Chapter 704: Love-Hate Couple!

Chapter 704: Love-Hate Couple!

“What’s the matter? Is there something wrong about it?” asked Bai Xiaofei with a frown. It was easy for him to sense emotions, not to mention that Yue Xiaofei didn’t mean to hide at all.

“Although they are two different methods, there’s virtually no difference between them because as far as I know, the only teleportation formation here is where the demon king is sealed. Whether we want it or not, we have to face him.” Yue Xiaofei also felt desperate about this.

This was really no good news.

“If it can’t be avoided, there’s no need to trouble ourselves dwelling on it,” Bai Xiaofei decided after a long silence. The cloud over his head cleared and he looked determined.

In any case, we must live. As for the so-called demon king, let’s leave the worry to after we see him!

Hearing this, everyone was startled, then smiles bloomed on their faces.

Some had trust in Bai Xiaofei, some felt hope from the fact that the demon king was still sealed, but in any case, they all agreed upon one matter: they were going to meet the demon king!

“Yue Xiaofei, I don’t know if you will be able to return to your world, but I will do what I promised you.” Bai Xiao walked to Yue Xiaofei and used his sharp claws to cut his wrist.

As the blood flowed out, Yue Xiaofei’s eyes glowed as he stared wide like a hungry vampire. How is this even possible?! How can a human have such strong vitality in their blood?!

Suppressing his shock, Yue Xiaofei looked at Bai Xiaofei in disbelief.

“What are you staring at me for? My wound will close in a while,” Bai Xiaofei urged.

Yue Xiaofei immediately inched closer and with his energy as the guide, Bai Xiaofei’s blood flowed toward his body…

The whole blood-sucking lasted for 30 minutes. When Yue Xiaofei stopped, vitality had returned to his body. The long-lost feeling of existing made him tear up.

I live again! I’m alive!

Yue Xiaofei didn’t know what to say. He just gazed at Bai Xiaofei as if he was gazing at the love of his life.

“If you keep staring at me like this, I don’t mind sending you back into reincarnation,” said Bai Xiaofei solemnly.

Yue Xiaofei hurriedly looked away. Even if this was just a joke, he was still scared!

“Now that you’ve returned to life, let’s go and meet this demon king!” Leng Liuying was always the most active one. She was still curious even if the topic was something that could take her life.

“No! No way! If we just go like this, we won’t be able to see him!” Yue Xiaofei roared emotionally as soon as this topic was brought up.

“What do you mean?” A’First also got worked up. He never liked Yue Xiaofei, who had suddenly appeared and monopolized Bai Xiaofei’s attention. Therefore, he reacted most intensely after Yue Xiaofei changed his mind.

“The demon king’s army is undead. That year, we all risked our lives only to be able to limit them to where he is sealed. After such a long time, they should have all been resurrected. If we go there alone, we’ll be chopped into bits. We need more help!”

Yue Xiaofei’s reaction was understandable. He was undead before, but now he was a living person, afraid of losing his hard-won resurrection.

“Help? Do you mean you want us to find the others?” asked Bai Xiaofei reluctantly. He didn’t have a friendly relationship with the other groups. Take Jackdaw, for example, he had already thoroughly offended them.

“Yes, we must find enough people. Whether the people of your world or resurrected people like me, we must have enough helpers. With you, a special existence, we can win over some very powerful resurrected people. Their help will make matters much easier!” Yue Xiaofei even took into account Bai Xiaofei’s special ability, but the latter found the feeling of being used as a blood bag a bit strange.

“Humph! As if we’ve seen many people along the way. Even our own people were laborious to find. With you lot killing the other living people, we’d be lucky to even find their bodies.” A’First still didn’t like Yue Xiaofei, his tone was full of thorns.

“You don’t have to worry about this. I may not be good at fighting, but when it comes to finding people, no one is better than me!” Yue Xiaofei proudly patted his fat jiggly chest. When he was undead, he didn’t have so much meat…

As the group hit the road to search, somewhere in the underground ruins, a bold voice resounded.

“Fan Xingyu, hurry up, will you? Don’t tell me you can’t even handle a bunch of dead bodies!”

Swinging his heavy spear, Jiao He conjured a mass of golden light and swept the incoming skeletons into broken bones. They couldn’t recover from this attack despite having immortal souls.

At the same time, a dozen storage bracelets flew from the bones towards Jiao He, who laughed unbridledly. The undead that was a nightmare for others, was but deliverymen of storage bracelets to him. They made his mission many times faster than going everywhere to collect them.

Stowing the bracelets, Jiao He suddenly leaped away. Moments later, a light blade fell from the air at where he just stood and slashed the pile of bones into shards. However, because Jiao He had reaped the spoils, this attack of Fan Xingyu was a wasted effort.

“Jiao He, today next year will be your death anniversary!”

Fan Xingyui’s sword energy surged and shot out in all directions. It swept away all the attacks from the skeletons and also disjointed them.

Then, the sword energy continued to shoot toward Jiao He. However, as the attack was about to reach the target, an illusory figure of a dragon suddenly appeared and blocked it.

“I’d be rude if I don’t return the favor!” Jiao He turned around and swung his spear at Fan Xingyu.

Seeing Jiao He no longer running, Fan Xingyu was delighted. “Finally ready to die, are you?”

The sword stabbed forth. As the two weapons met, a terrifying shockwave burst out. As if on drugs, the two fought for two hundred rounds. When they finally stopped, the surrounding ground had become lower.

“Is this all you got? Come on, don’t you claim to be the strongest swordsman? Why so restrained? Hurry and find a slutty woman to learn from, maybe you will be able to reach a new level.” Although exhausted, Jiao He, who was half-leaning on a stone, refused to lose.

Since he couldn’t lift his hands, he moved his mouth!

“I’m nothing compared to you, O’ Great Jiao He. Bragging about being a dragon and scamming ignorant villagers everywhere into worshipping you, then taken for a demon and driven out. You really earned your race some ‘great’ reputation!” Fan Xingyu’s tongue was just as sharp.

“You don’t know fart! That’s only a personal hobby of mine, and I was NOT driven out, I left on my own terms because I wanted to!”

His dark history exposed, Jiao He erupted.

“Woah, woah, angry already? Come, aren’t you a dragon? Come and fight me!“ Fan Xingyu waved his sword.

“You come here! This lord won’t move! If you can even stand, this lord will let you attack me all you want!” Jiao He actually calmed down and wiggled his finger at Fan Xingyu.

The two then glared at each other in a deadlock, neither willing to yield. Sparks flew, but just as another verbal round was about to start, an undead suddenly appeared in the air.

“You two are really interesting. I wouldn’t have dared come out if you weren’t fighting with your all like that.”

The emergence of this undead startled Jiao He and Fan Xingyu. Then, fear spread in their hearts. Although they had been fighting non-stop, they didn’t neglect their surroundings and on the contrary, always had their guard up, yet they didn’t sense this undead at all.

Therefore, the strength of this undead…

“The vitality of two top experts should be enough for me to completely resurrect!” The undead laughed hysterically. Two pitch-black masses rose from its hands, ready to be thrown at the two opponents.

“Silly worm, who could have thought that you won’t die by my hands?”

“Humph! Stupid swordsman, I should be the one saying that!”

“We can actually die together, though. I wonder if this is fate.”

“If that’s the case, then this fate is quite nice. This may be the best way for us to die.”

The two went back and forth. There was no fear in their voices and instead there was relief.

“Hey! The one in the sky!”

Just as the black masses were about to be thrown, a voice suddenly cut in. The undead turned around in surprise and saw two golden flames!

Sensing a grave crisis, the undead hurriedly threw out the black masses to counter the golden flames. However, the black masses had just left his hands when a strange face suddenly appeared in front of him.

The smile on it was so sleazy…

“Buh-bye!” said Bai Xiaofei as he launched Golden Feather’s ability. A golden flame flared and quickly turned the unwilling undead into a burning torch…

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