Chapter 699: I’ll Remember You!

Chapter 699: I’ll Remember You!

“What the hell is this?”

The sudden appearance of the blood veil added a mysterious foreboding to the already bizarre crypt and alarmed the many adventurers in it.

“No idea, but it certainly doesn’t look like anything good,” Bai Xiaofei commented, his eyes sharply scanned the surroundings. He didn’t know if it was just him, but he thought he saw the bones all over the ground just tremble very briefly!

“Be careful, something doesn’t feel right!” Even if he saw it wrong, Bai Xiaofei had no intention of taking it lightly. “We have to speed up, we must find them as soon as possible!”

His anxiety heightened as Bai Xiaofei could no longer remain calm. If anything happened to Leng Liushuang and the others, he would definitely go insane.

“We are good, we can keep up!” The three injured firmly insisted. Saying anything negative at this kind of moment would be tactless.

The group sped up into the darkness. Not long after they disappeared, the skeletons on the ground stood up one by one with clacking noises! Then, they were wrapped in a red layer that slowly turned into flesh and blood…

“Filthy humans, die!” Golden Feather roared. A golden flame spread and burned the opponents around her into ashes.

However, this AoE attack was burdensome on her and sapped away her essence energy even faster. Her strength had already fallen to the Monarch Rank.

“She is that magical beast! She’s seriously injured. Don’t let her escape, she’ll die if we can hold off long enough!”

Surrounding Golden Feather was a hundred-people squadron of the Jackdaw group. They spread out, planning to grind Golden Feather until she died from exhaustion.

Leng Liushuang and Leng Liuying couldn’t help at all without Leng Liuli. Unable to use the World in the Mirror, they were only as strong as Proficient Rank puppet masters. They might not even be able to protect themselves if it weren’t for the God Control Technique.

There was no need to even mention the Blood-Eye Fox, who had to watch over both her and Golden Feather’s babies. Her illusions were useless as the opponents were already aware of her ability.

Once Golden Feather fell, the rest would be finished as well!

“Hold on! We’ve sent a signal, the perv will definitely come when he sees it!” Leng Liuying cheered for Golden Feather as she constantly scanned the opponents.

“I don’t know if I can hold out until that time, but if I can’t, I’ll create you a chance to escape with my dying strike. You guys must run quickly. And, I entrust my children to you!”

Golden Feather’s will deeply hurt the rest. They really couldn’t do such a thing as watching her die.

“No, Aunt Golden, just leave it to us!“ Leng Liushuang’s eyes flashed with resolution. She stepped forth and shouted, “Jackdaw people, tell your leader to come out, I have something to say!”

She then took off the veil covering her face and her whole aura abruptly changed. If she looked like a dusty Cinderella before, then she was now a glorious princess!

“There’s nothing to hear from fish on the chopping board! Our leader is not someone you can see just because you want! Surrender and we may be nice to you two, or else don’t blame us for being ruthless!”

A small-team captain directly dismissed Leng Liushuang’s request, but she didn’t retreat.

“Use your dog eyes and see what this is! If anything happens to us, the Snow Kingdom will be the burial place of your leader Jackdaw!” Leng Liuli yelled as she took out a pure white token. The letter on it flashed with a gold glint in the dark and a cold breath spread.

Millennium Cold Jade!

The Snow Emperor, Leng Hen, once acquired a chunk of Millennium Cold Jade, and the next year his queen gave birth to triplets. In a very good mood, the emperor invited a godly smith from the Ethereal Empire to refine the jade into three special tokens. The unique tokens then became the exclusive items of the three princesses.

As soon as Leng Liushuang displayed her token, anyone who was slightly knowledgeable would first think of this story.

“So it’s Your Highness the Princess. I, leader of the Sixth Squadron of the First Division of the Jackdaw Mercenary Group, Han Che, ask for your pardon if we have offended you in any way.” Han Che wisely stepped out and respectfully greeted Leng Liushuang. However, he didn’t order a retreat.

“Those who don’t know are not guilty. Now I want you to let us go. This request is not too much, is it?” said Leng Liushuang, her tone firm and allowing no room for refusal.

“Of course, this is the territory of the Snow Kingdom. Its princesses should be able to come and go freely wherever they want. Moreover, our Jackdaw Mercenary Group are good friends with the Snow Kingdom. I will naturally not do anything that can affect this relationship.”

Han Che’s reply made the two girls relax, but before they could celebrate, his words took a turn.

“But this magical beast killed thousands of our members, our revenge must be taken! I ask Your Highness to stay out of our affairs.“

Han Che’s gaze was ruthless and there was threat in his tone. We don’t dare to touch you two, but don’t even think of taking the meat out of our mouth!

“What if I say no?!” Leng Liushuang stubbornly gritted her teeth.

“If so, we can only offend the two princesses again and respectfully send you to safety.” Han Che turned to his people before the two girls could say anything. “The princesses are abducted by a beast and forced to speak for it. Our Jackdaw Mercenary Group has reason to eradicate this beast and save them! I believe that His Majesty will reward us for our deed. Spare no effort!”

Han Che’s words made the two girls tremble with anger. They thought revealing their identity could solve the problem, but the opponent was too crafty!

“What are you lot spacing out for? Why aren’t you taking the two princesses to safety?” Han Che coldly snorted.

His people returned to their senses and immediately followed his order. A group held off Golden Feather while six people went for Leng Liushuang and Leng Liuying.

The two girls ground their teeth and threw out a bunch of white puppets. Successive explosions rumbled, but the opponents were already familiar with this unorthodox attack. Not only did the two fail to increase the distance, but they were also even caught up by the opponents as using God Control delayed them.

However, just as the nearest one was about to seize Leng Liushuang, a figure suddenly appeared behind, passing her as sharp claws directly passed through the force barrier and penetrated the man’s chest.

“Sorry, I’m a bit late.” Bai Xiaofei’s gentle voice rang out as his right hand squeezed the beating heart of the one whose chest he pierced.

Looking at the familiar figure in front of her, tears filled Leng Liushuang’s eyes.

“It’s not late, you are not late!” Leng Liushuang sniffled as she repeatedly shook her head.

“Leave the rest to me.” Throwing away the body, Bai Xiaofei coldly looked at the others. He already considered them dead!

Master Rank puppet masters could not even strike back when facing Bai Xiaofei. He who fused with Purple Luan turned into a flash that shuttled through the battlefield; every brief stop was accompanied by blood splashes. In just a few breaths, the remaining five people were already corpses.

“Jackdaw Mercenary Group, I originally still felt a little guilty to you, but now, I, Bai Xiaofei, will remember you well!” Blood dripped down his hand onto the ground as Bai Xiaofei gazed deeply at Han Che, the fire of fury seething in his eyes.

Han Che felt a chill run down his spine and his hair stand on end. What the hell is this boy?!

“Friend, there are some things that you should not put your nose in, or even the Snow Kingdom won’t be able to protect you!” Seeing that Bai Xiaofei was only a Grandmaster Rank like him, Han Che’s stance didn’t weaken.

“How very interesting, you are riding on my head yet telling me to stay out of it? Moreover, I don’t need anyone else to protect me. Even if your leader is here, he can’t stop me!” Bai Xiaofei paused, eyes filled with a thick murderous intent. “As for you, what you should worry about now is how to stay alive, not keep up your ridiculous group honor!”

Bai Xiaofei dashed out. However, his goal was not Han Che, but the ordinary members. Once he started killing, he must kill them all, or they’d become future trouble!

“What do you take our Jackdaw Mercenary Group for?!!” Han Che couldn’t help but roar after Bai Xiaofei killed five more people. Holding his longsword that was imbued with lightning and materializing origin armor on his body, he rushed toward Bai Xiaofei.

“The World in the Mirror!” The triplets had re-united. A shiny mirror opened a portal to the world of replicas.

Although Bai Xiaofei said to leave it to him, the grievances the girls had suffered would leave a knot in their hearts forever if they didn’t take their own revenge!

“You have the wrong person, your opponent is us!”

Three replicas of Han Che poured out from the world in the mirror one after another. They stood in a formation, blocking Han Che’s track.

With their strength fully unleashed after learning God Control, the replicas were now no longer fragile targets, but had the ability to fight!

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