Chapter 716: Aid from all Parties!

Chapter 716: Aid from all Parties!

In the imperial capital of the Snow Kingdom,

“Report! The Second Princess has returned!”

Emperor Leng Hen was suddenly interrupted in the middle of court. While he was processing the news in surprise, Leng Liushuang’s graceful figure had already appeared, followed by two nervous-looking guards.

“Princess, you can’t go in…”

The two guards tried to stop her but she wouldn’t listen. Since they didn’t dare to touch her, they could only watch her break into the hall.

“Liushuang greets Imperial Father!” Leng Liushuang curtsied.

“You two go back, you’re not to blame,” Leng Hen gave the two guards the reprieve that they wanted to hear most.

Meanwhile, the female resurrected expert who came in with Leng Liushuang looked around. She deemed that there was no hope of returning to her world, so Starnet Continent barring any accidents would be where she would spend the rest of her life. Therefore, she had to get familiar with this continent as soon as possible.

“Shouldn’t you be studying in Starnet?” While Leng Hen doted on his daughters, he was also a wise leader. He knew how he should act in front of the court ministers.

“Liushuang will take responsibility for my mistake, but right now, I hope to have a private talk with Imperial Father.” Leng Liushuang looked straight at her father.

On her face, Leng Hen saw resolution that he had never seen before. In his memory, Leng Liushuang had always been the most sensible and gentle among the triplets. However, he was happy to see this because it was a good change.

“No matter what it is about, it needs to wait,” the emperor’s majestic voice rang out.

Knowing her father very well, Leng Liushuang assented and immediately took the resurrected expert to a corner to wait. The matter was urgent, but it was not the time to rush.

“If there is nothing else to report, today’s court ends here.” Leng Hen looked down at the hall full of ministers.

No one who stood below was stupid. Unless it was something of extreme importance, they would not say anything at a time like this. Leng He was famous for his love of his three daughters. Now that they met after so long, everyone knew how happy he was despite him not showing it. One wouldn’t waste his time unless they thought their career was going too smoothly.

“Court ends!”

Upon the head eunuch’s announcement, the ministers quickly retreated. Leng Hen then called Leng Liushuang over.

Taking a deep breath, Leng Liushuang strengthened her determination. She chose Bai Xiaofei, and it was now the time to take responsibility for her choice!

Meanwhile, Leng Liuying also arrived at the peach blossom forest. Unfortunately, she didn’t find Cang Lan. She looked everywhere while shouting his name again and again, before finally flopping to the ground with tears in her eyes.

“Smelly old man! If you don’t come out, I won’t recognize you as my godfather anymore! I promise you’ll never get to eat sister Liushuang’s cooking again and we will never buy you good wine!”

As her sobbing echoed in the peach blossom forest, Leng Liushuang suddenly felt a weight on her shoulder. The next second, she heard a familiar voice.

“Smelly girl, when did you learn to threaten your grandpa? Did that smelly boy teach you?!” said Cang Lan as he poured wine into his mouth.

Looking back to see Cang Lan, Leng Liuying could no longer hold her tears. She plunged into his arms.

“Grandpa! You have to save the perv! He…“ She sobbed so hard that she couldn’t complete the sentence.

“Don’t worry, don’t worry! Tell me everything. What happened to that smelly boy?” Cang Lan patted her back.

After Leng Liuying calmed down, she told Cang Lan what happened in the Holy Snow Mountain. The story made Cang Lan frown. He originally thought it was just an ordinary ruin, but it seemed that he had underestimated it.

“Let’s go. We’ll talk on the way!” Cang Lan was the most straightforward to agree. Even if Leng Liuying didn’t ask, he would still go after knowing this matter.

Although Cang Lan didn’t admit it, in his heart, he had already regarded Bai Xiaofei as half a disciple and might have accepted him as one if it weren’t for the fact that he and Revelation didn’t see eye to eye. While he didn’t care whether Bai Xiaofei already had a master or not, he didn’t want to let Revelation ride over his head. If he accepted Bai Xiaofei, he would be at best a second master behind Revelation, which he could not stand…

Meanwhile, at the Revelation Pavilion, Revelation’s face was clouded.

“My dear apprentice, what kind of fate is upon you that you have to find life in death all the time? How many crimes did you commit in your previous life?”

Revelation sighed. He really didn’t know what to do. He was too far to help despite how anxious he was.

“Little girl, I hope you haven’t forgotten this old man. Since the boy has quite a deep connection to you, you won’t lose out by saving him!” Revelation took out a wooden token and injected his energy into it.

The token shattered. At the same time, in a stone room far away, a beautiful woman sitting cross-legged on an ice bed slowly opened her eyes.

“Holy Snow Mountain…?”

She then stepped offdown the ice bed and disappeared in a colorful light…

Back in the crypt in the Holy Snow Mountain, the joint force of four parties was engaging in a desperate battle with the demon king.

Over a dozen Exquisite Rank experts took turns to confront the demon king within the protection of the defensive formation and were able to make him suffer. On the whole, however, their situation did not look good.

Many Grandmaster puppet masters and martial artists were killed, while those below this rank died as soon as they met the demon king’s attack. The formation could only reduce damage and not provide immunity. If the gap in strength was too large, it would be useless.

“Cover me!” Seeing that the deadlock had been unbroken for too long, Fan Xingyu suddenly put away his Star Sword and stood still.

However, the moment he stopped, everyone could feel a sharp sword aura rising rapidly from him!

“Die!” Feeling a threat from Fan Xingyu, the demon king hurriedly killed the puppet master in front of him before rushing straight towards Fan Xingyu…

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