Chapter 706: Hellfire Brigade!

Chapter 706: Hellfire Brigade!

“Captain, someone’s approaching!” alerted the scar-faced vice captain who suddenly walked close to the captain as their seemingly messy team advanced.

“Squad 1 and 2 form up, Squad 3 hide!” Captain Ferret instantly responded.

His people were even faster to carry out the orders. In the blink of an eye, they had reformed into a new formation while Squad 3 disappeared into the dark surroundings.

Just as everyone was holding their breath, a bright spot suddenly appeared in midair, and then an extremely piercing aura fell upon them.

“Above!” shouted Ferret.

In unison, Squad 1 and Squad 2 raised their gun puppets, the tips of which glowed deep-red from having charged for a long time. They pulled the triggers, shooting a volley of fire bullets toward the bright spot.

Their guns were Fire Demon Roars, a very special heavy gun puppet: the longer they charged, the more the output damage would multiply without limits, given that the puppet masters had enough energy.

Since the group was formed of Grandmaster Rank experts, the bullet volley formed by ten people was enough to even threaten an average Exquisite Rank puppet master!

“Frenzied Stars!”

Just as the attack was about to hit the target, however, a voice echoed and tiny sparks appeared around the bright spot, accurately stopping the energy bullets to the very last one.

At the same time, Ferret saw the face of the person in the air.

“Fan Xingyu!” Ferret gnashed his teeth. After a brief inner struggle, he summoned his most powerful puppets in one breath.

A black fog speedily spread out and opened a special field. All gun puppets of the team members inside lit up at the same time. This field activated by Ferret’s puppet Hell Realm was an ability of the same name. It would suppress the power of the opponents while increasing the power of all Fire Demon Roars in its territory!

And this was not the end. The vice captain also summoned his puppet, a wooden puppet that looked like it could fall apart at any moment. Despite being a Grandmaster Rank, it was his only puppet.

Filled with the owner’s energy, the wooden puppet melted into Hell Realm. A while later, one illusory figure after another emerged.

This was the ability of the support puppet, Hell Phantom, which linked with the captain’s puppet Hell Realm and produced illusory clones of one’s team members inside the Hell Realm skill. The clones all had the power of an average Grandmaster Rank, and their attacks would all be energy-types.

The illusory clones all pointed their guns up, obviously wanting to blow Fan Xingyu into smithereens.

However, although the display looked grand, Ferret didn’t look relaxed at all. He proceeded to activate his other puppets. A deep-red flame erupted and turned the whole field into an ocean of fire. Next, a huge stove appeared and doubled the temperature of the field. Finally, an ancient-looking chessboard materialized, projecting a bird’s-eye view of the entire battlefield in Ferret’s mind.

Right at that time, the second wave of attacks came at Fan Xingyu.

“Twinkle Stars!”

A sharp sword aura spread out all around Fan Xingyu, once again nullifying the brigade’s attack. While blocking two waves of attacks in a row, he also approached the Hellfire Brigade. Only then did everyone know how he had been able to travel in the air –

He was stepping on his sword aura!

Turning the invisible into tangible. For Fan Xingyu, it didn’t matter what kind of puppet he owned as long as he had a sword in his hand!

“Shattering the Galaxy!” The sword mercilessly slashed downward, and a wind blade as sharp as a sword that had been tempered many times fell upon the brigade.

Ferret’s eyes followed the attack with utmost focus. He raised his hand, and the ocean of fire flared up into the sky to meet the wind blade.

The two attacks collided in midair and stagnated there, but neither Fan Xingyu nor the Hellfire Brigade waited.

The diligent gun puppets fired another round of bullets, while Fan Xingyu sneered and pointed his sword at Ferret’s head.

“Flashing Stars!” he said.

A flash of light teleported Fan Xingyu right in front of Ferret and his sword pierced the latter’s chest. Unfortunately, it didn’t feel like the attack had landed on a solid entity. At that instant when he arrived, Ferret had switched places with his illusory clone and reappeared in the distance.

This was another bonus of the clone skill. The whole Hellfire Brigade centered around Ferret as every members’ puppets were linked to his Hell Realm. He was not strong individually, he was strong as his whole team!

The sacrifice of the clone won an opportunity for Ferret. The raging fire ocean instantly engulfed Fan Xingyu in a huge fire cocoon.

“Wandering Sword!”

Fan Xingyu swung his blade in a circle. The familiar 360-degree sword aura spread and not only extinguished all the flames but also sent all members of the Hellfire Brigade flying.

“Squad 3!” shouted Ferret.

At his order, the hidden members instantly launched attacks from all directions.

His lips curled up into a disdainful sneer, Fan Xingyu used his sword to accurately deflect all the bullets. Even the shockwaves caused by the explosions when the bullets met his sword couldn’t affect his armor that was formed of sword energy.

A swordsman only moves forward. As long as Fan Xingyu’s spirit was unbeaten, his sword was invincible. Therefore, no matter who he fought, he never retreated, even when facing Ferret who was an Exquisite Rank puppet master with a whole brigade assisting him!

However, Ferret had fought Fan Xingyu before and knew his weakness: his burst output was powerful, but his endurance was insufficient. Using sword aura at such great intensity was taxing on Fan Xingyu’s spirit. He was still a long way from reaching the state of harmony between man and sword, so he would lose if the fight dragged on.

“Fan Xingyu, you die today!” declared Ferret coldly.

The fire ocean flared again and the brigade members quickly scattered into a big circle around Fan Xingyu.

“My dear Captain Ferret, you think I’m seeking death by coming to you? Did you forget that I was never alone?” Fan Xing retorted.

The next second, a loud dragon roar echoed and a golden figure rushed at Ferret.

“Jiao He!!!” Ferret gnashed his teeth when he saw the person with the help of his sky-view perspective.

You annoying f*cker! How many times have you helped this damn Fan Xingyu?!

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