Chapter 694: Sacred Beast from a Different World!

Chapter 694: Sacred Beast from a Different World!

As soon as his voice rang out, the huge bird and the Blood-Eye Fox immediately looked surprised. After they exchanged glances, the bird turned to Bai Xiaofei in disbelief.

“You can understand magical beasts’ communication?”

“No, I just made an educated guess. In my opinion, there isn’t much difference between magical beasts after the Enlightened Rank and humans, so I consider you as human beings. It’s actually pretty easy to guess what you think.” Bai Xiaofei smiled.

Easily said, but how many humans could actually honestly feel this way?

The bird was amazed. It was the first time it had heard this kind of statement from a human’s mouth. A hint of goodwill toward Bai Xiaofei immediately swelled up.

“Well then, tell me, what can you help me with?” The bird’s attitude changed as it looked at Bai Xiaofei with great interest.

“It depends on what kind of help you need, and what you can give me in return,” said Bai Xiaofei bluntly, having no intention to hide his motives.

However, it didn’t matter as the other party wasn’t humans. His directness was actually a display of honesty in their eyes. This was what Hu Xian’er had taught him. In the world of magical beasts, directness was the most effective means of communication, which was both a disadvantage and an advantage for them.

“You should have never heard of my kind,” the bird finally said after a long silence. The topic seemed unrelated, but Bai Xiaofei was happy to hear this.

“Indeed I haven’t. Although I don’t have a rich experience, I paid attention to advanced magical beasts and know every single one that is qualified to grow to the Emperor Rank, which does not include anything like you.” Bai Xiaofei followed the bird’s guidance and voiced his doubts.

“It’s normal because I don’t belong to your world. Over in my world, the humans call us Phoenix, a sacred animal representing auspicious luck, but I prefer my own name. You can call me Golden Feather,” Golden Feather self-introduced.

During the whole speech, Bai Xiaofei was dumbfounded. He had been lost starting from the second sentence.

Another world? What do you mean?!

His mind was a mess. No matter how flourishing one’s imagination was, it was impossible to figure out something they could not even fathom, just like a mayfly could never understand the cycle of day and night with its short lifespan.

If you tell a small fish how fragrant the flowers on land are, it may never understand because water was its only world.

Bai Xiaofei was the little fish.

“Sorry, I was a bit too direct and forgot to consider your feelings.”

There was sincerity in Golden Feather’s apology before it continued.

“You can imagine every world as a box. There are different living organisms in each box. Under normal circumstances, each box is independent and most never get to know of the existence of other boxes. However, this does not mean that the boxes never communicate with each other. I don’t know what force has opened the passage between your box and mine as I haven’t reached a superior level in my world. Maybe experts stronger than me would know, or maybe there are people in your world who know. You can explore this later.”

Golden Feather’s explanation drew a rough idea for Bai Xiaofei.

“How did you get here then?”

The establishment of a new world view was a process that could make people so excited that they forgot everything else. Bai Xiaofei currently wanted to know nothing except information about the two worlds.

Upon his question, Golden Feather grimaced, as if recalling something terrible.

“It was a calamity. A group of people suddenly appeared in our world from nowhere and disrupted its order. In order to eliminate them, the Demon Emperor sacrificed himself and pulled them into the crack of space.”

“However, one of those aliens had the ability to manipulate space! He created a disturbance and expanded the crack, putting the whole world at stake.”

“With the help of the Holy Four, us sacred beasts joined hands and were finally able to seal the crack. Unfortunately, we got sucked into it, and when I woke, I was already here.”

Golden Feather said as succinctly as possible, but Bai Xiaofei felt like he had personally gone through that earth-shaking war, horror was written all over his face.

“Then, those two…” Bai Xiaofei dubiously pointed to the two little phoenixes playing with the foxes.

Who brings their children to a fight? Is this some sort of tradition of that different world?

“Although I was lucky enough to survive, the turbulent crack hurt my foundation and took away my ability to recover. In order not to let our race die out, I gave birth to them. They have the strength equivalent to your world’s Enlightened Rank beasts but their minds are only that of one-year-old children,” said Golden Feather with love in her eyes. In this world, these two little phoenixes were her only concern.

“So you are camping here to protect them, right?” Bai Xiaofei asked with envy. One-year-old him had been surrounded by a bunch of ‘monsters’ who kept screaming they wanted to eat him every day…

“I don’t know why, but ever since I came here, there has been an endless line of visitors. A large group of people came two days ago. Although they were beaten back, I also lost a lot of vitality.” Golden Feather sounded troubled.

Bai Xiaofei frowned.

“If it repeats several times more, you may not be able to hold on.” He looked at Golden Feather who was bleeding slowly. If he wasn’t wrong, this blood that contained her attribute element was mixed with essence blood. Continuing to lose her essence blood like this and Golden Feather wouldn’t be able to hold on for long.

“What do you mean?!!” Golden Feather instantly tensed. She had come into contact with humans with ulterior motives before. It was impossible not to be cautious about their treachery.

“Don’t be nervous, I have to tell you some bad news,” Bai Xiaofei placated Golden Feather and sighed.

The big Blood-Eye Fox grew anxious and squeaked at Golden Feather. After a long hesitation, Golden Feather calmed down.

“I apologize for being rude.”

It was already not easy for an expert from a different world with the power of an Emperor Rank beast to display such an attitude towards Bai Xiaofei, who was only Grandmaster Rank. Moreover, he was not a petty person. Him still standing there meant that he really wanted to help Golden Feather.

His nosy character had reared its head again…

“Before I came here, another group was setting out from another direction toward you, and they are not the only ones. If I guess correctly, their ultimate goal is you,” Bai Xiaofei paused, his eyes glinted as he looked straight at Golden Feather. “You and the origin mine you are guarding are horribly tempting to them.”

As soon as he finished, the place fell into silence.

The entire body of a sacred beast was a treasure, which was the same in every world. If it weren’t for her strength, Golden Feather would have become the stepping stone for others’ advancement.

“If what you said is true, then I’m afraid I won’t be able to get out of here alive.” There was actually relief in her voice. Golden Feather turned around and looked fondly at the two happy little phoenixes.

“That’s not necessarily true.”Bai Xiaofei smiled and his eyes glowed.

They were in the shadows while the other group was out in the open. In a direct confrontation, Bai Xiaofei would definitely die without an intact corpse, but if he used his shady tricks, the outcome might just be the opposite!

“What do you mean?” Golden Feather asked in delight as she saw hope. Even if she escaped this ordeal, she still didn’t have long to live, but it was of great significance to be able to spend more time with her children and watch them grow.

“In fact, there are not many people aiming for you. More are interested in the origin mine behind you. After all, they don’t know that you are suffering such a heavy injury. It is not wise to provoke an Emperor Rank magical beast. So, as long as we sneak out of this place, the pressure on us will be lessened and we can take that opportunity to escape. There’s a great chance of success.”

However, Bai Xiaofei suddenly sighed.

“Unfortunately, the only exit is this front one. Although there are passages behind, they are too small for you.”

Bai Xiaofei looked troubled as he pondered. If this path is impossible, there is only one way, illusion…

Bai Xiaofei, the triplets, plus an Enlightened Rank Blood-Eye Fox; the illusion created by this line-up should be enough to fool Exquisite Rank puppet masters…

“If that is the only difficulty, I can actually do this.”

Just as Bai Xiaofei was lost in thought, Golden Feather’s huge body shrank in a golden light and turned into a charming lady in the blink of an eye.

Bai Xiaofei was dumbfounded.

Although Hu Xian’er was the transformation of a magical beast, this was still the first time for Bai Xiaofei to witness one turning into human form. He found this process a bit… weird!

Shouldn’t it be impossible for Emperor Rank beasts to transform into human forms? Why are there exceptions?

All kinds of strange ideas flooded his mind. At that moment, Blackie on his shoulder suddenly widened her eyes!

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