Chapter 715: Tacit Understanding!

Chapter 715: Tacit Understanding!

Under the impatient gaze of the demon king, Bai Xiaofei continued to choose people who could leave in batches, each batch only consisting of five or six people, while trying to extend this process indefinitely.

When he asked the people who he had saved at the beginning, all of whom were famous experts, none of them had any intention to leave, because leaving would create a heart demon that would prevent them from advancing in cultivation for the rest of their lives.

For the strong, dignity might be even more important than life!

This was exactly what Bai Xiaofei wanted. If all that remained was a group of disobedient weaklings, he would have a headache.

“I’ve finished, but you seem to have new troubles,” Bai Xiaofei told the demon king with a sleazy smile after sending away half of his group.

The demon king coldly snorted and looked in the direction where the other three groups were approaching.

After so long, Jackdaw and the others had finally wiped out the army of undead. Upon arriving, they were stunned to see Bai Xiaofei’s group and the demon king in a situation that seemed like a deadlock. Everyone immediately raised their guard.

“Everyone, this is the great demon king! He said that we either hand over what he wants or die here!” Bai Xiaofei suddenly shouted. Believing that the demon king would not kill him, he seized the chance to put on a show. “However, I reckon that handing it to him will only speed up our death. Therefore, I’ll leave it to your judgment!”

The tension in the atmosphere instantly reached a new level. Even the demon king himself knew that a battle was inevitable. However, he did not think that these people could pose any threat to him…

Until Bai Xiaofei launched the defensive formation in his formation base stone!

Although he had never used it before, he had a feeling that it was perfect for the current situation, and the result confirmed this strange feeling. Right after the formation was activated, the demon king looked appalled. Obviously, he had a deep impression of this formation!

Steady Rock Formation: protects everyone that the user regards as companions, extremely effective against energy attacks.

Coincidentally, the demon king excelled at energy attacks!

“Boy, you’re seeking death!”

The demon king was furious. Unfortunately, it didn’t scare Bai Xiaofei and instead even delighted him. His fury indicated that he felt threatened, meaning they had a chance at victory!

“We’ll see who’ll die.” Bai Xiaofei sneered at the demon king before yelling, “I don’t know how long this formation will last! If you don’t want to die, you know what you should do!”

At the same time, he separated from Purple Luan. The next second, Golden Feather appeared beside him before turning into a golden light and slowly integrated into his body.

After the Spiritualization was completed, Bai Xiaofei looked up and let out a long cry. The loud and piercing cry hurt the eardrums of the people around. Then, a golden flame erupted from his body and condensed into a pair of wings at his back. Flapping his wings, Bai Xiaofei floated in the air.

“Kill!” he coldly said and shot toward the demon king.

With Bai Xiaofei taking the lead, the rest started attacking…

Meanwhile, the triplets who had left the dangerous crypt also acted. Leng Liuli ran to the kingdom’s army stationed in the Holy Snow Mountain; Leng Liushuang flew towards the capital with the help of a resurrected expert; Leng Liuying drove the Downwind Boat to Cang Lan’s peach blossom paradise.

They were seeking reinforcements. Although unaware of Bai Xiaofei’s plan, they firmly believed that he was not the kind of person to accept death so easily and there had to be a purpose in him trying to free them. Or else, they wouldn’t have been so obedient to leave the crypt.

His purpose wasn’t hard to guess. From the previous battle, the triplets could see that the demon king was not invincible. Since they could injure him, destroying him was definitely possible if they gathered enough experts. And the Snow Kingdom did not lack experts!

As long as the triplets wanted, they could mobilize almost any expert, because they were the precious daughters of the Snow Emperor!

“Liuli?!” Seeing Leng Liuli, Bryne was horrified. “Where are Liushuang and Liuying? Why are you alone? Are they in danger?!”

Bryne asked while stepping forward. After three questions, he was already in front of Leng Liuli.

“If you go come nearer, I will have a good talk with Uncle,” she coldly said.

Bryne immediately backed up two steps.

“Sorry, I’m just a little excited to see you.” Bryne looked embarrassed. He didn’t dare to be disrespectful in front of Leng Liuli as his relationship with her could decide his future.

“Long story short, there are resources in the Holy Snow Mountain that can change the future of our country, but the path is blocked. I need you to take your people there immediately, or our resources will be emptied by those people.” Leng Liuli didn’t mention the main matter. She knew that Bryne would not act if she mentioned Bai Xiaofei.

“You were in the mountain?!” Bryne was startled. He had been stationed at the entrance during this time but had not seen her entering the mountain at all.

“Nonsense! How can I know what’s going on inside if I haven’t? Just send troops now!” Leng Liuli was angry. The more they delayed, the more danger Bai Xiaofei was in.

Unfortunately, Bryne also had his own plans.

“Don’t worry about it. Our people don’t have to take risks. I have already made an agreement with Captain Jackdaw to cooperate with his group and deal with the others. No matter what they get, they will have to submit half of it to us!” said Bryne proudly with his chin raised, waiting for Leng Liuli to praise him.

“Absurd! Are you trying to tarnish our kingdom’s reputation?! If you do this, you will put the kingdom in an immoral position!” Leng Liuli quickly grasped this chance to put pressure on Bryne.

“Don’t worry about this either. I will take care of everything. No one will say a bad word about our Snow Kingdom!” declared Bryne.

Looking at the stubborn Bryne, Leng Liuli was helpless. Is there really no way to persuade him?

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