Chapter 69 The Final Trump Card, a Group of Demon Apes!

As soon as Bai Xiaofei finished speaking, a wave of extremely clamorous noises suddenly sounded out from within the thick forest, and it seemed like an enormous army was crushing its way through!

For a time, Qin Lingyan and the others revealed expressions of shock. With their understanding of the Infinite Mountain Range, it was obvious to them what this sort of clamorous noise meant!

Sure enough, calamity descended after a short moment!

Extremely strong Demon Apes ran out from within the forest one after the other, and it was exceedingly obvious that their target was the two parties in battle!

Demon Apes were Brilliant Rank magical beasts that lived in groups, and their leader was at least at the Spiritual Rank!

“Go, let the Savage Class retreat first! Senior, you return to the academy to get reinforcements!” Qin Lingyan reacted at the first possible moment and took all the responsibility. Her final sentence was spoken to He Meng because he possessed the swiftest speed among everyone present.

But, in the next second, a scene that stunned them appeared.

The group of apes actually stopped in unison after encircling everyone, and they stood there staring fiercely at everyone. Subsequently, a Demon Ape that looked much larger than the other apes slowly stood before Bai Xiaofei and lowered its head.

“Yuan, I’m sorry for troubling you.” Bai Xiaofei smiled kindly to Yuan, the leader of the Demon Apes. After he received Yuan’s excited reply, he looked towards Qin Lingyan and the others standing in the center.

“Sorry for shocking you, senior sister. Your words really moved me; thus so long as you’re willing to admit defeat, it will end here today.”

Earlier, Qin Lingyan’s instinctive reaction was to protect everyone from the Savage Class while she stayed behind to cover their retreat. These actions of separating private from public interest were enough to make anyone feel admiration, including Bai Xiaofei…

On the other hand, the reason the group of Demon Apes were willing to listen to Bai Xiaofei was because fate had tied them together. At that fateful moment, two Enlightened Rank magical beasts had been pursuing the group of Demon Apes, and when they had driven Yuan into a corner, Bai Xiaofei had appeared with Huskie.

The Thunder Devouring Tiger had then ascended the stage, and Bai Xiaofei had successfully scared away the two Enlightened Rank magical beasts, allowing him to win the good impression of the group of Demon Apes.

The reason Bai Xiaofei had been willing to lend a hand was because his fourth mother had once told him that ape-type magical beasts always sought to repay the kindness of others and that they were the easiest for humans to communicate with.

This was why Bai Xiaofei had taken the risk to stand out when he had encountered a group of Demon Apes in danger, and now it seemed his actions had been worth it!

Furthermore, Huskie hadn’t been with Bai Xiaofei at the beginning of the match because he had gone to talk with Yuan. Humans had human speech, and beasts had beast speech, so Huskie was absolutely Bai Xiaofei’s most qualified translator…

“You called them over?” Qin Lingyan had a slightly strange expression, and it was impossible to discern if it was rage or something else.

“Exactly. After all, senior sister only said that teachers couldn’t participate, but you never mentioned magical beasts.” Bai Xiaofei grinned, his sly nature once again revealed. Qin Lingyan cursed madly in her heart.

I didn’t say so!

But which normal person would think that you’d seek the help of magical beasts!

You had so many magical beasts to help you, yet you fought with us for so long? Were you playing tricks on us to have fun?!

Countless thoughts gushed into her mind, and Qin Lingyan couldn’t help but feel frustrated. She’d originally thought she’d come to teach Bai Xiaofei a lesson, but now it would seem she’d still fallen into Bai Xiaofei’s trap…

But who could do anything about this?

Bai Xiaofei was like a box full of traps! One trap after another would come out of him, so who could be on guard against them all!?

“Senior Sister Lingyan, actually, the misunderstanding between us isn’t something that can’t be explained. Once I get back, I’ll immediately declare that I alone had done everything that had happened in the past before apologizing. Moreover, I won’t speak a single word about what happened today. Of course, I hope that seniors can keep some things a secret for us as well.”

Bai Xiaofei appeared to be extremely sincere, and even though he’d gained the upper hand, he didn’t have the intention of crushing the five of them.

For a time Qin Lingyan went silent, and the other four looked at her and silently waited. Even He Meng was no exception.

He was extremely unwilling, but it wasn’t a problem for so many Demon Apes to tire him to death. Besides that, even if he was killed and the academy wanted to investigate the matter, Bai Xiaofei wouldn’t be the one blamed…

“But we’ve lost this battle, right?” Everyone was stunned as soon as Qin Lingyan spoke because no one knew what these words of hers meant.

“Senior sister, you underestimated your enemies. Your impression of us is still stuck at a group of new students at the Apprentice Rank, and you had overlooked that we would improve. At the same time, you didn’t consider the arrangements I would make. Otherwise, even if we did improve, so long as you didn’t let me choose the venue of the battle, the combat strength you had all revealed wouldn’t have been something we could have dealt with.” Bai Xiaofei didn’t answer Qin Lingyan’s question directly, and he made an objective analysis instead. Everyone’s expressions eased up slightly the instant Bai Xiaofei finished speaking.

This was a very good answer indeed.

He admitted the facts but didn’t harm Qin Lingyan and the others’ dignity.

“Don’t let me find out that you used my name to trick and mislead others again!” Qin Lingyan compromised and spoke with a cold voice, and the rock in everyone’s hearts was put down. Only He Meng still stared fixedly at Bai Xiaofei.

Unlike Qin Lingyan, his hatred had come from being played the fool…

“You don’t have to worry about this, senior sister. Tricking and misleading people is something only a person who doesn’t have a stable foundation would do, but I have one now, so there’s no longer a need to do such things.” Bai Xiaofei grinned as he gazed at the members of the Savage Class in the surroundings, and all of them started smirking one after the other.

They knew Bai Xiaofei was talking about them.

“I hope you’ll remember. Let’s go!” Qin Lingyan didn’t reveal a friendly expression to Bai Xiaofei during the entire process, and she led the others through the path the Demon Apes had opened up, leaving the venue.

Bai Xiaofei wasn’t worried at all that they would play any tricks because the Demon Apes wouldn’t give them a single chance.

After their figures completely vanished from their view, it was unknown who started it, but the sounds of cheering resounded out from Bai Xiaofei’s entire group like an infectious disease, causing even the Demon Apes to roar excitedly with them.

Magical beasts were just that simple. After they took you to be their friends, they would be happy when you were happy.

“Let’s go to the infirmary?” Lin Li nervously looked at Bai Xiaofei, still thinking about his injuries. In return she received Bai Xiaofei’s extremely gentle gaze.

“Don’t worry, my life is as hard as a rock. How could a small injury like this possibly affect—” Bai Xiaofei hadn’t finished speaking when he fell straight towards the ground and directly into Lin Li’s embrace, causing him to have an intimate encounter with some pair of soft things. Unfortunately, he was unconscious at this moment…

“Bai Xiaofei!” Lin Li immediately exclaimed in shock. Before the members of the Savage Class could even come over, however, a figure had instantly charged to their sides, and her anxiousness wasn’t the least bit inferior to Lin Li’s.

“Let me see!” The person who had arrived was precisely Xue Ying. She’d been accompanying Lei Shan at the scene during the entire battle, and she’d charged over the instant she’d seen Bai Xiaofei faint.

“He has lost too much blood! Stop the bleeding and prepare to return to the academy!” Xue Ying, who’d always been calm, instantly became flustered, and she only calmed down when Lei Shan’s steady voice resounded.

“Leave him to me.”


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