Chapter 698: Lycoris!

Chapter 698: Lycoris!

Activating Spiritualization and fusing with Purple Luan, Bai Xiaofei flapped his wings and took off at his fastest speed. The nearest person to him hadn’t even realized what had happened when Bai Xiaofei’s right claw had already pierced his chest!

The first to strike would have the advantage. Since they were already opposite sides, there was absolutely no possibility of goodwill. Starnet never taught its students to be merciful to their enemies!

“Big Brother!!!”

“He’s not Qiu Feng!!”

The other seven people attacked immediately, but that still didn’t make them capable of keeping up with Bai Xiaofei’s speed, who teleported and let the first wave of counterattacks land on the ground. Right after that, he appeared behind the only female puppet master and grabbed her neck!

Seeing this, the remaining six people stopped at once. Meanwhile, certain others only just started moving.

Returning to his senses, A’First threw out his puppet. His ice-blue rope shot out and tied up a person near him, turning the man into an ice lump. Joining A’First was the only other uninjured one, A’Fourth. His puppet shone and after its full-on launch, a terrifying pressure came crashing down. The opponents felt like they had fallen into a swamp.

Only now did they realize that Bai Xiaofei never had any intention of taking hostages. He only seized the female puppet master in order to create an opportunity for the ‘A’ group!

Blood splashed as Bai Xiaofei ruthlessly took the female puppet master’s life, then leaped out to perform a dance of the Grim Reaper…

Facing their cooperative might, the opponents who lost the upper hand couldn’t put up any resistance. In less than three minutes, eight people had turned into corpses in pools of blood.

Bai Xiaofei threw a pill bottle to A’First.

“Give this to those three to eat, then tell me what happened.”

Hearing the familiar voice, A’First suddenly understood. He swallowed his thanks and went to give the pills to the three injured. Although it wasn’t something miraculous, nothing in Bai Xiaofei’s possession was substandard. Their faces all regained color after taking the pills.

“Boss.” A’First respectfully walked to Bai Xiaofei and bowed slightly. His respect previously stemmed from fear, but now he was grateful from the bottom of his heart.

No matter how Bai Xiaofei had treated them before, he saved them this time. They would have died if it weren’t for him.

“Tell me about the situation, save it with the nonsense.” Bai Xiaofei didn’t flaunt his deed, but this made A’First even more grateful.

“After we were sucked down, A’Fifth was pierced by a sharp bone and seriously injured. Later, we discovered some special storage items, so we planned to collect them and search for anything that can get us out of here. However, we were ambushed and A’Second and A’Third lost the capability to fight. If it weren’t that they feared we’d go crazy if pushed into a corner, we might have been dead by the time you arrived.”

From this report, what happened was quite simple.

“Have you seen other people or creatures besides those people?” Bai Xiaofei frowned. He and Leng Liuli had walked a long time without even seeing a fly until A’First.

“No. This place seems to be very big. Even my purple-tailed mink lost its sense of direction here. The only thing consistent at present is the direction of that roar.” A’First had the same idea as Bai Xiaofei. To be exact, any normal person would eventually think of this.

However, the answer wrecked Bai Xiaofei’s mood.

It shouldn’t be! We were obviously closer to Leng Liushuang and them. How did we run into A’First but haven’t seen them yet?!

The more Bai Xiaofei thought, the more anxious he became. As far as the situation was concerned, more and more people would know of the special storage items, and thus killing and pillaging would increase. Although the other two girls were with Golden Feather, she couldn’t even handle a Grandmaster Rank in her current state. They would be in serious danger if they ran into an Exquisite Rank.

Bai Xiaofei dared not say he knew the exact number of Exquisite Rank puppet masters who had come, but there was certainly no less than a dozen, and this still excluded those hiding in the dark!

This proved Revelation’s words: ‘Only Legend Ranks are rare, Exquisite Ranks aren’t at all.’ Bai Xiaofei originally thought that Revelation was bragging, but now it seemed to be a cold, hard fact.

“Boss, is something troubling you?” A’First actually showed care toward Bai Xiaofei upon seeing him frown as he wanted to repay Bai Xiaofei.

It was an unwritten rule that bandit groups must not owe favors.

“Of course. Can’t you see that our group is incomplete?” Bai Xiaofei used the calmest tone possible, but his heavy heart could be heard through his words.

“Golden Feather is with them, I believe they will be fine for a while. Let us hurry, we will definitely come across them as soon as possible,” assessed A’First with logic.

“We are fine now!” Overhearing the conversation between the two people, the still pale and injured three people stood up. Even if they couldn’t be of any help, they didn’t want to be a burden.

“No rush. You guys take the time you need to recover. Use these Starnet Stones, they should be able to help you,” Bai Xiaofei said and threw over thirty Starnet Stones to the injured trio.

Seeing the stones, they were shocked.

“Boss, you’re from Starnet?!”

“What’s wrong? I don’t look it?” Bai Xiaofei smiled wryly. He wasn’t in the mood to show off.

“No, no, no, in fact, we should have thought of this sooner. You are so strong yet so young, and the three ladies are also formidable…” A’First unexpectedly had a glib tongue. Bai Xiaofei squeezed out a smile to hear his praise.

Bai Xiaofei was not going to say more, but Leng Liuli took the initiative to talk to the ‘A’ group for the first time, “Actually, you should have heard of his name.” She successfully piqued their interest.

“Boss is…?” A’Fourth asked softly as he gulped.

“Bai Xiaofei. Ring any bells?”

Upon her reply, they thought for a moment before their eyes widened in unison.

“Boss, you are the Bai Xiaofei?!!”

Seeing their astonished faces, the wry smile on Bai Xiaofei’s face deepened. People afraid of being famous as pigs were afraid of being fat. He really couldn’t expect that what he did in Starnet would make him stand out so much.

“The rumors may deviate from reality, but I should be the Bai Xiaofei that you mean. After all, I have not met anyone with the same name in Starnet,” Bai Xiaofei admitted.

The ‘A’ group instantly exploded and all kinds of questions emerged. After answering them one by one, Bai Xiaofei understood why Tranquil paid so much attention to him.

The rumors were simply too exaggerating, they praised him like some godly expert!

Single-handedly tackling a Legend Rank puppet master head-on, battling an Emperor Rank beast in the Infinite Mountain Range, monopolizing all the top beauties of Starnet Academy, the best choice for a son-in-law of countless top organization’s bosses… All kinds of deeds and titles that Bai Xiaofei himself had never even heard of.

After babbling for a while, the injured three gradually recovered with the help of the pills and Starnet Stones. Except for A’Fifth who was still a little feeble, the rest had no problem with normal activities.

“Let’s go, let us see that fellow who pulled us down here!” Bai Xiaofei once again gathered his focus.

In his impression, The Ruins should be wonderful and amazing, but up to now, what he had seen and heard was still far from this description.

“My Lord, there are now enough creatures in this crypt. As long as they all come together, you can definitely get out of these shackles!” A deep, cold voice rang out from a figure wrapped in a black robe. Immediately, a blaze billowed from the dark corner in front of him.

“Then move. As long as I can get out of here, I’ll give you lot everything I’ve promised. Even taking you back is not a problem!” an excited voice echoed from the corner. Then, with the sounds of metal clanging, a middle-aged man whose limbs and neck were fettered by thick chains appeared, his expression malicious. “I know it’s been hard on you, Jie, but I can’t wait. Release that thing, I want them to die faster!”

“My Lord! We’ve waited for hundreds of years, we can’t rush and risk ruining it!” Jie grew emotional as he tried to persuade his boss.

“Shut it. My patience has been exhausted after all these years. I find every second a torment!” the man growled, his eyes blood-shot, seemingly on the verge of madness.

“Yes…” Knowing that he couldn’t persuade the man, the only thing Jie could do was obey.

After leaving, Jie sighed and waved his hand. A blood-red flower flew out from his palm.

“Go, lycoris, wake up the wandering spirits here and let them enjoy life again!”

Upon his command, the blood-red flower dispersed into sparks and scattered. At the same time, a blood-red veil formed and spread above Jie’s head, looming over the entire underground crypt in an instant…

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