Chapter 718: Army Might!

Chapter 718: Army Might!

Infinite Demonic Disintegration was an irreversible demonic art. It meant that once used, the demon king was stuck in that appearance forever, which was why he had never used this method before. However, he now had no choice.

Everyone quickly realized the terrifying power boost offered by this art. Upon a thunderous roar of the demon king, all of those below the Grandmaster Rank clutched their heads and collapsed to their knees. Many even exploded into clouds of blood fog that floated toward the demon king and became his nutrition.

“We’re done, we’re all dead… He used the Infinite Demonic Disintegration, we have no hope…” Yue Xiaofei muttered dully, his eyes filled with despair.

Meanwhile, the demon king had begun a massacre. He seemed to have lost his sanity and only killed on instinct, otherwise, Bai Xiaofei would have been the first to be targeted.

“This art will make the user lose their mind?” Bai Xiaofei grabbed the lifeless Yue Xiaofei and shook him. “Answer me!!”

It was impossible to remain calm at a time like this. There were only so many people. At this rate, it would be soon his turn to face the demon king’s killing spree.

“Only temporary. Once he absorbs enough vitality, his sanity will return. That’s when the nightmare truly begins.” Yue Xiaofei trembled as if he had seen his own death. He wanted to escape, but unfortunately, there was no way out. The only teleportation formation was right beside the demon king who was attacking wildly, so no one dared to even approach it.

“Run! Run!!” someone shouted.

This set off a chain reaction. Facing the undefeatable demon king, they couldn’t muster a shred of desire to resist. The majority started to run.

And they scattered in all directions!

Seeing this scene, Bai Xiaofei just wanted to slice that person who had just shouted to run into a thousand pieces. This period when the demon king had lost his mind was their only chance. Once he recovered, everyone would certainly be dead!

“This is our last chance. Any suggestions?” Bai Xiaofei turned to the zither expert. Yue Xiaofei didn’t run, but he was too terrified to communicate normally.

“The Infinite Demonic Disintegration has no openings. The only way to stop him is to beat him in power, and everyone here combined still isn’t enough,” replied the zither expert.

Hearing this, everyone looked extremely bitter. Was waiting for death really their only option?

“What if I give it another try?” Fan Xingyu suggested as his hand tightly clenched his Star Sword.

“Don’t. He is a beast now. If he feels threatened, you’ll die immediately!”

The zither’s expert reply put them in an impossible situation. If they didn’t act, the opportunity would slip by; if they attacked, they would die.

“I can’t wait! Waiting for death is not my habit!” It didn’t take long for Jiao He to lose it. He gritted his teeth and rushed out.

However, the whole crypt suddenly trembled.

“Was that you?” Fan Xingyu looked dubiously at Jiao He. After knowing the latter for so many years, he had never known that the guy had this kind of skill.

“I wish!” Jiao He was also dumbfounded. He quickly checked the surroundings.

As everyone looked around for an answer, another violent quake occurred. This time, even the demon king stopped!

The quakes grew more frequent and more intense each time they happened. Moments later, everyone heard a deafening rumble before a dazzling, colorful light accompanied by cold winds flew toward them. Then, a group of people descended from the light and speedily assembled right after landing.

“The Snow Kingdom army! And it is their most elite Snow Lion Corps!!” Ferret had done his research before coming to the Snow Kingdom.

The soldiers indeed lived up to the word ‘elite.’ After seeing the demon king, which was obviously a tough monster, they only grew a little solemn and didn’t have any intense reactions.

“The Pioneer Brigade of the Snow Lion Corps has assembled!”

At least two thousand soldiers lined up neatly. Their captain knelt on one knee towards Bryne, who floated down from the air.

Behind Bryne was an anxious Leng Liuli. Seeing that Bai Xiaofei was safe, she rushed toward him without care.

“Are you all right?” she worriedly asked.

This naturally did not escape Bryne’s eyes. The shock in his heart was instantly reflected on his face. Leng Liuli had threatened to kill herself in order to save a friend, but he didn’t expect that this friend was a man!

However, despite Bryne’s desire to make clear what their relationship was, the present situation did not allow him to. The appearance of the Snow Kingdom army had triggered the demon king, making him even madder as he felt like his turf had been violated. He threw back his head to face the sky and let out a piercing scream. The sonic wave that had killed many adventurers once again spread!

“Kill!” shouted the Pioneer Brigade in unison. A powerful aura erupted from them and forcefully resisted the sonic wave!

It was army might! Troops tempered from wars never lost in aura. The demon king’s roar was a kind of mental attack, a trick that the war-steeled army was least afraid of.

“Four Pillars Formation! All together!”

At Bryne’s order, the Pioneer Brigade immediately divided into four groups that formed a strange formation. From them, the aura that had been able to fight back the demon king once again rose and in a blink of an eye, condensed into four strange-looking magical beasts.

Bai Xiaofei immediately gawked. Although he didn’t know those monsters, one of them looked impressively similar to Golden Feather!

“Attack!” Bryne did not delay.

Heeding his command, the four beasts in the air turned into sparkles that fused into the soldiers below. Above their heads then appeared a gigantic sword, shield, bow, and blade!

The next second, with the uniform movement of the four teams, the four weapons moved!

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