Chapter 717: Infinite Demonic Disintegration Great Art!

Chapter 717: Infinite Demonic Disintegration Great Art!

“You have to pass me first!”

A gigantic ice wall suddenly appeared in front of the demon king before he could reach Fan Xingyu. The next second, Jackdaw also stood in front of him.

“F*ck off!” the demon king roared furiously and swung his hand at Jackdaw.

Jackdaw didn’t budge. Even without the help of the defensive formation, he had the confidence to survive an attack from the demon king!

“Ice Field!” Jackdaw growled.

The Frost Crow King instantly turned into an ice-blue light and lowered the temperature of the whole battlefield to below freezing point. Right before the demon king’s slap hit Jackdaw, the latter had become an ice sculpture, which didn’t even tremble from the attack. The terrible chill it emitted even slithered up along the demon king’s arm and froze it!

At that moment, Qiu Feng charged over. His sword bursting out in a dazzling glow, he chopped heavily at the demon king’s frozen arm. The latter staggered back in pain, his whole arm separated by Qiu Feng’s sword.

But this was far from the end. An urgent melody suddenly sounded, dealing invisible attacks to the demon king’s soul. Caught off guard, even he was put into a brief trance. Looking over in the direction of the melody, everyone saw a resurrected leader playing his zither.

When the demon king finally broke free from the sound attack, Feng Gao and Jiao He had rushed to his sides and jointly smashed him into the ground. After the successful attack, the two instantly retreated, giving way for a rain of energy attacks from the Puppet Master Alliance. Bai Xiaofei also joined them and conjured a myriad of golden flames.

When the dust cleared, the demon king was revealed to be riddled with wounds, most of which were Bai Xiaofei’s masterpieces.

“You shall all die! Every single one of you!”

The demon king had become completely furious. With a crazed roar, his body suddenly glowed with a dark light that spread to everyone on the battlefield.

Then, the demon king suddenly vanished, replaced by a phantom that shuttled rapidly within the range of the black glow. Every time he stopped, a person fell before their energy and spirit were absorbed by the demon king.

“Stop!” The leaders of Jackdaw’s Fifth Squad – the twin sisters – were the first to note the demon king’s movement. They threw out a shining silver silk strip and forced the demon king out from the black glow.

However, during that brief period, the demon king had killed dozens of people. While the casualties didn’t have much impact on the overall strength of the joint force, it returned the demon king to his peak condition!

From the beginning to the present, everyone never stopped attacking. No one paid attention to how long the fight had lasted, but it was easy to tell that they had spent over half their energy.

“I can always repeat this, but what about you? How long can you keep going at this intensity? Many of you are already exhausted!” The demon king burst out laughing.

“Forgetting the fact that we’re far from it, even if that moment comes, you still can’t win!” Bai Xiaofei never lost a verbal fight, not to mention that they still had a chance at victory.

“You lot still think you can kill me?” The demon king sneered and looked at Fan Xingyu.

Fan Xingyu was tightly protected by everyone. Even now, he was still quietly accumulating energy, as if everything happening around had nothing to do with him.

“Possible or not, we have to try to know!” Jiao He was extremely confident in Fan Xingyu. He knew what Fan Xingyu was going to do and had seen the power of it. Fan Xingyu only needed to accumulate energy for 30 seconds to insta-kill him, and so far, it had far exceeded this value.

“Then come!” The demon king gritted his teeth, seemingly having made up his mind about something. The next second, an eerie and terrifying wave spread out from him.

Sensing that something was wrong, Fan Xingyu opened his eyes.

“Out of the way!”

The next moment, his sword moved!

No one could see clearly what happened, only the demon king, as the target, felt the power of this strike. To put it simply, he knew he had greatly underestimated Fan Xingyu!

It split the demon king in half!

Just when everyone’s face lit up with joy, however, the split body uncannily turned into blood fog. Then, one bloody skull after another flew out of the fog toward the people present!

“It’s the Infinite Demonic Disintegration Art! Destroy those skulls!!” cried the zither expert, who was the first to act. His fingers danced and sound attacks dispersed all the skulls that were coming toward him.

The rest hurriedly joined in to destroy the skulls. However, there were just too many. Gradually, someone was touched by them. No matter what rank they were, they would instantly become a dried corpse upon the slightest contact with the skulls!

Meanwhile, the skulls that had fully ‘eaten’ would explode into even more skulls.

“Use energy attacks!” reminded the zither expert again.

Unfortunately, he was a little late. More and more people become nourishment for the skulls. In less than ten minutes, the whole battlefield had turned into a sea of bloody skulls!

Seeing this, the zither expert stopped playing as despair clouded his expression.

“It’s over…” he mumbled.

All the bloody skulls started converging. Everyone tirelessly attacked, trying to reduce the number of skulls as much as possible, but looking at the sea of blood filling their vision, it seemed to be a futile endeavor…

It didn’t take long for the skulls to completely gather, forming a monster with three heads, six arms, a human head, and a beast body in the air!

“You forced me to become this. You all shall pay!!”

The demon king roared hysterically. Terrifying sound waves sent everyone around him flying.

To top off their bad luck, Bai Xiaofei’s defensive formation ran out of energy right at that moment…

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