Chapter 67 Lin Li Gone Berserk!

Qin Lingyan’s group of five couldn’t help but be stunned when they saw Bai Xiaofei and the others enter into a battle-ready state, and they were actually temporarily at a loss for what to do.

The stance Bai Xiaofei and the others assumed had really shocked them. They’d thought about everything a bit too simply since the beginning, and it was to the extent that they could only face Bai Xiaofei’s string of tricks without the slightest precaution.

But the five of them still braced themselves and took their positions, and their reliance was their strength at the Master Rank, which was their pride!

It was precisely at the instant the five of them took their positions that Bai Xiaofei immediately crushed two greyish-white balls, causing a dense white mist to spread out and hide the sixteen of them.

“Pay attention to your defenses!” Qin Lingyan had just finished speaking when Xing Nan and Fang Ye, who had memorized their locations, launched the first attack within the mist!

Moreover, both their targets were He Meng!

“Protection!” He was an experienced assassin in the end, and He Meng’s reaction far surpassed an ordinary person in speed. The instant before he was hit, a violet glow appeared from the bracelet on his right hand, and a golden barrier appeared in time to obstruct the two attacks which were less than half a second apart.

Violet-grade puppet, Bracelet of Protection. It consumed origin energy to construct a shield that lasted for two seconds and was capable of resisting attacks that didn’t exceed two times the amount of origin energy poured into it!

He Meng, however, thought he had poured in sufficient origin energy, but to his surprise his shield shattered soon after it received Fang Ye’s attack!

“Watch out for their ranged attacks. It’s very likely that it’s a gun puppet!” He notified them of his findings at the first possible moment, and the five of them swiftly changed their positions so as to avoid being assaulted.

“Hurricane Sword! Skysplit Slash!” The extremely arrogant senior from before had a verdant, broad, thick broadsword. A strong gale whistled out from his slash and swept towards the dense mist in which Bai Xiaofei and the others hid.

The dense mist dispersed under the assault of the strong wind, revealing the people still within it.

At the front was a shield wall larger than a door, precisely the work of Ming One and Ming Two. As for who was still standing behind the shield wall, that wasn’t something the five of them could tell.

But this didn’t stop Qin Lingyan’s group of five from attacking!

As they strode forward, the first to charge over was Qin Lingyan, and Bai Ye and the remaining senior whose name was unknown followed closely behind her. He Meng, on the other hand, had activated the effect of his third puppet, and he gradually concealed himself because his target was Fang Ye!

Qin Lingyan held a fiery red sword in her hand, and if one didn’t look carefully, it seemed to be similar to Xu Chen’s Crimsonflame Sword, but the violet glow it suffused wasn’t something the Crimsonflame Sword, which was a red-grade puppet, could compare to.

“Crimsonblaze Slash!” Qin Lingyan, who had charged to the front, had no intention of going around the shield, and she directly utilized her strongest single-target attack. Shockingly, she seemed to intend to slash the shield apart!

But, unexpectedly, the shield actually split apart before her attack descended. Qin Lingyan was unable to stop her attack in time, and she could only let her attack continue and hit nothing.

The instant Qin Lingyan’s figure descended, Ming One and Ming Two stepped aside at the same time before tossing their shields out. In midair, the shields combined together, and this time, they became an enormous dome that completely enveloped all the people that had been behind the shield wall. Moreover, Qin Lingyan was within it as well!

Combining was merely the shields’ basic ability, and the true ability of the Ming brothers’ combination shield was this ability, the Shield of the Black Turtle!

Bai Ye and the other senior who was following closely behind Qin Lingyan cursed in their hearts, and they immediately launched their strongest attacks at the Shield of the Black Turtle.

Bai Ye’s puppet was a pair of gloves that were coiled within a gentle breeze, and it was similarly a violet-grade puppet. The instant he launched an attack, a small scale vortex condensed on his fist and smashed heavily into the Shield of the Black Turtle!

On the other hand, the other senior’s main weapon puppet was surprisingly a sledgehammer. After he accumulated enough strength, the sledgehammer smashed down with an enormous might.

But, right at this moment, a glow attached itself to the Shield of the Black Turtle, and it assisted the shield in resisting the first strikes of Bai Ye and the other senior.

It was Duan Yiyi and the Rod of Strengthening!

But they were at their limit as they resisted the strike. The Shield of the Black Turtle cracked and separated. Ming One and Ming Two, who were controlling the shield, were blasted flying and spat out a mouthful of blood in midair, whereas Bai Ye and the other senior were prepared to launch another attack. 

At the same time, the arrogant senior swung the Hurricane Sword in his hand towards Ming One and Ming Two, who had been blasted flying, and it was obvious how ruthless he was!

“All of you f*cking stop!!!” Bai Xiaofei roared furiously as he drew everyone’s attention to himself. At this moment, he was holding Qin Lingyan’s slender neck, and even though Qin Lingyan’s face was covered in embarrassment and indignation, she was helpless.

When she was beneath the Shield of the Black Turtle, she didn’t even have the chance to react before their group had disarmed her.

After Ming One and Ming Two landed safely and scrambled to their feet with great difficulty, they silently awaited the changes in the situation.

“Watch out!!!” However, before the chip in Bai Xiaofei’s hand could be of any use, Lin Li suddenly exclaimed in shock as a strand of coldness came from behind Bai Xiaofei.


Zhu Nuo’s guard effect had just been placed on Bai Xiaofei when an extremely sharp dagger pierced into Bai Xiaofei’s back. The guard effect merely sustained itself for less than half a second before the dagger continued forward.

But this half a second was enough for Bai Xiaofei to protect his life!

As he rolled away in time, Bai Xiaofei’s back was drenched with blood. He Meng displayed a ruthless expression from where Bai Xiaofei was standing just moments ago!

But He Meng’s complacency didn’t last for even half a second before an icy cold voice instantly sounded out from behind him.

“Go to hell!!!” 

The first person to go berserk from Bai Xiaofei being heavily injured was none other than Lin Li!

According to the original plan, Lin Li wouldn’t make a move unless necessary, but she wasn’t in the mood to consider all this. The Divine Phoenix Feather Dress instantly appeared on her body. Her surging origin energy flooded out and raised He Meng up into the air and pulled his limbs outward. He didn’t have the slightest ability to resist. Moreover, the strength of this pulling force was growing ceaselessly!

“Sorry!” Once Qin Lingyan realized He Meng was in a precarious situation, Qin Lingyan swung the fiery red sword in her hand, intending to interrupt Lin Li. But she never expected that Lin Li, who was controlling the Divine Phoenix Feather Dress, would be capable of using her hands!

The sword wasn’t able to enter attack range before Lin Li flashed behind Qin Lingyan, and her slender hand grabbed Qin Lingyan’s neck. Her left leg kicked the back of Qin Lingyan’s leg, causing Qin Lingyan to be blasted out like an arrow.

This unexpected scene caused Bai Ye and the other senior to be completely stunned as soon as they saw the Divine Phoenix Feather Dress because both of them were knowledgeable.

Even though they were stunned, the members of the Savage Class weren’t!


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