Chapter 0705: Recruitment!

Chapter 0705: Recruitment!

After using teleportation to ambush and kill the undead, Bai Xiaofei slowly landed.

Having narrowly escaped death, the first reaction of Jiao He and Fan Xingyu wasn’t gratitude toward Bai Xiaofei, but to glare at each other.

“Surnamed Fan, what this lord just said doesn’t count. Sooner or later, you will die by my hands!” Jiao He shouted and turned away to hide his beet-red face.

“You took the words right out of my mouth. I, Fan Xingyu, will never be done with you. If I don’t get rid of you, I won’t be able to pass my days in peace!” Fan Xingyu had the same reaction, only that his language was more civilized.

In fact, he used to be even more civilized than this, but being around Jiao He for too long had tainted him.

Bai Xiaofei watched the two bicker with a wry smile. These two are a little interesting!

“Two seniors, although I don’t want to disturb you, I think there is something…”

“You saved my life, so I owe you a favor. Just say it, no need to beat around the bush,” Jiao He interrupted with a bossy attitude that very much asked for a beating. However, he had the strength to back it up…

“The kindness of a droplet of water should be repaid with a spring. Little brother, I know that you may have other purposes, but it is a fact that you saved my life. As long as it does not defy morality, I, Fan Xingyu, will help you!” As if competing with Jiao He, Fan Xingyu immediately gave a similar answer.

A dumbstruck Bai Xiaofei then smiled awkwardly and took a long time to recover. Well damn, so this lord is wrong to be courteous to you, huh?

“Well, since you are so straightforward, I will be as well. I need your help. We will talk about the details on the road. No matter what issues exist between you two, I hope you can put aside your differences…”

“Impossible!” Jiao He and Fan Xingyu yelled at once. ‘Putting aside your differences’ had touched their bottom line!

Once again, Bai Xiaofei was rendered speechless.

In the end, he finally figured out their relationship after some more ‘torture.’ The phrase ‘love-hate relationship’ was definitely tailored for them.

Therefore, Bai Xiaofei got them with one simple word: Compete!

The two immediately got competitive. Absorbing the Starnet Stones that Bai Xiaofei provided them, they quickly recovered back to their top conditions and used all their strength not on each other, but on wiping out skeletons. The number of skeletons killed was what they were competing on.



After clearing out the surrounding skeletons, Jiao He and Fan Xingyu reported their counts. Fan Xingyu had gained the upper hand by one.

“Err, perv, where did you find these two dorks?” Leng Liuying poked Bai Xiaofei as she gulped, one reason being their perverse strength and the other their bizarre characters.

“You’ll have to ask Yue Xiaofei. It’s him who found them.” Bai Xiaofei laughed awkwardly.

Since Jiao He and Fan Xingyu joined the team, the others hadn’t gotten a chance to act at all. Those two were like hungry wolves seeing striking beauties when they saw any skeletons, extremely energetic for fear of being bested by the other.

A love-hate relationship to this extent was truly unheard of.

“I can only detect powerful targets. As for what kind of people we’ll run into, I can’t guarantee.” Yue Xiaofei donned an innocent expression. In order to change the subject, he pointed to the front. “Another one is not far away, but you have to talk to those two because the target this time is not a living person, but an undead. I am afraid that the target will be chopped into pieces as soon as they meet.”

Yue Xiaofei looked helpless. This kind of situation was very likely to happen!

Bai Xiaofei awkwardly agreed. Biting the bullet, he solemnly explained the situation to the two experts before emphasizing over and over that they could not act rashly.

Although the two nodded in agreement, Bai Xiaofei found them perfunctory, because they only had each other in their eyes and didn’t even give him a glance.

Tightly keeping his attention on the two, Bai Xiaofei led the group in the direction that Yue Xiaofei had pointed. Before long, they felt a strong energy fluctuation, along with the spread of which a dozen fluctuations dissipated rapidly.

“It seems that the one we are looking for is putting their power on a big display.”

Bai Xiaofei had just made a joke when a figure suddenly emerged from the ground. From the panic on this person’s face, he was definitely running for his life.

“Run! There’s a…”

Before the person could finish, a long, narrow blade pierced through his chest. At the same time, his body quickly dried up. As the poor guy gradually turned into a lifeless corpse, an undead who looked one-third alive appeared.

Jiao He and Fan Xingyu wanted to rush up, but Bai Xiao was fortunately quicker.

“This friend, I wonder if we can talk.” Bai Xiaofei had his guard fully up. He was prey in the target’s eyes. This buddy might just kill him if he made one wrong move.

Luckily, this one was quite sensible. After sweeping a glance at Bai Xiaofei’s group, he slowly put away his blade.

“Sorry, I’m not interested, but if you want to kill me, I don’t mind fighting you,” replied the undead icily, his manner neither overbearing nor servile as he turned to leave.

Seeing that the already impatient Jiao He and Fan Xingyu had started to fume, Bai Xiaofei quickly said,
“I know you kill people for the sake of completing your resurrection. What if I can help you finish this process quickly? You don’t know when your current state will suddenly shut down, do you? If your soul is forced to leave your body before you complete your resurrection, won’t you be wasting your energy?”

Hearing this, the undead froze.

Admittedly, Bai Xiaofei’s comment was deadly tempting to any undead. Being alive again was the wish of every one of them.

“I don’t want to be a pawn of others. As for what you said, I will take it as a reminder to speed up!” said the undead before resuming his steps.

Bai Xiaofei sighed.

“Just cripple him. I’ll see if there is any possibility of having a talk…”

Before Bai Xiaofei could finish, a strong breeze had blown past his face as Jiao He and Fan Xingyu both dashed out.

We’ve been waiting for that!

The fight was extremely tragic, but only for the undead. Although he was strong, he was not strong enough to hold out against two top Exquisite Rank puppet masters.

“Alright, now that the situation is different, I think we can have a good talk.” Squatting in front of the battered undead, Bai Xiaofei wore a mean smile.

What’s the point of struggling? If you were obedient, it would have saved you the suffering…

“Now you have two options. One: be killed by me, because I have no habits of leaving future trouble for myself. Two: I completely resurrect you, and then you help me kill the demon king so that we can all live. As for what you want to do after leaving here, it will be your business and I will not interfere.”

As long as one was not an idiot, they would know which one to choose. The undead was not aloof to the point that he could ignore death. After all, he had died once.

After Bai Xiaofei ‘donated’ his blood again, the Demon-King Destroyer Team grew a little stronger. The new member was called Tu Ying1, an assassin-type abler. Just like Yue Xiaofei, he had no puppet, and it seemed that they didn’t dare to reveal too much about themselves, so Bai Xiaofei could only label them ‘ablers.’

“Little Xiaofei, you have the ability to detect people, don’t you?” Jiao He suddenly approached Yue Xiaofei with an evil smile that ran a chill down his spine.

“Well, yes…” Yue Xiaofei said weakly, looking scared as if Jiao He would eat him.

“Then help me find a group of people. Isn’t Savior Bai looking for reliable teammates? Believe me, they are absolutely reliable, and they are violent enough. But they won’t dare to be rude with me here.” Jiao He winked at Yue Xiaofei.

Fan Xingyu immediately stood up.

“Your cruelty is reliable? That’s the biggest joke in the world!” With a cold snort, Fan Xingyu expressed an opposite opinion. “Aside from Shadow Death, you are definitely the cruelest organization in the whole continent. To some extent, the people that died from your torture don’t seem to be less than that of Shadow Death.”

Fan Xingyu’s voice grew colder toward the end. Jiao He’s expression constantly changed in anger.

“Bullsh*t! Nothing but rumors! Besides, who on this continent dares to say that they have no blood on their hands? The road of the strong has always been full of corpses. In competing for better resources, certain actions are absolutely necessary!” Jiao He’s defense was quite accurate. At least, Bai Xiaofei and the others agreed.

“Fine, I won’t argue with you about that, but is what you said about those cruel brutes not daring to be reckless in your presence credible? If my memory serves me right, those people were following you here to capture you back!” Fan Xingyu sneered.

Jiao He was rendered speechless. Indeed, the people looking for him were to drag him back…

“Little Fatty2, find them,” Bai Xiaofei lightly uttered.

The two arguing people were immediately stunned before two opposite expressions appeared on her faces respectively. One was excited, the other was disdainful.

“Even if the people of Shadow Death were here, I would still use their power!” Bai Xiaofei fully made clear his stance in one sentence.

Fan Xingyu, who was about to say something, swallowed back his words.

Indeed, now was not the time to be choosy!

1. Tu Ying means ‘killing shadow’
2. Xiaofei in Yue Xiaofei means ‘little fatty’

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