Chapter 701: Resurrection of the Dead!

Chapter 701: Resurrection of the Dead!

Compared to the contract with Blackie, this one took at least twice as long, and it was also the longest puppet-link that anyone here had known of.

Fortunately, it concluded safely.

When Bai Xiaofei finally stopped, he was soaked with sweat like he had just been fished out of water. The intense pain made him a little dizzy.

However, the effort was worth it. Golden Feather stood in front of everyone, completely cured. There was not even a scar left where that ferocious wound had been.

As Bai Xiaofei had said, his body and abilities were very special.

“Aunt Golden, how are you feeling?” After confirming that Bai Xiaofei was fine, Leng Liuying ran to Golden Feather.

A close relationship had started to establish between the triplets and Golden Feather after what they had gone through together.

“I’m feeling great, but it seems that my ability is now limited.” Golden Feather smiled awkwardly. You gain some, you lose some. After the contract, her life was preserved but the majority of her skills were gone. The only thing left was her special flame.

The strength of a puppet depended on the puppet master. Since Bai Xiaofei was only Grandmaster Rank, Golden Feather had slipped to the Enlightened Rank.

Thankfully, her golden flame had nothing to do with ranks as it was an innate skill, the only limitation on it was quantity.

“Aunt Golden, since Liuying calls you aunt, I will call you so in the future as well.” A pale Bai Xiaofei walked over with the support of Leng Liuli and Leng Liushuang. His expression then grew serious. “Are you familiar with this place? What the hell is going on here? And what is that roar and the blood curtain above our head?”

A series of questions had everyone’s ears perked. It was impossible not to care about something that concerned their safety.

“I’m sorry, those are not from the power of our world and I don’t know much about it, but I feel the power of reincarnation from the blood curtain,” Golden Feather replied.

Bai Xiaofei’s eyes changed.


“Yes, reincarnation.”

Golden Feather nodded seriously. Truthfully, she didn’t want to feel that kind of power here, because it wasn’t something that should appear in the world of the living!

“In my world, the death of the body is not the end. After the body dies, the soul will break away and drift to a place where undead gather. From there they will be processed to be reborn and start a new life. This kind of power is generally only available in the realm of the dead, so this blood curtain may bring us some unexpected difficulties,” she explained with a heavy expression. She didn’t want to put pressure on everyone, but keeping this from them would do no good.

“What about this, do you know it?” Bai Xiaofei took out an alien storage bracelet that he hadn’t broken, full of expectations as he presented it to Golden Feather.

Looking at the ring, Golden Feather’s expression froze, and then panic poured out from her eyes.

Bai Xiaofei’s heart jumped in excitement. She obviously knew something!

“Where did you find it?!” shouted Golden Feather. There was a mix of excitement, anger, and fear in her voice, as if she had found her mortal enemy.

“On those skeletons, we saw a lot of similar things along the way like they were mass-produced. Is there something wrong with this stuff?” Bai Xiaofei stared tightly at her.

Golden Feather calmed down and her face grew solemn. She asked him, “Remember what I told you about what happened in our world?”

Bai Xiaofei recalled and nodded.

“Those who suddenly appeared in our world all wore such bracelets, it’s their unique trait!” she said.

Bai Xiaofei was stunned. He felt like a typhoon was sweeping through his mind as he tried to string all the information together. The Ruins, alien experts that invaded other worlds, fallen sacred beings, strange props, how Lei Shan and the seniors were tight-lipped about everything…

Everything was connected, but Bai Xiaofei couldn’t grasp the missing vital point of the story no matter how hard he thought. However, he could be sure that the ancestors of Starnet Continent once had a life-and-death battle with those world invaders. And the result was evident.

Both sides lost…

“Boss, do we keep moving forward?” A’First softly interrupted Bai Xiaofei’s contemplation. This was not the place to ponder things.

“If I had another choice, I wouldn’t want to, but this direction is our only option!” said Bai Xiaofei resolutely. “Let’s go. No matter what’s ahead, I believe that this place is definitely not our burial grounds!”

There are many people and many things waiting for me outside. Even if you are really gods from another world, I’ll go all out with you!

Having strengthened his resolve and also recovered his energy, Bai Xiaofei took everyone back on the road.

However, they didn’t go far this time…

“Be careful!”

Golden Feather suddenly shouted and threw out a golden flame. The next second, a huge wind blade blasted toward the group, but it failed to get past the flame.

“How unexpected, to meet such a strong opponent just after my resurrection. How very exciting!” a crazy voice echoed, followed by the appearance of three figures. Their skin was stark white like that of the dead.

However, what made Bai Xiaofei’s group uneasy was the familiar bracelets on their wrists! From the words that had just come from these figures, their identities were evident!

“Just as I was wondering who to ask. Now we’ve got a solution!” Bai Xiaofei stepped forward, his eyes blazing.

Resurrected? Then this lord will kill you and see if you can come back to life again!

Bai Xiaofei abruptly shot out, turning into a golden blur with his extreme speed. However, the opponents showed no fear at all. One of them moved up a step and disappeared in a flash of lightning. A series of fighting sounds ensued for nearly five seconds. When it stopped, the two reappeared, standing face to face.

“Unbelievable, you can actually keep up with my speed!” exclaimed Resurrection No.2 as they looked at Bai Xiaofei with great interest.

“You guys be careful, these three are not simple!” Bai Xiaofei tested out the depths of the opponent after trading blows. If the other two also had this kind of power, then the battle would be difficult.

“Lightning, handle him quickly. We can only truly live again after killing enough people. Hell knows how long this damn state can last!”

The one who had spoken at first reminded Lightning aka Resurrection No.2. At the same time, he floated up and powerful wind energy was roused.

“Quite unlucky of you to meet us three, but we’ll remember to burn joss paper for you today next year!” As these words fell, countless wind blades rained down.

The third person also moved. A gray energy layer covered his body and he melted into the darkness.

“Old Third!” roared A’First.

A’Third stepped out. A semicircular shield appeared in his hands and perfectly blocked every single wind blade.

“The World in the MIrror!” The triplets didn’t delay in using their strongest skill. Retaining their strength at a time like would be the same as begging for death.

Replicas of Lightning and Resurrection No.1 came out of the mirror world and stood in formation around the baby foxes and phoenixes.

“Watch out!” cried Golden Feather. She raised her hand, and a thread of fire shot toward A’First.

A’First wouldn’t be stupid enough to think that she was attacking him. Years of experience allowed him to understand immediately: that assassin was targeting him! There was no doubt about his strength as he was the only Grandmaster Rank among his brothers. Without hesitation, he launched an energy shield on top of manifesting energy armor that covered his whole body.

Right then, Golden Feather’s fire thread accurately hit the stealthed assassin. However, the latter took no damage thanks to an unfamiliar protection barrier. The dagger in his hand cut through A’first’s energy shield and stabbed into his energy armor.

“If I die, I’ll drag you with me!” A’First sneered. He grabbed the assassin’s arm and let the dagger stab into his shoulder. At the same time, his light blue rope flew out.

Seeing this, the assassin turned into a mass of black fog and broke free from A’First. Clearly, he didn’t want to engage in close combat with A’First.

“You are very fast, but are you faster than teleportation?” Bai Xiaofei suddenly laughed as he stared at his opponent Lightning.

Lightning immediately had a bad feeling and decisively shouted, “Be careful of teleportation! He wants to attack you guys!”

The other two instantly put up their guard. However, the attack they imagined did not appear.

“You reminded the wrong person.”

Behind Lightning, Bai Xiaofei’s claws penetrated his chest.

His face filled with disbelief, Lightning tried to grab Bai Xiaofei’s hand, but a golden flame suddenly blazed and enveloped him.

You were resurrected via the soul, weren’t you? I just so happened to gain the ability to burn souls!

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