Chapter 707: More Help!

Chapter 707: More Help!

“Sweeping through Thousands!”

Powerful energy gushed out as Jiao He completely disregarded the fact that he was attacking his own people. However, he of course didn’t intend to kill them…

The brigade members were swept out, while Jiao He rushed toward the vice captain, Fin. To be able to attack Ferret effectively, Fin’s ability to create illusion clones must be limited, otherwise, even a peak Exquisite Rank expert would be exhausted to death when fighting the Hellfire Brigade.

Seeing Jiao He rushing at him, Fin hesitated. The Hellfire Brigade had crossed blows with Jiao He before and they all knew how disgusting the fellow was. He was obviously an Exquisite Rank expert, yet he neglected his own puppet and instead focused on practicing martial arts. The most irritating thing was that he even had obtained a huge achievement, to the point that he got famous for it!

As one of the few successful representatives of dual cultivation on the continent, Jiao He combined puppet mastery and martial arts perfectly with his special physique thanks to his scaly dragon descent.

For example, right now! Jiao He had appeared in front of Fin in a golden flash and raised his spear.

“Breaking Mountains!”

“Stop!!” Ferret naturally would not watch his aide get hurt. With a furious roar, the fire ocean around him instantly surrounded Jiao He and a big hand condensed from fire grasped the spear. At the same time, the fire hand expanded into a monster five meters high.

“Distraction is not good, your opponent is me,” muttered Fan Xingyu as he placed his hand on his sheathed Star Sword’s handle.

Hidden-sword style!

Knowing his situation was not good, Ferret hurriedly ordered the huge stove to shield him. However, the fatal attack he imagined did not come as Fan Xingyu suddenly turned toward Fin. A sonic-speed pull-and-sheath of the sword split the terrifying-looking fire monster in half!

As if having anticipated this outcome, Jiao He never made any moves to defend the monster. Such tight cooperation without communication left the opponents no time to react, so when Jiao He placed his hand on Fin’s head, the latter’s face was full of consternation.

“Dragon Lock!”

A spring of energy poured out and firmly locked Fin where he stood. It was impossible to break free for a Grandmaster Rank in close range with Jiao He.

Turning to Ferret, both Jiao He and Fan Xingyu smiled.

“Jiao He, you traitor! After I report to the Lord about this, you are dead!” Ferret solemnly stared at Jiao He, but inwardly he was a little disheartened.

Although he was an Exquisite Rank who had opened six apertures, he was only proficient in group battles. With the right conditions, he and his Hellfire Brigade could destroy an entire legion, but in a one-on-one situation, he could not even beat two Exquisite Rank puppet masters who only had three apertures opened…

“Traitor or not, you will know soon, and you can’t intervene in what decisions the Lord makes. Now, you should really watch your back. Really make me wonder what your all-round perspective is good for.” Jiao He shook his head.

At this ‘reminder,’ Ferret’s expression froze. The next second, Bai Xiaofei appeared behind Ferret. A golden flame gushed out and wrapped up the latter!

“Hello, Captain Ferret. This little one is Bai Xiaofei.” Through the flames, Bai Xiaofei revealed a faint smile.

As soon as he saw that the opponent was only a Grandmaster, Ferret’s first reaction was to kill him. However, when his hellfire met Bai Xiaofei’s invincible shield, he knew that he had no chance.

However, the killing blow that Ferret imagined didn’t happen. Bai Xiaofei retracted the deadly golden flame that was making Ferret feel a threat to his core.

“Although it has been an impolite way to meet, extraordinary times call for extraordinary methods. Let me introduce myself again: student of the 199th generation of Starnet College, Bai Xiaofei of the Demon of Illusions.”

Upon Bai Xiaofei’s introduction, Ferret calmed down.

Despite his fury, Ferret had his principles. Not to mention that he loathed sneaky ambushes and underhanded attacks, it had been obvious that the other party never intended to kill him and his team.

“We don’t have any enmity, do we?” Ferret voiced his doubt. The other party obviously came with a purpose, or else they wouldn’t have made such a fuss, but Ferret couldn’t figure out this purpose no matter how hard he thought.

“Of course not. In fact, we currently share a common interest. I’m afraid that Captain Ferret doesn’t know what’s going on and I can explain it to you.” Bai Xiaofei smiled.

After some hesitation, Ferret’s face relaxed.

Then, Bai Xiaofei explained the situation with the demon king. Ferret was stunned at first before he looked angrily at Jiao He. If it weren’t for chasing him, how could I have gotten into this hellhole?!

“So to summarize, we are in a very bad situation?” Ferret asked dubiously.

“I don’t know exactly how bad, but I believe that if we don’t handle it, none of us can guess how difficult it is to deal with that devil,” Bai Xiaofei said sincerely while nodding seriously.

“Fine, we’ll follow you, but don’t try to make us do anything!” Ferret heaved a sigh of relief.
However, he only half-agreed. The sliver of trust that came from Bai Xiaofei showing mercy just now was not enough for him to let himself be ordered around.

“I never intended to make anyone do anything. We all came together because we have a common goal: to survive. After all, this is in no way a good place to bury our bones.” Bai Xiaofei smiled before turning to Yue Xiaofei. “Next?”

“A big group, at least seven or eight hundred people. Are we going?” Yue Xiaofei looked reluctant.

“A big group…?” Bai Xiaofei also hesitated. After a while, he finally decided, “Forget big groups. Even if they don’t have us, they will eventually confront the demon king anyway. What we have to do is to gather those without purpose.”

Bai Xiaofei often didn’t give adequate reasons, but no one opposed his decision. They weren’t fools, so they could understand what he was implying.

Being under another’s roof could never beat being one’s own master!

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