Chapter 711: Jie!

Chapter 711: Jie!

“Frenzied Stars!”

Fan Xingyu’s longsword slashed out, and the majestic sword aura turned into countless starlights that shot the undead into black fog.

On the other side, Jiao He had become a bulldozer on the battlefield, cutting down skeletons everywhere he passed.

Similarly, the rest were killing like crazy. The previous long wait had accumulated too much irritation in them. Now that they finally had the chance to vent it all out, almost everyone was putting in their best effort.

Only the people around Bai Xiaofei didn’t move. In his words, they were too weak and had no chance to even join in, but in fact, he was just lazy…

However, the present situation really did not require him. As there were more wolves than meat, the undead could not stir up any trouble at all.

“Finish them as quickly as possible! Don’t you want to see what the sealed demon king looks like?” Bai Xiaofei’s goading was cheap, but it was actually effective.

Everyone quickly cleared the surrounding undead before proceeding to rapidly march forward. Bai Xiaofei’s group perfectly interpreted what they called ‘when quiet, be as quiet as a mouse; when moving, move as fast as a rabbit.

Of course, a rabbit wasn’t enough to describe their speed, it should be crazy hares!

“There’s a very powerful energy approaching!” Yue Xiaofei suddenly alerted.

However, he was still half a beat slow. A black light came crashing down before he even finished and engulfed the five people in front of him. They died a quick death.

“Hellfire formation!”

As expected of elites, Ferret had commanded his team to counterattack while the others were still in shock. Boosted by Hell Realm, the heavy guns shot out over a hundred pillars of fire.

“Puny insects!” Jie’s lips curled up into a cold smile as he raised his hand and drew a circle in the air. Dark energy quickly formed a huge round shield and swallowed up the entire group attack.

“It’s him! He was the one who summoned the demon king! He didn’t die!” Yue Xiaofei screamed as Jie overlapped with the figure in his memory.

“What’s so strange about it? Even you can live, let alone those who work for the demon king.” Bai Xiaofei was not surprised, because Jie’s current energy fluctuation hadn’t reached a level that scared him.

“Disease!” Jie uttered lightly. The black round shield before him instantly transformed. Dozens of long black spikes grew out from the surface and abruptly shot at the attacking puppet masters.

Many immediately turned their attacks into defense. However, many couldn’t react in time. They were pierced through and turned into pools of black liquid.

Meanwhile, not all of those who defended survived. Many died in grief as their energy barriers seemed to have no effect against the black spikes. Those who used their puppets to defend also ended badly. The puppets touched by the black spikes were destroyed, and puppet masters who were spiritually linked to them spat out blood one by one.

In other words, none of Jie’s attacks failed! In just one blow, dozens of people were disabled!

“He is a true cultivator. Be careful of his attack, don’t touch it. I have never seen anyone who could defend against his corrosion ability!” Yue Xiaofei reported as his memory of that year resurfaced bit by bit.

However, Bai Xiaofei acted like he hadn’t heard the reminder and teleported behind Jie!

“Why would anyone want to be a watchdog?”

Bai Xiaofei’s faint voice startled Jie, who decisively turned around and slapped down his palm that was covered in dark energy at Bai Xiaofei’s head. Bai Xiaofei didn’t delay either. His right claw covered in a golden flame grabbed Jie’s hand.

The two powerful energies collided. For the first time, the all-conquering black energy met its match as neither could hurt the other!

However, Jie’s attack was over while Bai Xiaofei had just begun. He seized Jie’s wrist and jerked, lifting him off the ground. At the same time, his paw flared with the same golden flame and went straight for Jie’s chest.

Either he didn’t attack, or every attack must be fatal!

Unfortunately, Jie decided against taking the attack head-on. His energy surged and he turned into a black mass of energy that slipped away from Bai Xiaofei’s grasp.

However, Jie had just set foot on the ground when Ferret nearby immediately challenged him. His brigade’s heavy guns had accumulated for a long time, which took their power to a new level. Moreover, Ferret didn’t only attack Jie, he included the area around him.

An earth-shaking explosion kicked up dirt into the air. Seizing this opportunity, the rest shot their best attacks. All kinds of shiny skills rained down on Jie as everyone gulped collectively and looked intently at the center of the explosion in expectation.

After such an attack, everything should have been blown into bits, right?!

However, they were disappointed as soon as the smoke cleared. A black ball slowly faded, revealing Jie. But he was not unscathed. There was a trace of blood trickling down from the corner of his mouth.

“Very good, it’s been a long time since I…”

Jie’s cold words couldn’t finish as his expression froze.

“Dragon Spear Fall!” Jiao He, who was covered in a golden energy glow, plunged down with his spear aiming at Jie’s head.

“Scram!!!” Jie roared in fury. A terrifying energy erupted and tossed Jiao He in the air.

“Not done! Star Slash!” Fan Xingyu appeared behind Jie and stabbed. A sharp sword aura turned into a silvery-white horse as it shot at Jie.

One arm flew out with blood as dark energy quickly spread from it. Jiao He and Fan Xingyu quickly retreated to avoid this desperate counterattack from Jie.

Everyone also stopped attacking and looked cautiously at the battered Jie. A tiger was the most dangerous when it was injured, and the current Jie was definitely much more horrifying than at the beginning.

However, if they pulled through this stage, he would be exhausted!

“Didn’t I ask, why would you want to be a watchdog? I bet you can’t use your full strength in that half-dead state,” Bai Xiaofei provoked.

Jie’s expression instantly became ugly.

“Looking at your reaction, it seems that I was right. I knew the moment you appeared as there’s a big difference between your vitality and a normal human’s. If my guess is correct, you should not be able to last for much longer!”

Based on the principle of angering people to death, Bai Xiaofei continued his verbal attack. At the same time, a new golden flame condensed on his hand.

“So, how are you going to stop me this time?”

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