Chapter 710: Act!

Chapter 710: Act!

After Jackdaw’s group, Bai Xiaofei had brief contact with the remaining two teams, but with a much more cordial result.

What truly surprised him was the resurrected leader, who was obviously on another level compared to the undead he had saved. Bai Xiaofei quickly realized from the brief communication how tough he was to deal with. Not to mention his strength, the fact that he could complete his resurrection spoke for itself.

After parting ways with the other two parties, Bai Xiaofei’s group stopped for a long rest and recovery, so long that everyone finally found themselves unable to sit still. If it weren’t for the old members sitting around Bai Xiaofei, someone would have made a fuss.

“Are you sure they will act first if we don’t move?” Ferret frowned in doubt.

According to Bai Xiaofei, they were waiting for any other party to test the waters, then act accordingly after having a rough idea of the demon king’s power. However, Ferret thought no one would be so foolish to volunteer themselves into trouble, so waiting was a waste of time.

“Don’t worry, curiosity can’t stand the test of time. I can’t be sure about that resurrected person, but the other two groups will definitely move.” Bai Xiaofei revealed a crafty smile and looked confidently at Ferret. “So, we only have to wait.”

“What about you? Aren’t you curious? What makes you think you can hold back your curiosity and they can’t?” Ferret asked, obviously trying to make it difficult for Bai Xiaofei.

“Very simple, because they are big names, while I am a nobody. I can sit here disregarding everything as I don’t care about the opinions of anyone in my group, but they can’t.” Bai Xiaofei grinned and ignored Ferret’s manner. “They are used to sitting on their high horses and the fear of death has gradually faded from their subconscious mind, but I’m different. I am more afraid of death than anyone else. Compared to my life, curiosity is nothing important.”

The explanation stupefied Ferret and extinguished his irritation. He had to admit that Bai Xiaofei was right. Not only Jackdaw or the others, but even Ferret himself also had this problem. Getting used to being a mighty expert would uncontrollably give birth to the pride in one’s heart. It was a good thing most of the time, but it could also blind the person.

After everyone’s doubts were answered, Bai Xiaofei’s group continued to wait. However, they didn’t have to wait for long.

The sounds and vibrations of fighting soon came from the distance. It was not hard to tell how fierce the battle was going. With one party opening the way, the rest quickly headed toward that direction. A mass battle between three parties turned the whole underground area into a slaughterhouse.

Every second that passed, a life disappeared…

“Should we go now?!” Ferret couldn’t sit still after less than five minutes. So were over 70% of the team, while the rest were those who were scared of death and did not intend to contribute at all.

“What’s the hurry? Have you heard of someone giving their all right at the start of a battle? They still have great potential!” Bai Xiaofei stopped Ferret.

Ferret was choked by anger, but in the end he sat back down with a cold snort. Wait, huh? I’ll see how long you can wait!

In the red-hot battlefield, everyone was facing a group of humanoid undead completely covered in black armor. Their injuries had no effect on their ability to act at all, and they would not leave behind a body when killed but became a black fog that drifted toward a certain spot.

Jie stood quietly beside his lord, watching the black fog constantly fusing into the latter’s body as he enjoyed it with his eyes closed.

That year, the demon king had used half of his energy to summon these undead creatures in order to prevent this energy from being sealed. To weaken the seal, the remaining half of his energy had nearly been exhausted. As long as the energy from the undead returned to his body, it would be only a split second before he broke free from his shackles!

“Congratulations to my Lord, the bait has caught the big fish. Right after you regain your energy and eat them, at least 80% of your strength will be recovered. At that time, this continent will surely be your plaything!” Jie congratulated the demon king, his voice brimming with joy.

“Don’t worry, you will get not a single thing less of what I have promised you. When I devour all the creatures on this continent, we will kill our way back. Whatever that ‘lord god’ thing is, it will be trash!” The demon king sneered.

“Anything you say, my Lord!” Jie got down on one knee. He had been waiting for this moment for several hundred years. For hundreds of years, he had been in this undead state. If it weren’t for the searing hatred that kept him going, he would have destroyed himself a long time ago.

Their conversation was unheard by anyone. Everyone thought that slaying the undead was weakening the strength of the demon king, even Bai Xiaofei was no exception.

“Alright, we’re going!” commanded Bai Xiaofei upon seeing the intensity of the fighting gradually weaken.

The group of five hundred bored people immediately rushed out. They had found many storage bracelets on the skeletons and gathered plenty of precious items. Now they only needed to get out of here to make a fortune. Therefore, there was no one who was not serious about this battle!

The road was unexpectedly smooth. Since they had waited for quite a long time, almost all the undead had poured into the battle, while the ones who approached were all quickly blown into black fog. In this way, they advanced straight to the heart of the crypt.

Realizing that their group was a huge threat, the undead hurriedly flocked over. Unfortunately for them, Jackdaw and the other parties took this as a retreat. Their confidence was boosted and they stepped up their game to stop the undead in place.

“Jie! Take this. Stop them using any way you must!” The demon king felt a great crisis from the approach of Bai Xiaofei’s group. After throwing a blood-red ball to Jie, he accelerated the absorption of the black fog.

It was now a race to see who was faster!

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