai Xiaofei came up with this time, he would not play along.

“Sorry, I was only fooling you. If I had that kind of thing, I would have used it against you long ago. Do you think that my brain is rotten like yours?”

Bai Xiaofei still had no intention of chickening out. Death was not scary, it was not shameful to be afraid of death either, but it would be shameful to give up one’s bottom line due to fear of death!

“Seeking death!!!”

Bai Xiaofei’s provocation completely ruffled the demon king’s feathers. A dreadful energy wave spread from his body and swept toward Bai Xiaofei.

Bai Xiaofei’s group felt the energy in their bodies go haywire as if they would burst the next second. As for fighting back, that was an utter joke.

“Die! You lot shall become my food!!”

With a hysterical laugh, the demon king was about to destroy Bai Xiaofei’s group when suddenly, an extremely disdainful voice echoed.

“Imperious! This old man shall see who dares to touch my granddaughter!”

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