Chapter 696: Underground Ruins!

Chapter 696: Underground Ruins!

After blocking the first wave of attacks, Bai Xiaofei was drained. He no longer needed to pretend to look weak…

Moreover, a situation that Bai Xiaofei had never thought of caught him off guard and sent him into despair – the excessive consumption of energy forced him out of the Spiritualization State!

The Golden Feather guise turned into a virtual shadow as a human form gradually solidified. Fortunately, at the last moment, he recovered some energy and Huskie’s ability kept him from revealing his true appearance.

Just as Bai Xiaofei thought he was going to die, the attacks he expected did not come. Looking over to the huge group of people in surprise, he instantly understood.

Everyone was intensely staring at him with wide-open eyes and mouth agape. They were scared silly…

A magical beast that has mastered a human form?! Just what rank is it?! This beast can rank up while being attacked?!

Seeing this scene, Bai Xiaofei decisively revealed a tragic smile. He must not give them the time to respond, otherwise, he’d be dead ten times over!

“Unbelievable, huh? This lord actually lost here. Human over there, you must be the leader,” Bai Xiaofei spoke slowly and with a hint of bitterness, much like a mighty hero reaching the end of their road.

Jackdaw didn’t answer. First of all, he hadn’t recovered from the shock yet. Secondly, he was pondering Bai Xiaofei’s words.

“Don’t worry, I won’t self-detonate, that would be an insult to myself. I will even give you an opportunity. It depends on you whether you can grasp it!” As Bai Xiaofei said this, a wisp of golden flame slowly expanded and engulfed his body.

This time, of course, it wasn’t the real skill. Not to mention that Bai Xiaofei didn’t have the energy, he didn’t have the ability either after separating from Blackie.

However, those flames were not illusions. After all, Blackie couldn’t help him manifest illusions at the moment. This was only possible thanks to Bai Xiaofei’s habit of making thorough preparations, or else he would really meet his end this time.

Ever-Changing Grass, a special plant Bai Xiaofei had brought out from the Gorge of Heroes, could simulate any element it touched. Making a variation out of this characteristic was not difficult. However, this stuff was quite rare and the amount he had was only enough for this one time. This was why Bai Xiaofei had never used it before.

But now he really had no choice. He had many life-saving cards, but the Ever-Changing Grass was the only suitable one in this situation.

There was also a reason why for all the nonsense he said to Jackdaw. He could not give the guy the chance to attack.

While everyone waited attentively for Bai Xiaofei’s so-called gift, he was tightly concentrating on accumulating energy. The Ever-Changing Grass could not last long or help him create a chance to escape, which was where his previous arrangement came in handy!

“Take it, my gift to you!” announced Bai Xiaofei with a bizarre smile.

The next second, the whole cave shook violently like a magnitude-10 earthquake in a series of explosions!

Before Jackdaw’s arrival, Bai Xiaofei had buried a large number of white puppets around, only to set them off with God Control!

The continuous explosions extinguished the flames in the cave. As the whole cave went dark, chaos erupted and curses resounded. Jackdaw’s voice was lost in the clamor. When the torches were re-lit, Bai Xiaofei had already disappeared…

They were tricked!

Climbing out of the rubble, Jackdaw’s face was ugly as if he had eaten a fly. The big bang Bai Xiaofei had made was loud but nearly harmless. No one died in the explosion, only suffering some scratches at most from being hit by debris.


Just as Jackdaw was preparing to search for ‘Golden Feather,’ an alarmed cry came from a corner. Looking over, it was an ordinary member of the Jackdaw group pointing to a hole in the ground in exhilaration.

Everyone curiously flocked over, including Jackdaw’s group. Nearing the hole, they felt dreary cold winds blowing on their faces. It was like standing in front of the gate to the underworld!

“This is…?” Qiu Feng frowned in doubt.

Meanwhile, Jackdaw’s eyes glinted.

“Although we couldn’t kill the beast, this mine is here to stay. Everyone present can harvest it at will starting now until the Snow Kingdom army comes and takes over tomorrow. I believe that you all understand what this means.”

Hearing Jackdaw’s words, the cursing crowd was instantly struck awake before flocking into the mine. However, Jackdaw’s team remained in their place.

“Qiu Feng, you and a squad captain stay guard here. Aside from our people, handle anyone who wants to come near!” Jackdaw lowered his voice so that only his group could hear.

Jackdaw’s order stunned Qiu Feng. Then, his frown loosened into a delighted expression.

“Leader, you mean…”

“Shh! The walls have ears!” Jackdaw stopped Qiu Feng and turned to his exclusive team. “You twenty, each take fifty ordinary members below the Master Rank and follow me down and use your fastest speed to search. After five hours, no matter what you get, you must report back to me!”

With a serious face, Han Shan jumped down into the bottomless-looking hole. Behind him, the said team picked their members before jumping in one after another…

After their leader left, Qiu Feng turned around to keep watch on the others. Chu Yue and Chu Shan stood by his side as the three scanned the surroundings.

Before long, the First Squad Captain Qin Hao arrived. The luxurious line-up of four Exquisite Rank puppet masters scared away all the guildless people. They didn’t even dare to breathe loudly in this heavy atmosphere, let alone try to see what was going on.

However, many inwardly complained. What happened to the limit on the number of Exquisite Ranks? Why can they break this rule? Are they doing this behind the Snow Kingdom’s back? Or is there something fishy between the two parties?

Recalling Jackdaw’s words just now, they suddenly felt like they had been used and felt grudgeful towards the Jackdaw Mercenary Group.

However, such grudges were nothing for Jackdaw’s group as they were common products of little people who they were strong enough to ignore. To put it bluntly, as long as Jackdaw lowered the conditions for recruiting members, these complaining people would sign up immediately.

This was human nature!

Meanwhile, Bai Xiaofei had escaped from the cave and reunited with the rest. They obviously had communicated, and looking at how quiet the ‘A’ group were, they were already aware of Golden Feather’s identity. However, Bai Xiaofei didn’t know if Golden Feather had told them about the existence of another world.

“Are you okay?” Leng Liuli immediately walked over upon seeing Bai Xiaofei, her beautiful eyes constantly scanning his body for fear of seeing any injury.

“Don’t worry, I’m fine. You should ask Jackdaw if they are okay.” Bai Xiaofei grabbed her hands with a happy smile. “Alright, let’s get out of here. It’ll be troublesome if they see us here.”

Everyone agreed. The group headed out at a faster speed than when they had come.

“Wait!” As they were running, Golden Feather suddenly stopped them. “Move back!!”

She pulled back Leng Liushuang and Leng Liuying who were closest to her. The next second, a harsh and heavy roar resounded. The whole ice cave shook violently and the previously solid ground shattered, revealing a series of pitch-dark holes like beasts with mouths open wide to eat people.

The rest couldn’t react as fast, but they managed to use their puppets and dodge the holes. When the quake finally stopped, they were left with little room to stand on. The most serious matter was that the way out was completely blocked by fallen ice.

“What was that just now?!” Bai Xiaofei asked Golden Feather in horror. Among all the ones present, only she might know something about that voice.

“I don’t know, but it must be very strong; at least two ranks higher than me.”

As soon as Golden Feather finished, everyone was shocked silly.

You are already Emperor Rank. Two ranks higher… at least?!

A Saint Rank beast?!!

Everyone swallowed with difficulty as they stared at each other for half a day, not knowing what to say. The gravity of the word ‘Saint’ was too heavy.

“What do we…”

A nervous Leng Liuying broke the silence, but another roar interrupted her. Accompanying it was a terrifying suction force from the holes that caught everyone off guard. The ‘A’ group was instantly sucked in.

“Hold tight!”

Summoning Purple Luan, Bai Xiaofei struggled to flap his wings while trying to pull back Leng Liuli. Golden Feather also grasped Leng Liushuang and Leng Liuying, but the Blood-Eye Foxes on her shoulder couldn’t hold on and were sucked into a hole.

See this, Bai Xiaofei clenched his jaw.

“We’re going down as well!”

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