Chapter 70 Collective Class

After he took Bai Xiaofei from her and raised up Bai Xiaofei’s uniform, which had been dyed red with blood since a long time ago, an arc of lightning appeared on Lei Shan’s index finger. He then swiped it down lightly, causing the injury to instantly heal under the effects of the lightning.

Subsequently, a golden medicinal pill appeared in Lei Shan’s hand, and once he fed it to Bai Xiaofei, Bai Xiaofei’s pale countenance swiftly turned rosy at a speed visible to the eye.

Nearby, Xue Ying and the others were dumbstruck because the perception of everyone in the outside world of Lei Shan was that of a mighty and awe-inspiring Thunder Emperor. Never had they imagined he would actually be able to play the role of combat medic!

“Alright, all that’s left to do is wake him up.” As he muttered to himself, Lei Shan’s entire palm was covered in arcs of lightning.

“The process might be slightly intense, but I know you won’t care about these details, stinking kid.” His voice hadn’t finished resounding in the air by the time he pressed his palm onto Bai Xiaofei’s chest. The next second, Bai Xiaofei’s entire unconscious body started convulsing madly. Even though it was merely for about three seconds, everyone nearby still gulped down a mouthful of saliva from watching this scene.

It really is intense…

“Who is it!?” Bai Xiaofei, still convulsing, opened his eyes abruptly. When he saw Lei Shan’s face from up close, his entire body trembled before he fell down onto the ground with a thump.

“Grandpa, why didn’t you catch me!?” Bai Xiaofei rubbed his backside as he got up from the ground, and he’d completely forgotten that he’d just taken a circle around the gates of hell.

“You did well.” Lei Shan revealed an amiable smile. Lei Shan’s ability to change the topic was something he could take pride in.

“What’s the use of just talk? Why don’t you give me some actual rewards? Maybe a violetgold-grade puppet, a high-level medicinal pill. Don’t worry, I’ll absolutely not say it’s too much.” Bai Xiaofei demanded an exorbitant amount as he wouldn’t let any chances of benefitting slip by.

However, Lei Shan wasn’t a rich man, and he had no intention of falling into Bai Xiaofei’s trap.

“I’m just a poor old man, and I don’t have any of the things you speak of. But if you are all able to obtain good results during the test for new students, I can utilize some power I have.” Lei Shan laughed and talked his way out of it by drawing out a great pie for Bai Xiaofei.

“Miser. But I’ll remember your words. You better not act shamelessly when the time comes; otherwise, I’ll go all around complaining about you, and I’ll let the entirety of Starnet Academy know of Grandpa’s ugly side!”

In the entire Starnet Academy, it was probably only Bai Xiaofei who dared to threaten Lei Shan…

“It’s a deal,” Lei Shan replied and could be considered to have settled one of Bai Xiaofei’s “worries”.

“All of you did very well today, and you allowed me to see a different Savage Class. I hope your display two months from now will be even better, and I really anticipate the arrival of that day!” As he turned around to look at the others, a simple sentence from Lei Shan caused everyone to become excited.

This was the affirmation of the principal!

After all, countless people weren’t even able to speak a single word to the principal after studying all four years in the academy!

But it was also because of this excitement that no one actually stood out and replied…

“Alright, it’s getting late and all of you should get back because you still have to take a Collective Class tomorrow. All of you have missed quite a bit of classes this month, and if you’re unable to complete the entire curriculum, you won’t be able to participate in the final test for new students.” Lei Shan grinned before walking over to Xue Ying’s side.

“I really didn’t misjudge you. Even though you’re very special, I have to admit that you’ve succeeded this time, and you’ve created a miracle.”

Xue Ying really enjoyed Lei Shan’s praise, and she revealed a rare obedient expression as she lowered her head slightly towards Lei Shan. “Everything would be empty talk without your permission, principal.”

“Hey! Hey! Hey! Can both of you stop exchanging pleasantries? Grandpa has already permitted us to return, yet you’re waiting to feed us to the wolves!?” After he bid his farewells to the leader of the Demon Apes, Bai Xiaofei instantly became impatient because he just wanted to have a nice nap at this moment…

“Oh no! Oh no! I’ve been asked to leave. Students, see you again!” Amid roaring laughter accompanied by a flash of lightning, Lei Shan’s figure vanished instantaneously. This simple ability he revealed shocked everyone present.

“Are you stupid!? Are you!? Do you know how difficult it is to speak to the principal!? Yet you asked him to leave!? Why don’t you f*ck off!!?” Xue Ying slapped Bai Xiaofei’s head over and over again, and her “furious” appearance caused everyone in the Savage Class to cheer and laugh. On the other hand, the “victim”, Bai Xiaofei, cursed out for not choosing his friends carefully before fleeing decisively…

It was a silent night. After everything had ended, everyone from the Savage Class lay back down on their long-lost beds and felt as if it had been ages. Then all of them fell into a deep slumber and slept like logs…

They were too tired!

The sun rose as usual on the second day, but Bai Xiaofei, who was used to sleeping in, had actually fixed this bad habit during the past month and became the first person to wake up in the room, turning the tides and allowing him to enjoy the “joys” of waking the others up.

“Big Brother Fei, you should sleep for a while longer, and please don’t wake us up again…” Mo Ka walked on the path towards the class with a lingering fear in his heart, and his mind was still filled with the terrifying face Huskie had transformed into in the morning. No matter how hard he tried, he was unable to drive out that face from his mind.

The nearby Shi Kui and Wu Chi nodded resolutely and immediately displayed their agreement because their experience was the same as Mo Ka’s…

“Based on your courage, that month in the Infinite Mountain Range was a waste,” Bai Xiaofei said with disdain and displayed his contempt towards them. Mo Ka and the others didn’t dare gather the intention to resist. It wasn’t that they didn’t dare, but that they knew their retaliation would only delight Bai Xiaofei, and the outcome would be horrible!

So, even though these little ones were bitter in their hearts, they couldn’t speak of it!

Although they weren’t very late, they had still missed breakfast, and when they had swiftly rushed over to the classroom, they realized they were the last to arrive...

“Your breakfast.” Bai Xiaofei had just sat down when Lin Li instantly passed over a lunch box made from love, causing Mo Ka and the others to drool.

“I don’t have girls, but I have three boxes of food. Do all of you want it or not?” Fang Ye appeared like a savior, and Mo Ka and the others instantly shot over gazes of absolute obedience.

“Big Brother Ye, I knew you’d always be our best logistics team leader!”

Fang Ye didn’t have the chance to say anything further because he noticed the boxes of food in his hand had already been seized by the three hungry wolves, and the nearby Qi Wei and the other girls rocked backwards and forwards in laughter.

“Everyone stop what you’re doing and gather outside!” The four of them had just taken two mouthfuls when a familiar voice sounded from outside the entrance, and everyone immediately reacted because this was a habit they’d developed in the past month.

“We’re going to have a collective class this morning. Simply speaking, it’s an exchange with the other nine classes. But this sort of exchange relies on your fists. So, do all of you understand what I mean?” Xue Ying’s voice was cold as she scanned everyone with her eyes. She saw numerous faces with sinister smiles on them.

Xing Nan rubbed his hands together and asked in anticipation, “Big Sister Xue, how badly should we beat them?” 


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