Chapter 700: Animate Puppet Contract!

Chapter 700: Animate Puppet Contract!

Han Che couldn’t help but frown as he looked at his replicas. He had never heard of this ability and didn’t know its characteristics. However, he had to pass them to get to Bai Xiaofei, therefore he attacked. Although the replicas could fight to some extent, their strength was at most one-third of the original. Before long, the three replicas collapsed.

At the same time, Han Che was terrified upon understanding the key feature of the triplets’ ability – it reflected part of the damage taken to the original target!

Han Che spat out a mouthful of blood after killing the replicas. This kind of direct damage to the internals was impossible to defend against unless one knew the principle behind it.

The fall of the replicas, however, was only the beginning. More came out from the mirror world and rushed at Han Che. This was the triplets’ plan, they wanted to slowly wear him down.

Han Che’s expression instantly grew ugly. Bai Xiaofei was massacring the members of the Jackdaw group while Golden Feather stood next to the triplets to protect them. He couldn’t stop any of them. It was only until this moment did he realize that Bai Xiaofei’s declaration earlier was not a joke.

“Retreat! Retreat immediately and go tell the leader what happened here!” Han Che shouted at the top of his lungs.

Those who were still alive stopped attacking in confusion. Then, they quickly understood the situation.
The remaining twenty people scattered and ran with all they had in different directions, which was the experience they had learned through countless life-and-death battles.

“Bai Xiaofei, you will die a terrible death! Hahaha!!” Han Che laughed in madness and summoned all of his puppets. In a surge of energy, the puppets trembled violently.

“He’s self-detonating!” Bai Xiaofei quickly reacted. He teleported to the Blood-Eye Fox and launched Invincibility, protecting her and the cubs under his body.

The next second, an earth-shaking shockwave spread and blew away everything in its vicinity.

Once the dust cleared, Bai Xiaofei-relit the origin lamps in the crypt. At the same time, the Starnet Brilliance on Leng Liuli dimmed.

Golden Feather slowly revealed herself from the flame wrapping her whole body. Although her strength had dropped to the Monarch Rank, it was enough to shield against the self-detonation of a Grandmaster Rank puppet master. However, the essence blood consumed to manifest the flame demoted her directly to King Rank.

“Boss! Sorry we are late.”

The ‘A’ group arrived after the fight was over and was terrified by the deafening explosion. Their guilt was greatly alleviated when they saw that everyone was all right.

“We came across two Jackdaw members on the way here. Seeing something wrong about them, I took it upon myself to capture them.” A’First reported as he shoved two frozen people to the ground.

Bai Xiaofei glanced at them and lightly uttered, “Kill.”

A’First was stunned for a second before returning to his senses and walked to the two people. His light blue rope flew out and wrapped around their necks, sending them away from this world in an extremely painful experience.

“Was it the Jackdaw people just now?” asked A’First with a nonchalant look, not revealing a hint of fear or burden.

Bai Xiaofei understood that A’first was making a statement and this pleased him greatly. A normal person would never care to offend a big organization like Jackdaw, especially the ‘A’ group, a bandit group that was already shunned or hunted by everyone. However, A’First showed almost no hesitation when Bai Xiaofei had told him to kill the two Jackdaw members, which showed that his group was sincerely on Bai Xiaofei’s side.

“Yes, I basically just destroyed one of their squadrons,” said Bai Xiaofei indifferently.

A’First gasped. Although they arrived a little late, it had only been a few minutes. Wiping out a Jackdaw group squadron in just a few minutes? What kind of strength is that?!

He unconsciously looked around. The number of dead bodies confirmed that Bai Xiaofei didn’t exaggerate. A’First couldn’t help but gulp. It seems that Bai Xiaofei had been merciful to them during their first encounter!

“A part of them escaped?” A’First gathered his wits and asked an important question. It was a terrible taboo to allow future trouble to escape.

“Can’t be helped, their squadron leader blew himself up; I had to save our people.” Bai Xiaofei didn’t mean to shirk responsibility. He also knew that it was wrong for him to do so, but if he encountered this situation again, he would still make the same choice.

“Oh well, maybe we don’t need to worry too much. There are definitely more than one or two eyeing the Jackdaw group. If they scattered, they may die at others’ hands. What you did may not get out, boss.” A’First was optimistic and relaxed even faster than Bai Xiaofei.

Bandit groups lived their lives like there was no tomorrow. They wouldn’t think much about death until it was already up in their faces.

“Even if Jackdaw knows, there’s nothing he can do to me. He won’t be able to afford the consequences of me going all out.” Bai Xiaofei shook his fist. Now he knew the importance of power. If he was an Exquisite Rank or if Illusion Demon had fully developed, he wouldn’t have to consider so much.

“What do we do now?” asked Leng Liuli. Now that their group was whole, going toward the roar was no longer their only choice.

“Find the exit. This place makes me feel very uncomfortable, and we should return first to seize the initiative.” Bai Xiaofei had already made a decision, what was left was to find his way out. He then walked to Golden Feather and softly asked, “Senior, how are you?”

He could estimate Golden Feather’s condition through her breathing to some extent. At this rate, her life would soon be like an exhausted oil lamp.

“I’m afraid I won’t make it out of here, but I should be able to send you out.” Golden Feather looked Bai Xiaofei in the eye as she gave an answer that shocked everyone. However, Bai Xiaofei had already anticipated it.

“No, your method would be to sacrifice your own life. Although I really want to get out of here, such a method will never be within my consideration.”

Hearing Bai Xiaofei’s words, everyone was struck with realization, and the delight that had just risen in their heart vanished.

Without Golden Feather, they wouldn’t have been able to hold out until now, so the group had grown much closer. It was easy to accumulate feelings in times of crisis, especially a life-and-death one.

“What’s the difference? I’m going to die soon, I’d rather do something meaningful with my remaining time and at least I can guarantee the safety of my children.“ Golden Feather lovingly gazed at the two little phoenixes.

She was willing to sacrifice herself so that Bai Xiaofei’s group would take care of her children with even more care. After all, this was her last concern.

“In fact, there is something that I have long wanted to say, but I thought it was inappropriate before. Now should be the time to say it.” Bai Xiaofei grew serious.

“What is it?” Golden Feather asked in confusion.

“Senior, if I can guarantee that you will survive, but your freedom may be limited a little, would you be willing?” Bai Xiaofei said.

Leng Liuli’s eyes widened. That’s right! You can sign an Animate Puppet Contract!

“What do you mean?” Golden Feather’s eyes lit up with hope, but the ‘freedom restricted’ part made her hesitate.

Then, Bai Xiaofei explained about puppet contracts and briefly described his ability, “The technique I cultivate has a strong healing effect, but at present, it’s only usable on me and my puppets, so this is the only way I can think of.”

There was little self-interest for Bai Xiaofei in this proposal. He actually didn’t need Golden Feather’s ability as it was offensive-oriented, which was not something he lacked.

“Very well, I am willing to be your puppet,” uttered Golden Feather after a long silence. Everyone was excited to hear this.

Bai Xiaofei slowly moved towards Golden Feather.

“Please open your mind, otherwise, I won’t be able to bear the burden of this process. The gap between us is too big,” Bai Xiaofei said truthfully. He wasn’t sure that he could remain unharmed when contracting a powerful expert from a different world.

As Golden Feather completely relaxed, the formation representing the Animate Puppet Contract slowly appeared and enveloped the two. A connection was slowly established.

Bai Xiaofei revealed a pained look, but he had long been accustomed to pain. He gritted his teeth and endured the process until the formation faded. A brand was engraved in the souls of both parties. Then, his energy gushed out toward Golden Feather’s wounds.

“Starnet Stones!!!” roared Bai Xiaofei suddenly upon realizing his energy was insufficient.

The triplets hurriedly piled up the Starnet Stones from their rings next to him.

The Endless State was fully operational as Bai Xiaofei became a transit point for energy…

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