Chapter 4 Overbearing Young Woman!

The geezer intended to take a rest, but a voice shocked him to the point of causing him to leap up from the ground. The voice – the young woman’s – had sounded from within the light barrier.

“Let me out or I’ll kill him!”

The geezer’s heart filled with regret, and he wished for nothing more than to slap himself.

Shit! Shit! How silly of me! How could I have forgotten this!

This kid took that young woman forcefully!

He hurriedly withdrew the light barrier, and the scene inside horrified him.

The young woman, wearing a tight dress, exuded an overbearing and dominating aura, but most shocking were her revealed traits – they belonged to a magical beast!

A Transmogrify Rank magical beast?!!!

What the f*ck! Am I going to die here!?

This was the first reaction of the geezer. A Transmogrify Rank magical beast was an existence equal to a Timeless Rank puppet master, so annihilating a tiny Legend Rank puppet master like him could be done with a simple flip of the hand.

He soon denied his guess, however. If it’s really like this, I would’ve died long ago, and how could I have brought her over?

But if she isn’t a Transmogrify Rank magical beast, how do I explain this?

“Err, that… disciple...” For a time, the geezer’s mind was frozen.

“You aren’t wrong; I am a magical beast. As for why I’m in this form, it’s not something you can know. But I’ve saved him – and this is a fact – so I require compensation from you.”

She was calm! Terrifyingly calm!

The first thought in the geezer’s mind wasn’t fear. Rather, he came to a realization and thought to himself, So this young woman is actually a magical beast. No wonder she was able to endure an entire afternoon…

The geezer cleared away the inappropriate thoughts within his mind. He swallowed a mouthful of saliva and asked in a weak tone, “What sort of compensation could I give an existence of your level?”

He had to be frightened. She was a magical beast, and this was the Infinite Mountain Range, her territory. If she was unhappy, even his corpse might not remain!

“Since you dared to bring this trash along to the Infinite Mountain Range, you ought to have an extremely high status in the human world, right? I require a suitable human identity. Help me with this, and I’ll allow the both of you two leave here alive.”

And just like that, the person who just had a relationship – no, wait! – the magical beast big shot labeled the pitiable Bai Xiaofei as a trash…

The geezer was indeed capable of assisting her with this, but he instead frowned, worried that this female magical beast would do harm to humans.

“You don’t have the time to hesitate. Even though I’m not a match for you, so long as I will it, at least ten Monarch Rank magical beasts will instantly charge over. My influence is even to the extent that I can even call over Emperor Rank magical beasts. So, agree now if you want to live!”

Her words were all undisguised threats, and the geezer had no choice but to believe them. The magical beasts she mentioned were indeed capable of transforming him into fertilizer.

“I can recommend you to a place that can erase your identity. After you leave that place, you can get any identity you want!” The geezer didn’t hesitate this time, as he was deeply afraid the young woman would do as she said. He instantly retrieved a golden invitation letter from his ring.

But after he pulled it out, he wished for nothing more than to slap himself.

F*ck, I took out the wrong one!!!

The young woman moved with a strange set of footwork, arrived by the geezer’s side, and grabbed the invitation letter from his hand. She casually scanned through it then glared at him with a gaze filled with killing intent.

“Both of you will pay for today’s incident!” she said then raised her head and whistled. She walked to Bai Xiaofei’s side and stared at his face for a long time.

Not long after, a leopard covered in green markings arrived swiftly. It respectfully bowed its head in extreme respect to the young woman, and it allowed her to sit on its back. Carrying her, it then vanished into the veil of night.

The geezer, letting out a long sigh of relief, noticed his back was already completely wet.

Wildwind Leopard, a King Rank magical beast. If the geezer didn’t see it with his own two eyes, he never would have believed a fellow like it would actually have such a meek side – he wouldn’t believe it even if he was beaten to death!

From low to high, the nine magical beast ranks known within the continent were respectively Barbaric Rank, Brilliant Rank, Spiritual Rank, Enlightened Rank, King Rank, Monarch Rank, Emperor Rank, Transmogrify Rank, and Saint Rank.

Among them, Transmogrify Rank magical beasts were already extremely elusive existences, and only a few of them still existed in the world. In comparison, Saint Rank magical beasts were just like Eternal Rank puppet masters and only existed in theory.

One could say that a King Rank magical beast was equivalent to the superior of the magical beasts.

Thus, the young woman’s words about calling over Monarch Rank magical beasts didn’t seem to be exaggerations!

But as the geezer’s mind filled with another thought, this sort of worry quickly dissipated. He recalled the strange footwork the young woman had used.

Tsk, tsk, as expected of the good disciple of me, Revelation. He was even able to do a magical beast to that extent! Old Man Revelations started laughing villainously...


Just like that, Bai Xiaofei slept naked for an entire night, and in the early morning, the cold wind present only in the forest blew against him so much that he shuddered.

“What the f*ck was that monster!!!” Bai Xiaofei leapt up from the ground and loudly roared. F*ck, that scared the shit out of me! So it was just a dream. As he muttered, Bai Xiaofei looked down at his body. He then released an extremely miserable and shrill cry…

“F*CK!!! You f*cking, perverted geezer! What the f*ck did you do to me! I’m still a child!!! I’ll f*cking kill you!!!”

As tear and snot flowed down together, Bai Xiaofei charged towards the nearby geezer, but he felt that something was off the instant he took the first step. His entire body shot forward, and he landed with his face flat on the ground. He hadn’t even had the time to readjust himself before it had happened.

There would truly be no justice in the world if his legs hadn’t gone soft after “battling” a magical beast for an entire afternoon!

The next second, a set of clothes smashed into his body, followed by the geezer’s faint voice, which drifted over from afar.

“Put away those filthy thoughts of yours. I, Revelation, am famous for only being interested in women. Even though you have the natural endowments of a pretty boy, it’s f*cking useless.”

After calming down, Bai Xiaofei released a long breath of air then hastily put on his clothes. In the midst of doing so, he asked a question relating to his purity because the question perplexed him: “Then, why are my clothes gone?”

“A poison of lust erupted in your body, so I found you a Transmogrify Rank magical beast to vent your lust. In the end, both of you went at it for the entire afternoon, and each of your clothes were torn into pieces.” Revelation pointed towards the nearby clothes that had been transformed into shredsIf one looked carefully, one would still be able to identify clothes belonging to a young woman amid them.

But Bai Xiaofei didn’t look so carefully.

“Do you think your disciple is an idiot? A Transmogrify Rank magical beast? That’s a monster at the Timeless Rank. Not to mention if there really is one in this Infinite Mountain Range, even if we did encounter it, both of us would have been eaten long ago.” Bai Xiaofei directly repudiated Revelation’s explanation because he possessed sufficient reason to think otherwise.

“It’s up to you if you want to believe it or not. What I said was the truth.” Revelation waved his hand and didn’t continue arguing because even he himself felt that these facts weren’t in the least trustworthy.

“But, kid, aren’t you going too far?” Revelation’s voice suddenly went cold.

The next second, Bai Xiaofei instantly realized his mistake. This isn’t the Gorge of Heroes, nor is the person before me one of my foster fathers or foster mothers. Instead, he’s my master and might kill me at any moment!

In a flash, Bai Xiaofei directly dashed over and arrived behind the geezer. He started to skillfully massage the geezer’s shoulders.

“Master, calm your anger. I was too happy from suddenly being able to use origin energy that I lost myself in delight, causing me to speak nonsense! Your disciple will never forget the grace of new life you’ve given me. So long as you say the word, no matter if it’s a mountain of blades or a sea of flames, I wouldn’t even frown to traverse it for you!”

Pleased by the flattery, Revelation laughed with satisfaction.

“Kid, you can’t even utilize origin energy, so why did you come to the Infinite Mountain Range? You don’t seem like an ignorant person.” Old Man Revelation had long taken Bai Xiaofei as his disciple, but only now did he finally remember to ask about Bai Xiaofei’s origins.

“I didn’t come here to the Infinite Mountain Range, I came out from within,” Bai Xiaofei spoke indifferently, but Old Man Revelation was stunned.

“You came out from within?! From the Gorge of Heroes?!” Old Man Revelation suddenly turned around, face covered with surprise. “You came out from the Gorge of Heroes?!”

“Right, what’s wrong? Master, you actually know of that desolate place of ours?” Bai Xiaofei was also stunned.

“So, you have a Token of Heroes with you?”

“Are you talking about this thing?” Bai Xiaofei withdrew from his chest a command token that was pieced together. Above and below the central split were respectively the characters “英” and “雄”. Both were written in ancient characters.

With the trace of a flustered expression, Old Man Revelation received the command token from Bai Xiaofei and gazed at it. Then, he returned it to Bai Xiaofei.

“You must take good care of this command token, and don’t take it out in front of anyone. And don’t tell anyone that you came out from the Gorge of Heroes!” Old Man Revelation stared right at Bai Xiaofei, his expression grave.

“Don’t worry, Master. My foster fathers and foster mothers have already told me this numerous times. I told you because you aren’t an outsider,” Bai Xiaofei laughed slyly and took advantage of the opportunity to flatter the geezer.

Actually, he’d already forgotten this matter. But of course, Revelation didn’t know that.

Thus, the old fellow was very touched…

Revelation asked, “Then why did you come out from there? It’s impossible that you came out for a stroll, right? It isn’t so easy to return to the Gorge of Heroes.”

“I want to avenge my own father, who I had never met. According to my foster fathers and foster mothers, my father was a great hero, but the circumstances of his death are a mystery. They have asked me to leave and to investigate it. I can only return after I solve it.” There was no grief on Bai Xiaofei’s face. Just like he had said, he had no impression of his father, and the only relationship between the two of them was Huskie, the animate puppet that was forcefully bound to him since his birth.

“A great hero? Bai…” Old Man Revelation frowned, and then he revealed a pondering expression. After a short moment, his eyes instantly went wide. He grabbed tightly onto Bai Xiaofei’s shoulders, his hands slightly trembling. “Is your father called Bai Longfei?!”

“Master, don’t get excited. You’re causing me to feel extremely nervous.”

Old Man Revelation, noticing he’d lost his composure, instantly released Bai Xiaofei’s shoulders, but the excitement in his eyes hadn’t wavered in the slightest.

“Yes or no, is your father called Bai Longfei!?” Old Man Revelation once again pursued an answer, and he stared at Bai Xiaofei to the point that Bai Xiaofei felt his own scalp go numb.

Bai Xiaofei nodded. “The name my foster fathers and foster mothers spoke of was indeed this name.”

As soon as Bai Xiaofei finished speaking, Old Man Revelation roared with laughter at the sky three times. His eyes, however, grew moist when he once more looked at Bai Xiaofei.

He said, “So many years have passed while people spread countless rumors outside. But I didn’t believe a single one of those rumors. Never had I expected I’d actually encounter your son.

“Destiny! It’s destiny!”

Although Bai Xiaofei didn’t know the reason behind the sorrow within Old Man Revelation’s heart, Bai Xiiaofei could feel it because the feeling was similar to how his foster fathers and foster mothers felt when they mentioned his father.

Bai Xiaofei gulped down a mouthful of saliva then asked in a light voice, “Master, do you know my father?”

“My understanding of your father is probably not much more than that of your foster fathers and mothers, but I can point you towards a place!” Old Man Revelations paused for a moment before his eyes recovered their luster…


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