Chapter 702: The Lurkers Surface!

Chapter 702: The Lurkers Surface!

Seeing Lightning killed by Bai Xiaofei, the other two madly roared. If their bodies weren’t dead, their faces would have been red in fury.

“DIE!!” No.2’s power exploded. A huge wind blade as long as ten meters condensed and fell upon A’Third.

“Retreat!” Bai Xiaofei teleported to A’Third and jerked him back. At the same time, he greeted the blade.

As No.2 thought Bai Xiaofei was going to die for sure, the latter grasped the blade with his hands, and then absorbed it into his body – This energy attack was still far below what Bai Xiaofei could take!

“Back to you!” Bai Xiaofei snorted as he raised his right hand. A pure energy mass blasted out.

Caught off guard, it was too late for No.2 to escape and the attack sent him flying. However, he immediately staggered back up on his feet after hitting the ground. Even though his body was blown apart, he didn’t look like was suffering at all!

“So, only attacks on the soul are effective?” Bai Xiaofei muttered to himself and turned to Golden Feather. “Aunt Golden, I’ll leave this cripple to you!”

Then, he rushed toward the assassin.

The consecutive exchanges had made the assassin realize that he was no match for Bai Xiaofei. Looking at his big brother who was in trouble, he gritted his teeth, transformed into a black fog… and fled.

Arriving at the spot the assassin had just stood, Bai Xiaofei no longer felt any trace of his existence. On the other side, the wind-blade man was squealing like a dying pig burning in Golden Feather’s flame.

Bai Xiaofei originally wanted to capture one alive, but it seemed that idea was dashed.

After the battle was over, he quickly checked everyone’s condition. Making sure that no one was seriously injured, he heaved a sigh of relief.

“Just what are they?!” A’First was still in shock. He had never seen this kind of lifeform whose bodies were broken and yet still immortal.

“They must have been resurrected by the power of reincarnation. However, there is no perfect reincarnation in this world. If a soul doesn’t dissipate after death and lingers around, the power of reincarnation can help them into a pseudo-reincarnation, turning them into a half-human and half-ghost state,” Golden Feather explained, but very few actually really understood.

However, what was certain was that the resurrection of these people had something to do with the blood veil above them.

“Wait a minute!” A’Fourth suddenly exclaimed.

Everyone looked at him.

“So to speak, won’t all those bones we saw along the way be resurrected?! If they all have that kind of strength…” A’Fourth didn’t finish the sentence, but the panic on his face had said it all.

That was exactly the troublesome situation everyone in the crypt was facing.

“Keep your eyes peeled, watch each other’s back! Do not approach them unless you are completely sure you can beat them down!” Jackdaw roared as he swung his hand. An ice fog spread out from him and froze all of the skeletons around.

However, the others didn’t fare so well. Various attacks danced in the air but were easily defended by all kinds of strange abilities from the skeletons, and they even launched powerful counterattacks in return.

With casualties from the human party, many skeletons gradually began to grow flesh while those that died became dried corpses. This was the skeletons’ goal. They attacked the living to absorb vitality to strengthen themselves and might even be able to complete their resurrection. They had been waiting for this opportunity for way too long, so long that they would do anything for it!

One party wanted to continue to live, the other wanted to live again. No one held back in this battle. The tragic degree of the battle could be imagined.

Jackdaw’s group was not the only one being attacked. Many forces who followed behind with the plan to fish in troubled waters also surfaced with the attack of the undead…

“This old man wants you dead!!!” Feng Gao tore apart the skeleton in front of him with his bare hands. Then he turned around and slapped another one flying.

As a Grandmaster Rank martial artist, he had occupied the position of branch master of the Snow Kingdom’s Martial Artist Alliance for 14 years. He previously felt that he had no hope to advance further, but the emergence of The Ruins had rekindled his hope.

However, never had he imagined that he would be dragged into this bizarre place. From the first encounter with the skeletons and fighting until now, a third of his team had died!

Compared with puppet masters, fighters were inherently disadvantaged against undead enemies.

“Branch Master, all of our brothers will die at this rate! We have to kill a way out and find someone to cooperate with!” His sword smashing a skeleton into a pile of bones. Deputy Branch Master Feng Hanlin, who had just advanced to the Grandmaster Rank martial artist, rushed to Feng Gao. His face was distorted due to the extreme pain he was in.

“Any news from Old Third yet?!” Feng Gao was aware of their troubles, but he didn’t know which direction they should break through. The skeletons were coming from all directions and left no gap. They would be putting their lives on the line to forcefully make a way out, so he only had one chance to determine the right direction!

Before Feng Hanlin could reply, a colorful energy attack suddenly appeared. However, the targets weren’t them, but the skeleton army!

Reinforcements! Old Third made it!

“Everyone to me! Deputy Zhang has brought reinforcements to help!” Feng Gao shouted the loudest he could. His energy surged and blasted out in the direction the reinforcements were coming from.

With Feng Gao opening the way, the rest were pumped and also exploded in might. Before long, they smashed open a huge gap.

Both sides then met, and Feng Gao found out who the reinforcements were – The Puppet Master Alliance!

“Brothers of the Martial Artist Alliance, help us take care of the ones that get close. Leave the rest to us!” rang the powerful voice of the Puppet Master Alliance branch master.

Feng Gao immediately cooperated and issued orders to his team. With their cooperation of short and long range, the skeleton army who once again surrounded them could not be as reckless as before.

“Branch Master Meng, now is not the time for talk, so please pardon this old man for not giving you due courtesy!”

The branch master of the Snow Kingdom’s Puppet Master Alliance was an old man with white hair and beard. His original purpose was the same as that of Feng Gao, and now they were in the same troublesome boat.

The casualties of the Puppet Master Alliance so far weren’t few either…

“Brother Wang, where is Zhang Zhang? Didn’t he bring you here?!” Feng Gao looked extremely anxious as a bad feeling hit him.

“I’m sorry, Brother Zhang Zhang was already in an irreversible condition when he reached us…”

Once sentence sent Feng Gao’s heart to the bottom. His eyes became blood-shot and he let out an earth-shaking roar.




While everyone was amidst fierce battles, in a corner of the crypt, a group of people in different outfits was making steady progress. The skeletons around them had been beaten into a sea of white bones.

Although dressed in extremely different clothes, their puppets were surprisingly similar, they were all gun puppets.

Upon the order of the leader positioned at the center of the group, the ones at the outermost stopped attacking and the people behind replaced them with their guns fully charged. The next instant, horrifying energy attacks sprayed out and engulfed the skeletons rushing at them.

“Keep moving!” ordered the leader after the wave of skeletons were annihilated.

His people withdrew their heavy-gun puppets and began advancing in the direction of the roar.

“Captain, I can feel Jiao He’s energy fluctuations. He should be around here, but I can’t tell which direction,” a scar-faced man reported. He was holding a round plate on which was a faintly sparkling spot.

“That scum! What does our lord see in him? If he wants to die, he can just die alone. Why risk our squad?!” The captain spat bitterly, his voice full of resentment toward Jiao He.

“Captain, some things are better not said out loud…” the scar-face reminded and swept his eyes at the surrounding team members. The latter were wise to act as if they hadn’t heard anything at all.

“Humph! I, Ferret, don’t believe that any of my people are traitors! So what if I find that Jiao He annoying? If I could, I’d kill him even!“ Ferret said icily.

The scar-faced man fell silent. It would be tactless to say anything at a time like this.

“No need to look for him. We’ll continue to go deeper. If we haven't run into him before seeing that thing, we will immediately go back. Even if the boss questions me, I can tell him that I tried my best!” Ferret decided with a ruthless expression.

As all the parties fought a life-and-death battle with the undead, Bai Xiaofei’s group had dealt with three batches of people who came looking for trouble. Fortunately, there weren’t many undead eyeing them as their group wasn’t large.

After the third batch, Bai Xiaofei finally managed to capture an undead, one with a characteristic that its other friends didn’t: a good judgment of his situation!

How good? To put it simply, he would answer whatever Bai Xiaofei asked without hiding anything!

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