Chapter 695: Director Bai Makes An Appearance!

Chapter 695: Director Bai Makes An Appearance!

“Someone’s coming!”

The atmosphere instantly tensed. Bai Xiaofei had to temporarily suppress his surprise and quickly walked to Golden Feather.

“Senior, I mean no offense, but I hope you can give me one of your feathers.”

Bai Xiaofei didn’t have time to explain as time was short, yet Golden Feather straightforwardly agreed. In a flash of light, a glittering feather appeared on his uninjured left hand.

Upon touch, the unexpected heavy feeling and the hot energy still flowing along the feather startled him. This is the strength of an Emperor Rank? To have this kind of energy even after leaving the body!

Trying to calm down, Bai Xiaofei then looked at Golden Feather and the fox.

“You go to my friends first. Take this and they will accept you. I will catch up with you soon after I’m done with matters here.” Bai Xiaofei took out a ‘Bai’ token. As he became serious, his whole aura changed and gave off an unrefusable vibe.

“Wait a moment.” Golden Feather stopped Bai Xiaofei. She walked to the mine wall and pressed her hand on it. The blood dripping out from her palm turned into golden flames that instantly burned a hole through the wall.

Before long, a glowing hexagonal-looking ore flew out from the hole. The instant Bai Xiaofei saw it, his eyes widened in shock.

This is… a mother ore?!

A mother ore was the core of a mine, usually only produced in super-large mines. In terms of purity, a palm-sized mother ore could compare to a small ore vein. Yet this one in front of him was the size of a millstone!

However, using mother ore as a consumable would be a hopelessly stupid act. The real value of the mother ore lay in its irreplaceable characteristic of manufacturing ore veins!

As long as a mother ore was buried, the surrounding ordinary rocks would gradually become raw ore. The longer it was buried, the more rocks transformed. With such a large mother ore, it wouldn’t even take a year to produce a small origin mine!

“You are willing to do me such a big favor while I have nothing to give you. Let me use this to repay you even though it’s not originally mine,” Golden Feather said in a firm tone and handed the mother ore to Bai Xiaofei.

Extending his trembling hands, Bai Xiaofei cradled the heavy ore before stowing it in his storage ring.

“Let’s save the gratitude stuff for later. You really should go now, Senior. If you are seen, our escape will be difficult.” Bai Xiaofei quickly got back on track.

Golden Feather immediately picked up her children. The Blood-Eye Fox also picked up its children with its mouth and jumped onto Golden Feather’s shoulder, wrapping around her neck like a pure white shawl.

Before leaving, Golden Feather watched Bai Xiaofei’s busy figure for a while before entering the front entrance under the fox’s urging…

Soon, Bai Xiaofei finished his arrangements. Checking to see that there was still time, he flew to the mine and filled his storage ring. Although the mother ore was great, it was too precious to sell, so these raw ores became his saving grace for his urgent lack of money.

“Blackie, all yours now!”

Hearing this, Blackie lay down where Golden Feather had just been. Using the golden feather as a medium, the cat transformed into Golden Feather, only with heavier injuries that made her look like she was on the verge of death.

Now that everything was ready, Bai Xiaofei hid in a dark corner, quietly waiting…

Meanwhile, the huge group gathered by Jackdaw was quickly moving forward while on high alert. Everyone was highly strung and their hands sweated profusely.

In the face of an Emperor Rank beast, it was impossible to say they weren’t nervous!

However, the two captains of Jackdaw’s Fifth Squad, who were positioned in the middle of the team dressed as ordinary members, frowned in confusion.

“What’s the matter?” Jackdaw knew his own people very well, not to mention that he was always paying attention to Chu Yue and Chu Shan, the two sisters who were native to the Snow Kingdom.

“Something isn’t right. Last time when we arrived at this area, that beast came out instantly, but now there’s no movement at all…” the elder sister voiced her doubts.

Jackdaw’s eyes flashed with a ruthless glint.

Although he had gotten the silent acquiescence of the Snow Kingdom and secretly brought all of his Exquisite Rank experts instead of being limited to only three people like the other forces, he still didn’t dare to be reckless.

Whether it was the pressure from an Emperor Rank beast or the other major forces that were obviously interested but had not officially stepped forth, none were easy to deal with. His entire party might even be wiped out here if they made just a tiny mistake.

“Qiu Feng!”

Jackdaw stopped Qiu Feng who was walking at the front. The whole team stopped.

“What is it?” Qiu Feng ran back in confusion. He could already feel the pressure of an Emperor Rank beast. According to their plan, everyone should be ready for a fight, but Jackdaw didn’t look like they would be following the plan at all.

“One captain will bring a group and ensure the safety of our retreat route. You take a small scout group and check the situation. The rest stop here!” Caution was the parent of safety. Jackdaw didn’t want to repeat the lesson he had just learned from before.

Jackdaw’s people didn’t say anything, but the ‘temporary workers’ did. Any small setback at this kind of moment where everyone’s fear was at its highest, was fatal to their momentum.

All kinds of discussions on why they were stopping erupted. Jackdaw knew this couldn’t be avoided, but he had no other choice…

Qiu Feng gathered over 30 members and stealthily advanced deeper in. Despite being very careful, their speed wasn’t slow at all. Before long, they got to where Bai Xiaofei was and saw a Golden Feather licking her wounds.

Seeing people coming in, Blackie in Golden Feather’s guise vividly displayed panic on her face. A loud chirp echoed in the mountain, and a mass of golden flame flew toward Qiu Feng’s group.


Avoiding this kind of attack wasn’t difficult for those who were highly focused. Moreover, Blackie didn’t intend to really hit them. The golden flame fell on the ground and dissipated quickly, which was completely different from the ‘extremely difficult to extinguish’ description from Chu Yue and Chu Shan.

After the attack failed, Blackie immediately looked ‘weakened’ and glared at Qiu Feng’s group in fury.

Then, Blackie flapped her wings and flew up, looking as if she wanted to fight to mutual death. Seeing this, Qiu Feng immediately ordered their retreat, shooting a tentative attack at Blackie before leaving. Although he didn’t look back to see the result, a tragic scream was heard.

After Qiu Feng’s group disappeared, Bai Xiaofei stepped out with a pleased expression.

“Thanks for the hard work. Leave the rest to me!”

He then activated Spiritualization. Blackie turned into light and merged into his body.

If the previous fake Golden Feather could only scare people, the present ‘Golden Feather’ with Bai Xiaofei as the core was completely different. Although he couldn’t maintain the power of an Emperor Rank for a long time, one ‘dying’ strike wasn’t a problem.

In Bai Xiaofei’s plan, this was already enough.

Meanwhile, Qiu Feng hurriedly ran back to Jackdaw in delight.

“What’s the situation?”

Jackdaw wasn’t blind. Qiu Feng’s expression obviously screamed good news. Jackdaw’s gloomy mood instantly turned bright.

“That Emperor Rank beast is injured! A very serious injury! That’s why it can’t come out and stop us!”

The excited Qiu Feng couldn’t control his volume. Everyone around heard him, but it wasn’t a problem. Jackdaw would not allow time for anything unexpected. It was too late to tip anyone else anyway.


Upon Jackdaw’s command, everyone rushed toward the mine cave. Before long, ‘Golden Feather’ Bai Xiaofei appeared before their eyes.

Seeing an Emperor Rank beast for the first time, they were both afraid and excited. The whole body of an Emperor Rank beast was treasure!

“Watch out for self-detonation. Formation!” Jackdaw shouted at the top of his lungs. His mercenary members immediately spread out and threw out strange-looking balls one after another.

It was impossible to confront an Emperor Rank beast without any preparations, or else no one would be able to withstand its self-detonation, let alone make any profit.

Watching as this happened, Bai Xiaofei offered a trace of sympathy. I’m sorry, Captain Jackdaw. Although we have no enmity, I have to let you down this time!


Jackdaw made his move the instant the formation that limited self-explosion was set up. An ice shard covered in a gloomy black glow shot out, expanding in mid-air into an ice spear as long as Golden Feather’s body!

An Exquisite Rank puppet master was no joke!

At the same time, Qiu Feng and the Chu sisters also attacked. The mighty outbursts of four Exquisite Rank puppet masters at once made everyone else’s attacks look insignificant.

Seeing this, Bai Xiaofei’s heart leaped. F*ck, you really want to kill me, don’t you?!

Despite complaining in his heart, Bai Xiaofei’s reaction was not slow at all. His body touched the origin mine behind as he pushed the Endless State to the limit. Under Blackie’s Virtual Reality, a golden sea of fire quickly spread in front of Bai Xiaofei.

In a blink, the entire energy in his body was drained and the glowing mine behind him dimmed. Imitating the attack of an Emperor Rank magical beast was a grueling task!

However, it could be considered quite a success as the golden fire instantly swallowed everything. No matter what attack it was, nothing lasted for a second in this golden flame!

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